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  1. Downtown St Malin (weekend 8)

    I love it Very nice, congratulations
  2. Introduction - The region

    Thank you jakis!
  3. Introduction - The region

    Thanks shulmanator !!!!! I hope you wil enjoy it
  4. Let's take a look at Piacenza!

    So, here we start with the main city of the quartet, Piacenza Oh well...Calling it a city may would be a bit too much...Let's say it's the most important town of the region! It has around 27.000 inhabitants...and that's the place where the first settlements started. In this update we will take a first look at the small city, which has one particular feature : It is a quite town, maybe too much...Its calm, green, fresh, many people in the town works in the outer farmlands, the city itself it's very low-dense, and everywhere you see a very strong and sometimes Insane attention to the natural enviroment, to territory's respect and defense . You might wonder what's wrong with this??...you will find in the next update, when we will talk more deeply about the city's mayor : Emanuel Writh . As we've said before, the town is almost entirely made of low-density houses and villas like these... Uploaded with ImageShack.us Even in the city center itself...The atmosphere is very simple and light...here you can see Piacenza's Railway Station, which might be the most Crowded place, In fact train is one of the main way of transport used by the citizens, and the railway company -Emaland Rail-Lines- is quite rich because of the high number of commuters. Piacenza's police department and a small sport center where you can play tennis and basketball can be seen as well . Uploaded with ImageShack.us The high portion of land dedicated to the agricolture contributes to give this feeling to the city... Uploaded with ImageShack.us For now, it's everything...in the next update, we will take a deeper look at the city and we'll talk about it's MAYOR! Which definitly is a strange one...! See you in the next update, i hope
  5. my tralala

    Uhm...I like it but.. A bit too griddy, in my opinion...why not trying a bit more different network layout??? But it looks good
  6. Introduction - The region

    Hi everyone! Welcome to my new CJ, after the one I left few months ago ( called " Lodi " ) because of the lack of time . Again, i'm going to bring back the same theme trying to mix the simcity4 gameplay with natural/meteorological events!! Again, you'll find Italian city names - but no intentions to recreate a real italian city! . I'm not going to use many mods/bats , just few of them, because of the slowness of my computer but anyway I'll try to find a compromise between preventing lag issues and still having a wide choices of addons. In this first update i'll show you the region, It's taken from the STEX. This is a small region, developing fast, where you can find 4 many centers : PIACENZA the main city, the only Industrial center and Harbor of the region where many sims come to work. ALSENO a small touristic town between the nature along near the Noceto Ocean and Cadeo which is the biggest farming center of the region, where there is the biggest production of grain , whine, corn, fruits exct... and Calendasco another small rural city, but lots smaller and newer than Cadeo. Uploaded with ImageShack.us And Here is a bigger regional overview Uploaded with ImageShack.us Next time, we will start visiting the main city of the region, PIACENZA ... Just a small info about it...the name comes from the latin Placentia which litterally means " enjoyable/comfortable city " ... Will you like this? You'll find out! In the whiletime, i leave you a random shot of Piacenza's suburban homes Uploaded with ImageShack.us See you in the next update
  7. 2 - Rivercrest's Pretty Side

    Very nice! Congratulations, I like your CJ very much
  8. The Eternal City... Roma

    [quote name='iMetropolis' timestamp='1317094261'] [quote name='400Z9' timestamp='1317081159']Where are the rivers? Rome do have a main river running through the city, I think it is called Po River. But overall, great map!!![/quote]The Po is up north flowing through the fashion capital, Milan and ending at the Adriatic Sea on the east coast near Venice. The main river flowing through Rome is the Tiber (Tivere in Italian) and it the only river in the Rome area. There may be smaller creeks flowing into the Tiber but I would assume they'd be to small to show up on the map, just here to clarify. ^^ [/quote] Po does not flow through Milan lol ... you guys have very few knowledge of italian Geography, but that's not an accuse...I also know nothing or so about the geography of the other states of the europe too The Po river just flows souther from Milan , It goes through my city, which is 40km southern from Milan...Milan has the LAMBRO river whuch flows through, but not the po! It stays souther in all its trip...it diveds the po valley in two parts, called here in italy "high po valley" the land northern than the river, and " Low po valley " the land southern than it...which is where i am
  9. (USNW) Commonwealth of Shayden

    Very nice start for a CJ! The city looks very good
  10. The United Cities*4th Birthday and Retirement!*

    Very Nice and HUGE CJ ))))) keep up the good work
  11. Lodi : Because the weather counts

    Hi Schulmanator Thanks for your reply ! I hope you will like this UPDATE N.2 : LODI'S RADAR TOWER Welcome back...well, not a very good start for the first update eh? But well, let's see if this second update can shake the situation a bit... In this Update we will visit the main city of the region, LODI ... It is a small city, of about 30k inhabitants... very quiet, green, and quite clean, the mayor has put much efforts in order to protect the natural enviroment of this piece of land...But, as we mentioned before, there is something strange concerning the weather. There is one thing, in particular, that seems planned exactly in order to study the weather... What is this?? It is a huge DOPPLER RADAR - TOWER built right on the top of a hill between the suburbs of the city ( UH, it was rainy there XD ) ... But what is this strange building exactly, and what does it do?? A doppler radar is a particular object that beams microwave signals up in the sky. When this signal goes towards clouds, part of these microwaves are sent back into the ground. By analyzing the frequency and the amount of radiations sent back, this particular radar can give an accurate image of the situation of the whole sky in a very huge area around its position. In fact, this radar is often used in meteorology to understand how the clouds are moving, WHAT is falling down from them ( snow, rain, hail exct ) and even to understand the type of clouds that is arriving. It is a very powerful instrument, maybe the most importat one to have a large overview of the LIVE weather situation . This is an example of an image that can be taken from a doppler-radar in north america ...But, the question becomes obvious, why this...in LODI?? When the mayor was asked, in a local city magazine interview, to give an explaination of the presence of this building, he said : " Honestly, this radar was meant to be a SYMBOL , not only an utility. It is a symbol of the importance we give to the safety of our citizens. With this one, if a hurricane might come or something like that, we'll might be able to know it before the worst happens...there is nothing better than being able to avoid tragedies. But probably we won't even need to use it, at least, i hope so. " From what it seems, this is only a way to prevent some tragical wheather events, to forecast them before they happen. Still, many people do not believe mayor's words. The radar, in fact, is guarded all day long by the police, and no-one can have access to it, except the mayor and authorized people. Why this, if the radar was made FOR the city, and for the well being of the entire town?? There is still mistery around this... ...But, hey... we have to talk even about the good things of the city! It is a very green city, we said, and the mayor kept it green and clean,in fact this is an overview of a nice housing district near the tropical enviroment of the coastal area ... here people can enjoy the nature, and may even go to the beach that is just a few steps from their house... Uploaded with ImageShack.us ...following the coast, you may find some bigger apartments too, along the coast... Uploaded with ImageShack.us ...as well as some uncontaminated natural enviroments, like this...in fact, Lodi is well known for having one of the most beautiful and clean sea of the entire SimNation, it is really uncommon to see a sea that clean and crystalline, near a city!! Uploaded with ImageShack.us ...As you have seen, the city has its good attributes, not only its strange sides...I hope you enjoyed this Next time we will visit CASALMAGGIORE R.W.C ... you will find what does this mean if you follow this
  12. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Hi everyone ! This is not my first attempt at city journals, i've made one long time ago, but this time I came up with something a bit different... MY CITY, LODI The region is based on the classic SAN FRANCISCO REGION, the original one you can find in the game ! The only cheat used is the one for the money, that comes from the famous " money tree " you can find on the stex. I've decided to use the less mods I can, as far as I am playing SC4 in a kind of not-so-fast laptop computer :..... The Name of the city ( LODI ) comes from an Italian city situated in Lombardia, but i have no intention to re-create the italian LODI here in simcity4. It is just a name... Now, let's spend two words about the history of the city...Lodi has been renamed " the city of the Weather " because of the particular attention given to the study of the meteorology in the town. There are rumors that the city was founded ,at its origins, by a groups of researchers that for a necessity of settlement planned the construction of the city. Many people say that the entire city is part of a test, a kind of secret experiment that someone is planning to study the weather...and to control it. The idea that the Human being can control the nature is very tempting, and here in lodi there are many people afraid that, one day, someone will be able to control the weather and to overpower the nature... Anyway at the moment, noone know the truth, everything is covered by a kind of mistery and no-one have certainties ...The mayor, when asked about this subject, always gave superficial and vague answers... In the next and following updates I will show you the city of lodi with its misteries and its oddities , its good and its bad sides and who knows, maybe we will find something ... for now, i leave you with the regional view of the entire region ( click to enlarge ) ...and...well...i hope to see someone in the following updates : D Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. ST City & CJ school

    Hi there, Can I be a student? If the answer is YES i already have a picture to show you, teachers!!! I was lookin to create a quiet beach resort for my City, and I am quite satisfied with the result, but I just have the feelin somethin is missing Which water mode do you think I should use for a ...tropical feelin?there are just so many around and i'd like to have an Advice... And maybe somethin else i could add in the beach?? Or some cool pier instead of that one?? I've seen some nice marina on the stex but they'r just too big for what I was lookin for...thanksssssss greetings from borgonovo's mayor Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  14. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

    Very Impressive work you've done here !! A really cool experiment