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  1. For some reason, only when building on Large city tiles, my residentials will not develop and no houses grow on them. I have full demand, all services are present and jobs are plentiful with a very low commute time. Can someone help? This is getting frustrating...
  2. hello - it said "Jesse Swiss has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?" - so i did

  3. Alubarna

    Yes Eburress you can but only Generation-city.com allows you to download them. You have to download all mods that come with the map as well, if your interested in the website it's in french and its easy to translate with google translate - Good Luck!
  4. Blueprint information issue

    its on mind too, depending on what blueprint you use is the ones that wont work. I'm 80% sure it has something to do with Globexco's Unlocker mod 5. Do you have it Top_Dog?
  5. Contests

    This is a good idea, maybe also best sports complex, transportation designs and such?
  6. Improve Performance in CitiesXL 2011

    Hello sir, Can you please tell me what this mod does/ purpose, and how it affects you? This program looks interesting to users with a slower computer.
  7. Tromperton

    I think the city shows a high tech look to it and im very impressed with your various neighborhoods. I would say keep the other industries out of it and grow your city like it is ( with a downtown that is ) Good Job my friend keep it up!
  8. Highway addons for cities xl 2011

    Hyperwolf may I ask you what program you used for this? Does it work with paint because when i use paint it turns orangy
  9. Tromperton

    Seems like a good city! Keep it up
  10. Canadiens up 2-0 on Boston :P

  11. Pharmist Mod Experiments

    No problemo friend, your mod was for good intentions and definetly made me know that a mod for that is possible Have a good day!
  12. Pharmist Mod Experiments

    Thank for the mod hyperwolf but this mod did not work... do you think the american road set by maarten or pharmist could affect it? Thanks for your offer!
  13. Atlas ------ Firmamoneo

    Wow, every single picture i seen in here is amazing! Keep going please!
  14. Pharmist Mod Experiments

    Hey Pharmist , I have a question surrounding the expressway ( 3x3) on the default road set. In every other road set but the default there is no rail in the middle. I was wondering if instead of just having a a yellow line when your american or any other road set, if you could have the rail, if you could do this that would be great! - Thanks Pharmist
  15. New Alterra

    Looking Nice so far!