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  1. Jargeah

    Hey,marvellous sratr to your Cj' =) Well ,the today's trend is to make cjs/cities based on the Middle East Since they are getting more and more beautiful everyday Looking forward to more updates... D Hey, Can you please answer my question? There it goes: How could you make that beach pier area?? I got the seawalls but my terraforming makes a horrible,unbuildable place,I wanna make something like yours... Thanks (wow,I'm sooooo addicted in these smiles... ,,xD.etc ^o^) Post Script: How did you get these houses?? Please send me a Link
  2. Well people I need some help here: I need to obtain these things: Japanese buildings,etc Persian Gulf Buidings/Style (like dubai,doha,etc) In the Cj "Emirate of khaledia, page 12" there's 3 avenues and a circle-shaped plaza (don't know if that's the name) Just check it out, I want to download that. And If possible a terraformin tool or something like that to make sharpened Cliffs,harbors,etc because I saw in some Cjs and its impossible with the normal terraforming tool (the one from Maxis) Well,that's all folks. Please post URLS,Links,etc Thanks a lot =)) Ps: Sorry, Moderators but I cannot post in the "where to find" topic =(
  3. People,I need some help over here. I'll list here: How to make sharpened edges (harbor-like) like the way I see in some Cj's Some Links/Urls to: Japanese Buildings,And Persian Gulf Buildings (Ex. from Dubai,etc) And Futuristic/Hi-Tech Lots,Objects,Buildings,etc I need too one thing that I saw in the "Emirate of Khaled" City Journal page 12 and interessed me: In one of the screenshots in that page, there was three avenues all of them ending in a circle-shaped plaza (don't know if its that name) tHATS ALL FOLKS
  4. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    Someone can help me?? I need urgently this things: Know how to make sharp edges like I saw on some Cj's (Those harbors with precision,etc) About buildings: Japanese buildings Japanese Buildings (with Ad's,billboards,etc) Any Persian Gulf city buildings (Dubai,Jeddah,Doha,etc) And I need something from this: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=36&threadid=85566&STARTPAGE=12 its Page 12 of "The Emirate of Khaledia" City Journal. In the first screenshot in this page, you can found where 3 avenues encounter each other in a circle-shaped plaza (don't know if this is the correct name ) I need to know where I can download that. And still on the same Cj, I want that hospital in page 11, look at the sixth screenshot in that page. Well that's all folks (^.^) Have a nice day
  5. BLaM Brooklyn Bridge by 2050

    +/-... good work at the textures but a really pessimistic wiey of the world... All of the people will think the world is ending,etc... NO NO AND A NO
  6. Well,I'm needing some of that building with big billboards,neon,etc (Japanese-Like/Chinese-Like buildings) If someone knows a site or have a link please post here, It'll help me too much. Grateful~ Moving to STEX thread. N_O_B
  7. Hey people, I'm in a dire need of help over here. I see many photos/City Journals that has this interesting detail: Some cjs got something like a mod,or anything like that, specially in harbors/ports, I need help because I'm totally tired of making hand-terraforming ports, which 99.9% of the terrain is unbuildable, I want to make my ports look like the RL's. I know its something like a terrain tool, (not the Lever Kit) to make a normal harbor (I'm not talkin' bout cranes,etc because I own them, but I need to get something that makes my own harbor more "real" not like one beach, I want something that makes my port terrain be a (forgot the word) "sharpened" not witha beach-like terrain. Thanks a lot. Reformatted. Please do not use HTML pre-formatting. It causes run on in the editor. N_O_Body
  8. Hong Kong

    Help plz!!1! How can I install any map in my pc? I right-click and save and I paste in regions folder but the map doesnt' appears help plx
  9. One and Two World Trade

    OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG 1000000000000000000000/10 I Always wanted a realistic version of the WTC :D Of sure this is a must-be on any great city
  10. NDEX ITS 25 Bank Street

    cool... it has any Landmark version??
  11. New York in 2050 v2

    So sad as the Ice version =/ but I will only say that the Desert Textures Are Fine
  12. The little New York Pack 5

    I cannot w8 for more buildings like World Financial Center, Flatiron, New York Stock Exchange (nyse) Nasdaq building on Time Square etc. Nice Textures and Good Ideas (packs with ny. buildings) Thanks for all ah123ah123.
  13. New York in 2050

    Nice Textures, but bad idea (ny region flooded) =/
  14. The little New York Pack 4

    Perfect for the 4th time ^^