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  1. SC4Terraformer Support

    I have the exact same problem! i to just downloaded. weird. Someone respond to this NOOOOOW!!!!!
  2. uhh, how do i delete this topic?
  3. I have looked all over the web trying to find ANYTHING that could tell me how to get SC4mapper how to work. I finally decided i would post something on the the forums here. Can ANYONE help me get this thing to work? PLEASE? p.s. - it did NOT come with a read-me.
  4. SimMars Beta 2 Mod

    so how do you switch between sc4 and simmars?
  5. BSC Parks v2 Wall Set

    sc4 devotion
  6. Show us your Night Shots!

    This is a shot of my newest city!
  7. The Little White Chapel

    MARVALOUS!!! ABSOLUTLY STUNNING!!!! 8/5! if i could =)
  8. One World Trade Center

    which menu is it in? landmarks?
  9. One World Trade Center

    this is the greatest Freedom Tower on the STEX! Great work! 5/5
  10. Show Us Your Small Towns

    The following images are brought to you by the City of Humphrey. Go Bobcats!! An overview of the main part of the city A fireworks display. The high school campus. City Hall and statue of the city founder. Larkin Building Hansen Mill, the oldest building in the county
  11. Show us Your Most Scenic Areas!

    Mossy green water flows into a fresh water creek, with a medow with wildflowers to the east.
  12. Gascooker Suburban Houses revisited

    also, can you make it to where people can live in them, and make them both growable AND ploppable?
  13. Show Us Your...Gov't Quarters/Buildings

    Gov. Buildings Gov. Buildings at night Executive Building Parliament Building Imperial High Courts Federal Archives Don't have a picture of the imperial palace.
  14. the stars are blocking out the word N o O b