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  1. How should i zone my region?

    I got this message, but I am the only city in the region. What should I do?
  2. How should i zone my region?

    Is how I have my city, but I dont think I am playing the game right. It always ask for more and more agriculture to take up my entire map. It just really confusing because I never played any of the sim city games ever. I am trying to find a manual or game online but cant register because this game was registered previously. So I cant reregister it and it didnt come with a manual. See where I just demolish residential area to make room for industry and lower my population a bit. If I build a train station to a empty neighbor til does it still send stuff out? Sorry for hijacking your topic TC but I cant figure out how to make topics.
  3. How should i zone my region?

    Another question, If they want $=Low Density $$=Medium Density and $$$=High Density or is it the other way around? I think this is the reason my cities fail so hard. Edit: Is there a way to download a map area and have one spot open so I can only control one city, I dont feel like doing any others.
  4. How should i zone my region?

    What does R$, R$$ and R$$$ mean? Also C$, C$$, C$$?
  5. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hello everyone, I am a unemployed, 22 year old moocher at the moment. Tired of work/everything so I am taking the next couple years to mooch off my parents for a bit. Using the basement as a party pad/living space for the time being. Thats me. Also, my favorite movie of all time is Rock N Rolla(for obvious reasons).