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  1. Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

    Benlai xiang da hanzi de .jieguo wangzhan bu zhichi, suoyi yong pinyin le. ni zhongyu zuowanle. zaijiezaili!!!10fen. Good!
  2. Red Brick Wall

    Altanative choices, Hope you like it
  3. anyone still interesting in this excellent program?
  4. JinMao Tower

    Good job!
  5. China Garden

    Good!Thanks for do that!
  6. The Obelisk of Thutmose I

    Pretty good!!!
  7. Version


    Hello, everybody! This is my first BAT building, it is base on Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, it is 468meters high and is the tallest TV tower of asia. I do it with some guys help, without them this building can't standing here. Thanks all guys from WWW.CNSIMCITY.COM for their help! BTW, This is the latest beta version , and you guys can download it for quick preview, some detail will be added in the next several days. PS,all you guys's comments is wellcome to improve this. and WWW.CNSIMCITY.COM has change to http://www.gameser.com. Thanks in advance!