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  1. SC4 Deluxe Is $3.99 on Steam Through March 15

    SC4 80% off on Steam through 3/15/18 http://store.steampowered.com/app/24780/
  2. Terrorforming 1.jpg

    Just pasting some shots of a SC4 city journal from 2003-2005
  3. Pyramid City Detail

    Better Resolution shot of the upper Pyramid. A lot of the content is thanks to Pegasus.
  4. Pyramid City From 2005

    Some Detail. I wish I could resurrect a working model but there were so many different sources it would be impossible.
  5. SC4 Pyramid City 2005 Redux

    I found this in my "archives". The CJ was lost but I wanted to share the pictures.
  6. Pyramid City From 2005

    I found this in my "archives". The CJ was lost but I wanted to share the pictures.
  7. On monitor sizes

    30" LCD 2550x1600 47"1920x1080P LCD TV w/ HDCP/DVI Sorry to burst your non plasma bubbles zelgadis but there is no such thing as an 18inch plasma monitor. if you can give me a model #and manufacturer I will eat my hat. he pixel size of plasma displays make them relatively useless under around 30inches, even at 30 inches the best resolution would be 1368x720.
  8. Battersea Power Station 3ds Model

    Great share. This is the buildine on the Pink Flodyd album animals Yoman3. Thanks
  9. Saras Equestrian Supply

    nice job !
  10. UK Border Watch Tower

    Yes The Scotish pose a real threat LOL .What you need next are some coastal emplacements to keep the French from retreating across the channel.
  11. Kia Sportage Automata

    $ wealth lol ! I like them your work is great
  12. PEG RR Rural Rail Station

    Nice ! Reminds me of a lionel station I had as a kid ( and still have ). Kalashnikov: there are still a couple of similar stations here in the Boston area notably on the commuter rail system most of these older designs are historically protected .
  13. Empire State

    It is a self contained dat file just unzip and put it in your plugin folder it will appear in landmrk menu.