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  1. Quitting unexpectedly

    This doesn't apply to you, but give it a go. http://splurgebook.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/playing-simcity-4-on-osx-lion/
  2. SC4 performance on various Macs

    I have the latest design Macbook with a 2.26GHz. I've only had it about 8 months but I swear blind it runs SC4 better than any windows based system I've used it on and that includes a quad core @ 3.6GHz I have upstairs for gaming. I've just put 8GB in my MacBook and an SSD, suffice to say this game now runs bonkers fast. Time to start filling up the plug-ins folder to see if that can upset it!
  3. Is it worth getting for Mac?

    Totally worth it. I'm pretty sure it runs smoother on my 13" macbook than it has on any PC i've played it on, including my 3.6GHz XP PC.
  4. Hi there, My first post in a while, so i appologise for any faux pas! I'm having a little Issue with trying to build small industrial coastal towns and wanting to get the right look. I dislike the burners and forges at the best of times, but they just look out of place on the coast. I've also tried (and failed) at getting the Deadwood oil fields working (i've got all the dependencies, but still with the brown boxes). Any direction to some good stage 1 I-D will be gladly accepted along with anyway to control which maxis buildings i can have appear in the game. Thanks in advance Bizzeh
  5. something i found on google..... i`m from the dreaded milton keynes, more roundabouts than you can shake a stick at, plus the whole place is on a grid system. Interesting viewing on google earth!! Well over 1000 of them in the nearish area. One question for the americans among us, how on earth does a rotary work if you give way to the traffic coming onto it?? doesn`t that just all jam up?!?! (encountered such a thing on a family holiday to vermont, most confusing!!)
  6. Introduce Yourself Here!

    YO..... I`m Ross, i`m 24 and from the UK, i`m a long time fans of "most" of the sims games, infact sim city and sim city 2000 were the main reasons i got into computing (i just needed to play them at home!). After browsing for a few days my mind has been blown by what i've seen, i've only just fount the noobie thread!! If some one can point me in the direction of some city beautification / modding tips it would be great. I`m guilty of building the dreaded grids, but then i like in a place called Milton Keynes!!! (google it.... scary!!)