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  1. Wow is that one large city. Would love to see a traffic overhead. Going to have to get that sun positioning mod and the high resolution mod. Great job.
  2. Very nice, I like the pedestrian pathways through the heart of downtown.
  3. Welcome to my very first city journal for Cities - Skylines. Since I am creating this city from a map of Oahu, all districts and city names will be Hawaiian. I am not Hawaiian however, so please bear with me if I butcher this language. Current population of this small city is 10,000 cims. The people here are mostly farmers but the new university and school system has begun to shape the minds of our future citizens. For future reference, the tip of the pointed peninsula (Papa Kea) will be pointing north. Where it all begins: Current districts (I am trying to get better resolution screenshots for these): You can see the new residential project to the east of the highway. This city is hungry for new citizens and the planners are hard at work planning. The industrial feeders from the highway. City planners are looking for another flow of industrial traffic however. The area to the north may need to be looked at for this possibility. Those farmers are ready to grow and the fields will need tending. Hauoli University was a welcomed addition to the region. The future downtown area across the harbor. City planners are laying out the plans with the contractors and ground breaking may start in a couple years. Thank you, there will be more updates soon with much better close up shots to show what this region has to offer.