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The weather and city meets

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So, here we start with the main city of the quartet, Piacenza

Oh well...Calling it a city may would be a bit too much...Let's say it's the most important town of the region! It has around 27.000 inhabitants...and that's the place where the first settlements started. In this update we will take a first look at the small city, which has one particular feature : It is a quite town, maybe too much...Its calm, green, fresh, many people in the town works in the outer farmlands, the city itself it's very low-dense, and everywhere you see a very strong and sometimes Insane attention to the natural enviroment, to territory's respect and defense . You might wonder what's wrong with this??...you will find in the next update, when we will talk more deeply about the city's mayor : Emanuel Writh .

As we've said before, the town is almost entirely made of low-density houses and villas like these...


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Even in the city center itself...The atmosphere is very simple and light...here you can see Piacenza's Railway Station, which might be the most Crowded place, In fact train is one of the main way of transport used by the citizens, and the railway company -Emaland Rail-Lines- is quite rich because of the high number of commuters. Piacenza's police department and a small sport center where you can play tennis and basketball can be seen as well .


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The high portion of land dedicated to the agricolture contributes to give this feeling to the city...


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For now, it's everything...in the next update, we will take a deeper look at the city and we'll talk about it's MAYOR! Which definitly is a strange one...! See you in the next update, i hope :)


Hi everyone! Welcome to my new CJ, after the one I left few months ago ( called " Lodi " ) because of the lack of time :( . Again, i'm going to bring back the same theme trying to mix the simcity4 gameplay with natural/meteorological events!!

Again, you'll find Italian city names - but no intentions to recreate a real italian city! :) . I'm not going to use many mods/bats , just few of them, because of the slowness of my computer :( but anyway I'll try to find a compromise between preventing lag issues and still having a wide choices of addons.

In this first update i'll show you the region, It's taken from the STEX. This is a small region, developing fast, where you can find 4 many centers : PIACENZA the main city, the only Industrial center and Harbor of the region where many sims come to work. ALSENO a small touristic town between the nature along near the Noceto Ocean and Cadeo which is the biggest farming center of the region, where there is the biggest production of grain , whine, corn, fruits exct... and Calendasco another small rural city, but lots smaller and newer than Cadeo.


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And Here is a bigger regional overview :)


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Next time, we will start visiting the main city of the region, PIACENZA ... Just a small info about it...the name comes from the latin Placentia which litterally means " enjoyable/comfortable city " ... Will you like this? You'll find out! In the whiletime, i leave you a random shot of Piacenza's suburban homes


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See you in the next update ;)

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