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  1. Haven't been around for a long time (not that I was an active participant before) but this was the first place I came to once I heard about SC2013. I was extremely excited about finally having a truly new SC. That is until I heard about the online requirement. I won't go into my reasons for hating this because they are basically analogous to everything said here. But in the event EA/Maxis reads this board I wanted to give my +1 to those voicing this displeasure with this requirement. I will NOT buy this game with online only play in place. Tragic decision that I hope they reverse
  2. Will Wright

    SCS was a game developed because there was a general thought that SC4 was "too hard." What they then did was turn their backs on their loyal fan base and create a disgrace to its namesake. What needs to be done to appeal to the "easy does it population" as well as the "define too hard" population, is something that has already been in place....easy, medium, hard. Except this time move beyond money levels to more depth. Example: it is was hard/challenging/fun to micromanage all the budget aspects of SC4 and make good money. In a new SC5 type game make the more difficult levels have the micromanagement style of game play while in easier levels have this taken care of automacally. BOOM you have the fun of a city game without the budget mess that may make it "hard" and at the same time you have restored faith in a great fanbase with a new true Simcity. Plus a new game would need tons of new cool stuff mention in other threads...