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  1. Very nice, looking forward to it. Ive made my own version of this using the RHW mod. I guess it could be made much smaller though.
  2. I've made a Diverging diamond interchange for RHW 6. I got the idea when i was reading ryanb_sc4's post here: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=124&threadid=86988&STARTPAGE=8&FTVAR_FORUMVIEWTMP=Linear This can also be used for RHW 4 and RHW 8. So here it is: What do you think about it? Edit: I made it a little smaller, and i also put in some eyecandy:
  3. Another graphic bug!!

    Thanks, it's working now -Ironchef
  4. You can probably see the problem in by looking at the picture. I've tried to re-install the plugin. And I've also tried removing all other plugins. Anyone know what else I can do? -Ironchef
  5. No, it happens after a while. But if I reload the city it's back to normal. Is there any ways to fix this bug? Btw, thanks for all the answers.
  6. I have tried both searching and I have a water mod. I have the OceanRiver Mod. And neither of them give any result. But maybe I need the same water mod that you have, wich mod do you use?
  7. I have a problem with the FM_BeachesForIrregularCoasts v3.2. Look for yourselves: Anyone else expirenced this problem? Please help me. -Ironchef