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  1. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi Exxon Valdez !! Great post! thanks Get the 'Desert Combat' MOD for "BattleField 1942". Join our SimCity4 club if you like, and keep in touch.
  2. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi all you Sims, Goddesses, Gods, and Mayors !! I'm Jim, (age 29 always) blonde, blue eyed, strong like Popeye, living in New Zealand, internet addict, study a lot about astronomy and the possibility of alien life OUT THERE. I'm trying to earn a living painting. (Just have to learn how to sell paintings for $10,000 each) Hobbies are photoshop, webpage design, flash, and all the other software. I will learn 'LightWave 3D' or 'Vector 3D' next. Also studying 3D game engine software. (looking forward to "nukED" for Duke Nukem Forever) I love cats and sparrows, and other nice chicks Cool Movies are... 01. Blast from the Past. 02. Amelie. (2003) 03. Baraka. (1992) 04. Good Will Hunting (1997) 05. K-Pax. (2003) 06. Patch Adams (1998) 07. The Big Blue. (1988) 08. The Trueman Show. 09. SPACE - The BBC TV series documentary. (2003) 10. October Sky. (1999)