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  1. Is there a sense in buying CXL2011??

    thanks guys. i have sc4 for a long time and i have nice and big cities, i also have the cxl. but it missing a lot of useful stuff thats why im asking about cxl11. but in this case i think ill buy it...
  2. Is there a sense in buying CXL2011??

    Hi. Im thinking about buying CXL2011. Is it a game worth on spend more than 30 euros?? The pictures are nice. But i have a peoblem to decide to buy it or not?? Is this game worth those money??
  3. The ST 6.0 Department of Technical Affairs

    i hope so. coz new buildings are amazing, and i had a long brake playing sc4 and now im full of new ideas i wish to try...
  4. The ST 6.0 Department of Technical Affairs

    Hi I have a problem with downloading files from STEX. I internet connection is 1Mbps, and usually i'm downloading movies in around 30-40 minutes, but when I want to download something from Stex it takes ages. As an example, buildings files of size 7MB, I have to wait more than 1,5 hour to download. Could You help me somehow?? I have Windows 7, but I dont think its a problem. Let me know
  5. HK ICC International Commerce Centre

    simply the best !!!!
  6. Cities XL sandbox mode

    it doesnt work on my version of the game. thats sucks. but what to do. all i can do is to wait for an update of this mod, coz its breat stuff ;)))
  7. The ST 6.0 Department of Technical Affairs

    Hi. Two days ago I downloaded and installed new Internet Explorer 8. But since then everytime when I open this site, there is a message that the Simtropolis detected that I use IE6 and because of that the site will not work correctly. What is wrong?? Is this my falt or this site??
  8. DB Class 23 Steam Engine Train

    Finally someone made a steam train. I've been waiting for that for a long time. Rivit - You are my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I have a question: can You make more steam trains??
  9. I havre astupid question: How big are city tiles in SC4 (in km2)?? I ask because on the Cities Xl forum I read that the biggest tile in SC4 cover only 16 km2 of surface. Is it true?? I also ask because in the Cities Xl tle city tiles will be 10km x 10km, which gives 100km2. I think it is too small for a few million people city. So please anwser.
  10. Problem with STEX

    I have the same problem. I use only IE. Other sites work properly but this one not. What can I do, to make it right??
  11. Problem with STEX...

    Hi. I have a weird problem. Everytime when I open the STEX site and open the file (building, park, mod etc.) there's open a new window. For now it's ok. But when the window opens, all I can see is a blue background. I cannot see file's details, cannot download anything. What's wrong?? Is it possible that this problem is a result of change of the graphic card in the computer?? I had a Radeon 9500 (and everything was ok), but when it burns few days ago, I put into the computer Radeon 9200 (and I cannot download anything). I also install all needed files for that graphic card so it should work properly. Please help.
  12. Needing this dependiences.

    Ok. I didn't know this. Thanks a lot. You are great
  13. Needing this dependiences.

    I've looked that list and there are no those dependences. Thats why I wrote that it didn't help me. ps. sorry for my bad english
  14. Needing this dependiences.

    Well it doesn't help but thanks anyway
  15. Hi. I am looking for those dependiences BSC_NPTransitions_V1 BSC_CurvedEdgePaths_V1 and can't find them. If you know from where can i download them please anwser. Thanks for help.