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  1. SimCity 5 Facts

    I find it hard to believe they would make the game multi-player only. It could be a form of DRM where you have to stay connected to the internet to play the game, which some publishers have done in the past, but in reading the info posted by the OP, it does not seem that is necessarily the case. The 1-16 players is the most enlightening to me--I still believe single player exists (as it should). It is far too early to make a ton of speculation. I imagine we will find out more at E3 this year. That said, two of the biggest things I'm looking for is improved transportation networks and changing environmental conditions (i.e. seasons, weather effects, and so forth). I'm not sure the trailer actually represents the graphics in the final version, but they looked pretty good otherwise. I'm also hoping they do not dumb the game down so much that all the creativity and city-planning elements are gone. Like many Simcity fans I have been waiting a long time for a new SC game, so I am definitely excited. Now I just need to start building my new PC so I can actually play it haha!
  2. First Image of SimCity 5, from German magazine GameStar

    As Tarkus said, I too believe these images are just concept art and not actual screenshots of gameplay. Don't read too much into them. I am somewhat hesitant to believe this announcement minus something official from EA, but it has been nearly ten years and this is about as good as we're likely to get for now.
  3. Show us your touristic area

    Very nice pictures! Really excellent beach and coastline. Quick question, though: - Which beach mod(s) did you use to create this? I've been looking around and not sure that I found the correct mods. Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks!! A+ Originally posted by: masochist Wow, feliwi! I love the look of that island ! Well, here's a beach I did similar to Xperian's (on the previous page) called Condor Beach. I'm almost certain that most people have seen at least a few of these pictures, but for some reason I haven't posted these in this thread yet. Oh, well...better late than never . And even a mosaic... Heh heh...there were about four times this many pictures in the actual update...;-)quote>
  4. Broadway Mansions

    You do simply incredibly amazing work, Odainsaker. I'd give more than two thumbs up if I could. How about two big toes, as well? Superb!
  5. Demand Questions/Problems

    Originally posted by: Unassigned the expanded query toolquote>Kindly inform me as to the proper name of that tool and where I can find it. Thanks in advance - Unassigned the uninitiated.quote> RCI Query upgrade mod by equinox. Link is here http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?id=4243
  6. Demand Questions/Problems

    Originally posted by: SmartRoss1 To make the game a bit more realistic, Maxis put various 'demand caps' on the game. There are about three of these, and if you hit any one of them (there is one around 41,000) then demand will stop. This must be relieved by placing parks ect. Once you have done that your demand should increase again. As for top demand in all places, I think that you need a very large city with lots of facilities first. As for the Commercial, the same thing applies. Unless you have top facilites and zone away from the airport then your CS$$$ and CO$$$ will usually be negative (CO$$$ is a bit less fussy).quote> Thank you for the help! I am aware of the demand caps and have the expanded query tool; it says I am no where near the caps so I'm not sure that is the problem. And you have to zone away from the airport? Is zoning near the airport a bad thing? Right now my airport is by itself on a large tile, I have not yet zoned that actual city, just built an airport. Facilities are also not a problem, I take care of my sims. =) Originally posted by: High5flyier I think one factor that most people overlook is that they need more R$ residentials. The main reasin I believe is because of the bad looking maxis R$ highrises. The low wealth population makes up the majority of all your commercial work force. With the addition of costum content there is plenty of great looking R$ buildings that can complement your cities. I try to keep the demand bar for low wealth at 50% or lower and be doing this the demand for commerce is helped out.quote> I've noticed that most often my R$ demand bar is almost always topped out, or it is at least above the other two levels. It was always my thought that low wealth residents don't like to work (or simply can't) in higher wealth commercial buildings (like CS$$$ and CO$$$). I realize the majority of the population will be from this category, but ultimately I want to work towards having CBDs and skyscrapers. Will all those office workers be from higher wealth residences? Thank you for the help!
  7. I looked around and couldn't find answers to my questions, so I figured I ought to just make a post and hope for the best. Background info: My region has just over 200,000 residents currently, the largest city is a medium tile w/ about 41,000 residents. So far it is a pretty expansive region but I intend to keep growing it. First for residential: What are the best ways to increase residential demand? Recently I built a large airport in my region and I noticed my residential demand suffered badly (it dropped sharply as I was completing the airport). I brought it back up after going back to another city and building, but I've seen people with all 3 bars of their residential demand completely full. How do I achieve this? Is my region just too small to meet that expectation? For the commercial: Why is my CS$$$ demand almost ALWAYS negative? This hasn't been a problem in just this region. I've noticed almost all the time in playing SC4 that my high wealth commercial services demand is always negative. All of my other commercial demand is positive, so I don't understand why that one is not. Is there some trick and/or method to increase this particular demand? Also, what are good ways to drive up commercial demand? Building the airport seemed to help my commercial demand, as it should, but the long-term effects will still be unknown for now. Thanks for any help guys! I appreciate it.
  8. Bashnja na Naberezhnoj C

    very impressive, excellent work!