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  1. The "Make No Sense" Game

    Wow! What happened!? Don't change the rules everyone, no repeating or phrases, only sentences. Thank You.
  2. Solar Water Stair PowerPlant Laslow

    Well, the good thing of this improvement is thats its smaller and explaning your self better, however, saying what your friend's names and what they do and personal life is freaky. I would have given you a 9/10, but I think a 8/10 because of the info on you friends. Sorry about this, but at least its not below 6.
  3. Solar Water Stair Powerplant

    Good Job, you should change those stairs to a ramp and have it become a parking garage. And scale it down too. 8/10
  4. The "Make No Sense" Game

    Fuzzy cats dug all the way to china to get pizza for robots in an underwater carvan in Italy.
  5. Truck Stop

    ???You should say more info on the lot and not be weird and say read the readme. Thats rude, like your buying a toy at wal-mart and you ask an employe on his oppion and he says buy it and see if you like, don't ask me. Rude, 5/10, also to many lights! (Eyes blinded)
  6. BLaM French Connections Tiled Plazas 1

    Alright. Would look nicer if there was more color or if it was a 2x2 with those plants inside a little. Great job though, like the center a lot.
  7. BLaM French Connections Marbled Plazas 1

    Awesomeness!!!!! 9/10 Helcome you call your prop packs "Mega Pack" ? BSC calls them with the author's name and prop after (Barbyw prop pack 1) Well good job anyways! 9/10
  8. Sword Tower

    ??? You guys are counfusing. If you hate it so much why do you even bother open it up then post a negative comments? IMO, it looks great and I happen to like the base too. 10/10
  9. Good Bye

    Hello, sorry I've been gone for a while... 3 weeks. I've been busy with school and other stuff. Theres to many things keeping me away from ST for so long, that I have to go now. Your friend, Ideaworld
  10. The "Make No Sense" Game

    @Jersey_17011: Thats not realy idiotic, more fact then fiction. Plants grow in the winter because they like to get suntans.
  11. The "Make No Sense" Game

    Three oranges spalted on the floor when kitty came to sip water wich was diliverd my monkey on Mt. Everest who were warn not to touch the apple pie granma made for the bear with a long mustache that neaded to be cut.
  12. Under Bridge Scenery

    Umm, whats been going on? I haven't seen an update in a long time.
  13. The "Make No Sense" Game

    Jelly beans erode in summer because the oh mighty chicken came down and said nimber 7 was lazy cause he was digging a hole to china to find his pet cat.
  14. The "Make No Sense" Game

    This game is simple. All you have to do is post idiotic sentences. Make sure they make no sense. I'll go first. Surfers were once egyptian ppl who turned bamboo into sweats cause they were cold.
  15. Crazy's Collection of Cities

    Cityssssss!!!!!! Awesome job. So silvery and shiny! Like a washer. lol