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  1. TAIWANold house2

    ??????????????????? ?????????????????????????
  2. HunanQu YangmingLu 23

  3. Shmails Functional KuanYin Temple

    ???????????? Nanmo Most Compassionate Guanshiyin Great Sage...
  4. Takadai Yamadera Temple by SOMY

    Somy is a delight! Thanks for having introduced me to his work. Check out his website for more such goodies.
  5. SMP Ploppable Fog

    This is a bodacious mod; it ends up shrouding quite a few of my islands and even desert canyons. Kind thanks for your work.
  6. Bump! Heh heh, I just started a region which would intensively use ferries, but found mine were crashing no matter what I did. I'm glad it's such an easy kludge to work, instead of a corrupted Maxis file or something... Thanks for all the work you NAM crew have put into this major extension to our beloved SimCity. You really revitalized my gameplay. Take your time on the fix.
  7. school play gorund

    Poor kids...
  8. Isle of Sodor

    I had no idea that Thomas the Tank Engine was so historically aware. Sodor is from the Kingdom of Sodor and Man, a norse fiefdom encompassing the Isle of Man and several Scottish islands - Sodor/South Eyr in the local Norse. There was never a Sodor island, but it became a myth of a lost isle. Funny they would take over the myth of a lost Sodor for this kids' show.