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  1. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    I once was very active here, and since have become a lurker. Today I came back to lurk again to find that a good man had passed away. I have a tremendous respect for John. He will be remembered by this community.
  2. When SimCity 4 came out

    I remember. I worked at Walmart at the time in the photo lab. Before my shift even began I walked over to the Electronics department and got my copy of SC4. I'm waiting Skylines out to see all the review. I've been burned too many times with buying games at top-price the day they come out.
  3. SC5 Not For Me

    I thought the graphics in SC 2013 were pretty good, especially when displaying data layers. For me the show-stoppers were No Offline Mode (this is fixed now), and the size of cities (unresolved).
  4. Frustrated with Lack of Land Space...

    I respectfully disagree. They need to make the code more efficient. SimCity 2013 is pretty cool, but certainly nothing that should tax a modern quad-core with average or better graphics card. Even if what you're saying is true, then EA needed to trim glassbox in order to allow larger cities, or allow larger cities with the understanding that some folks will have a bad experience with them. I remember when my computer would struggle with a large SC4 city, and as technology progressed, it was no longer an issue. They needed to make the code more efficient, drop features, and drop the MMO crap. That would have left plenty of room for increasing tile sizes. MMO adds nothing to the game for me. I don't want to play in a region with a bunch of abandoned cities. How can a region keep players for a long time when the cities take so little time to fully develop?
  5. Frustrated with Lack of Land Space...

    I actually found myself playing SC2K over the past two weekend. It took me a good amount of time to fill up the city. I could have done 4 or 5 SC2013 cities in the same time. It's rather enjoyable to actually spend time making and growing a city, and have lots of future land to expand to. SC2K is more fun to me than SC2013. Cities: Skylines looks very promising!
  6. Finally Tried It Out

    ShadeSigma, I hope you find the game to be very fun and play it for a long time. I had no intentions of getting the game after playing the demo\beta. My wife bought it for my birthday back in June, so I finally played it. I had a lot of fun for about a day, but then as I finished my 4th city it just wasn't fun anymore. Why have any attention to detail or care about a city when it was going to be filled from corner to corner in just a few hours a gameplay? It would like being an artist and only having a canvas the size of a postage stamp. It really limits what you can do. You can still create something beautiful, but not as beautiful if you got to chose the size of your canvas. SC4 let's you choose between three different sizes, with the largest being a very good size, that would take days if not weeks to develop. I'd love to have the size of SC4 combined with the eye candy and simulation layers of 2013. Also, 2013 really should have adjacent cities. It just hurts my brain to make a densely populated city with skyscrapers, when you go out to the region view and there is nothing but undeveloped prairie next to it. I love in SC4 how I could make a dense city core surrounded by sprawling suburbs. Instead we have 2013, with it's cities that often have a single freaking highway connecting them to the outside world. Hell, I can't even recreate Rochester Hills, MI, a sleepy suburb of low-density housing and businesses and a population of 70,000 people. There simply isn't enough space in a 2013 map to make a low-density city of this size.
  7. The emergency response simulation isn't very good. My fire trucks and police cars might as well not have lights and sirens because traffic won't pull over. They won't run red lights. They won't use opposing lanes of traffic to get there faster. It's just frustrating.
  8. New to SC and already depressed.

    I agree with this as a possible solution, but it's a frustrating limitation of the game. In SimCity 4 zoning density was independent of the road. So if you had a really busy road, you could change it to a one-way or an avenue, while keeping low or medium density zoning. I wish zoning density was independent of road type in SimCity 2013.
  9. They could keep the map size the same, but make everything else smaller... Or, maybe tell the cops, ambulances, and firefighters that it's OK to drive in opposing lanes if you're responding to an emergencies, instead of watching a house burn down because emergency responders are inept at driving.
  10. Now that I actually own the game (and not just played the demo a few times) I can say that my opinion has not changed. The biggest obstacle this game has is tile size, and not in a good way. I never really get attached to a city like I used to in SC4, where I could spend months making a masterpiece region. In SimCity 2013 I spend, at most, a day making a city. Then I leave it never really to visit it again, since it's filled from border to border. I don't understand what the limitation is. My video card is four+ years old. My processor is the slowest Intel quad core ever made, the Q8200. However, the game is still very smooth graphics-wise, and the simulation speed is a little slow on fully developed cities. Since my computer being as old as it is can support fully developed small cities, I don't get why they could allow larger cities. I think their main consideration was the how big a city could be within the "MMO" format. Meaning, the limit isn't your computer hardware, but instead something like their servers space for saving cities, or perhaps bandwidth. It's sad that this game could be so much more. The Glassbox engine is beautiful. Data views are so rich and useful. The graphics are butter-smooth. The game had such a solid foundation, but then they decided to taint it by trying to shove the MMO part of it down our throat. The way you can develop a small city into a skyscraper haven that has an empty field on the other side of the city border is lame. Even lamer are all the cities where you only have one road in\out. There is nothing realistic about it, whatsoever. I applaud them for making the "Offline" mode, but they really need to just do what works in SC4 - large cities that can be adjacent to each other in regions.
  11. I just got the game today and it kind of looks like EA\Maxis has given up on first impression. The game updater has a "News and Community" section with two articles from January 2013, nothing newer. There is also scrolling news section complete with broken pictures and broken links that take you to a 404 page at SimCity.com. The game is still updating right now and there is a "View Updates" button on the updater. Clicking on that link take you to yet another missing page\invalid page. At least it seems to be installing and updating the game correctly...
  12. Discussion about City Tile Size

    I swore up and down that I would not play this game until they fixed tile size. This morning I woke up a year older than I was the previous day. My 4 year old and two year old came in yelling "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". My oldest handed me a present. I unwrapped it, inside, SimCity 2013. So, I guess I will be playing it after all!
  13. Banished

    I've got a desktop computer that's a little old with Intel's slowest quad core, the Q8200. When playing a large map the game starts to slow down considerably due to CPU exhaustion. From what I've seen, there is no multi-threading. I've got one pegged CPU and the other three are pretty sleepy. I'm still having fun and all, I'm just going to have to do some much needed upgrading on the system. Perhaps I'll buy a beefier dual-core.
  14. Yup, pretty much this. You're confusing "challenge" with "limitation".
  15. Banished

    Yeah, that's the issue I have too... The game is sort of doomed from the beginning anyway the moment you don't have room for more mines. The trick there is to use trading posts, not mines. I never use mines because they're useless once gone. I started playing again after the most recent update and this is what I do. Step 1, survive. Step 2, build a surplus firewood Step 3, use the firewood to trade for iron Step 4, build lots of blacksmiths Step 5, build a surplus of iron tools Step 6, use the iron tool surplus to get more iron Step 7, Keeping making more and more iron tools and trade for iron At that point you start to have a huge surplus of iron tools and you can use it to trade for whatever you need. You can even start to depend on trade for essentials like food.