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  1. My god, printing and scanning with OSX, sooo much eaiser than in Windows. It doesn't do certian things well, but man, for printing atleast, it blows Windows out ot the water! Couldn't believe it...

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    2. Cockatoo


      Basically, when you plug in the printer, it automatically recognises the model and goes online to find/ download/ install the appropriate drivers. One click and then away you go. And, no horrible 3rd party cannon type printing and scanning apps. It's all done through the centralised control panel. You just click scan and it scans for you. I was surprised because getting the printer to work on the same PC under Windows was a bit of a task. And then I plug it into the OSX side, thinking her...

    3. Cockatoo


      ...here we go, and yet it was so stupidly easy. MS would do well to integrate some sort of similar idiot proof system into Windows.

    4. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      OK, a centralised scanning/printing panel sounds like a good idea alright. However, shouldn't a USB printer be recognised and installed automatically by Windows, too? It's been a while since I last meddled with printers. Maybe "should" is the dangerous word here...