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  1. The City Simulation genre has been plagued over the past decade by poor design decisions by "high ups" who do not appear to understand their audience or SC for that matter. That's all the problem is really. All it would really take to make a legendary sequel to SimCity 4 is: * A decent modern engine like Glassbox * The 3D graphics of SimCity 2013 * A traditional single player OFFLINE sandbox mode * SimCity 2013 features + bring back all the SC4 features that were removed! * Regions / city sizes atleast the same size as SC4 * User-friendly mod support * Someone leading the dev team who understands his/her target audience, and SC That's all it would take to make a new king of city building IMO. The online mult-player mode should be a bonus feature which could even be included as a part of a future expansion or DLC, but not an essential core feature of the game, This is a fatal mistake that both Monte Cristo and Maxis have made now. Please, someone in Maxis or another dev company, read this post and then read it again!
  2. I knew it would be a disaster the moment they said "Online Only" back in early 2012. They liked to call it "the evolution of gaming", but us true fans knew exactly what it REALLY meant for the future of SimCity. They became so caught up in combating piracy, maximizing profits, and telling us how we should play the game, that they forgot what SimCity is all about.. "letting your imagination run wild". This is something that SimCity 4: Rush Hour can offer, and something that SimCity 2013 cannot, at least in it's current state. I think this is why people continue to come back to SimCity 4 despite it beginning to show it's age.
  3. Based on what I have learned so far, I am highly disappointed with SC 2013. It sounds like my favourite game has been stripped bare, dumbed down and turned into a circus for 12 year old Facebook addicts.
  4. I wish people would stop saying it has a single player option. It doesn't! It's an MMO, and the "solo" option just means you can play online in a region where nobody else is playing. Single Player has been ditched. The reason? Profit.
  5. This game sounds like absolute garbage to be honest. I won't be purchasing it unless they keep the core features that made SC4 good!
  6. One thing most of us SimCity fans seem to agree on is that we love the traditional offline sandbox gameplay from previous SimCity titles. While online play is "nice to have", I for one certainly don't want to see it replace offline play altogether. I don't want to be forced online, or forced to take part in a global markets. I want the option to choose! This community has already had enough disappointments already, without profit hungry fat cats at EA ruining it for us again! Let yourself be heard and ask questions on this page: http://www.simcity.c...-SimCity-Social We already have several offline related queries, the more fans who ask questions, the better! Merged with the already existing and pinned "always on" topic. -CaptCity
  7. Disasters in SimCity (2013)

    I like the idea of natural disasters, but there should be an on/off option, and a frequency bar (Rare/Occasional/Frequent/Insane). Don't like the idea of fantasy disasters though, this is just silly. But if we must have them, there should also be a fantasy disasters on/off option.
  8. CXL2011 questions to Focus

    After having been a dedicated member of the Cities XL community (Back when it was code named Cities Unlimited) I was deeply disappointed. Im afraid I don't hold very high hopes for this new title either. Its still lacking in basic features you would expect from a City Builder by the sounds of it. You can offer fancy graphics and trading systems but at the end of the day I want to build a city that comes to life and grows, the sounds of traffic and construction sites, watching things unfold, manipulating the way the city grows rather than simply plopping down buildings etc etc, because thats what truly gets me hooked to city sims. But you just don't seem to get that feel outside SC4.. I will keep track of progress though and would like to hear the feedback of the fans.
  9. Is the game dead or what?

    I hate to sound like a negative but I seriously think the whole project is already doomed, and I can't see MC releasing code to fans, they don't even listen to fans anymore for a start. .
  10. Cities XL single player hands on impressions

    Originally posted by: YannickMtl Single player is the only mode available and everything is much better. The fact that the game will be completed with CitiesXL2011 + all the goodies we had in PO (old england, blueprints, etc), I think this game is much better, on every level. All we need now (hopefully with CXL2011) is full transit system, more maps and region play. That's pretty much about it. And then, if people starts to buy the game (knowing its much better), we'll get (again hopefully) annual content packs with new stuff, new buildings and new maps!quote> Wishful thinking
  11. Reviews of Cities XL

    I think it was a precise review to be honest lol
  12. Saving Cities XL !!

    Monte Cristo tried to create a new king of city simulators. Heres where they dropped the crown: Big mistake = Lack of freedom for modders Serious mistake = Lacking the simulation depth and content found in earlier rivals Fatal mistake = Attempting to create a niche market by transforming a traditionally "offline" genre into an MMO. Tips for next time Monte Cristo: Learn from your rivals Modders are your friends, not your enemies When it comes to fans, the majority opinion is the right opinion Biggest tip of all... Build a decent product before you go revolutionizing a genre..
  13. The end of planet offer

    As I said about 2 years ago, MC should have made a successful single player game first an then released a planet offer expansion, atleast then you would have a solid fanbase. Jumping straight into PO and ignoring the fans was one enormous mistake IMO. "The end of Planet Offer" the best news since Cities Unlimited! There may just be hope for this game yet! MC, if you start working on mass transit, add background sounds, give us a nice massive selection of maps, open the game to modding, make it feel like my city is alive as SC4 does but with the superior graphics engine of CXL, you will once again have my full support! Regions would also be nice ;-) Im so relieved your ditching PO and wish you the best of luck with this move!
  14. So what is cities xl like these days?

    Originally posted by: valhum Ok, so seriously, the Solo version is THAT bad?!?!? I mean, what is missing besides trading and Buses ?!?!?!?!?!?quote> Well Valhum, the same things that are missing from PO really, except in Single Player your chances of seeing these things fixed/added in the near future are slimmer. Basically as a single player gamer you will be the last to get any new features/content like mass transit and public transport, eventually im sure it will come, but as a single player gamer Monte Cristo will probably charge you for it. Single Players also get much less options when it comes to choosing maps too. If you want to play Single Player id suggesting sticking to SC4, it has far more features (which come with the game), it has regions and you can build your own maps, unless you are playing purely for graphics, then go for CitiesXL. Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully in a year the CitiesXL single player experience would have improved.
  15. So what is cities xl like these days?

    Originally posted by: mrdazza_460 Well it must be me then; I delete my cities all the time, no point in keeping something like that unless you are a gold fish. I may take some picks of the best bits but, really how often are you going to look at all your saved cities, I used to save all my cities in SC2000 and SC3000 on to a floppy discs, I found them late last year I thought WOW that's grate, but then I realized I don't own a floppy drive any more, so I trashed them, and thought to myself ummmm that was a waste of time keeping those. But that's just me I guessquote> But in SC4 they have this special thing called regions so you can build as many cities/regions as you like and link them all together, this way your old cities never become redundant or "pointless unless you are a gold fish" as mrdazza put it, they will always play a part in regional growth and you can go back and visit/improve them at any time.