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  1. Future of SimCity Official Discussion Thread

    Fascinating thread. I certainly hope its being read by the right people Personally, I just can't see a release of these titles before Vista gets out... more specifically DirectX 10. The roadmap for everything is changing later this year, supposedly. AMD's new socket, Intel's new chips, MS new version of Windoh's. I can't really see a company like EA being blind to those developments, and until that settles, you certainly won't see SC5. On the upside, there has been four versions of SC spanning a decade or so. All versions of the product have been a success. Deluxe is still selling copies despite its age. Having said that, I think you'd have to be nuts to think there won't be a SC5, its just a matter of when, not if. My 2 cents.
  2. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hello Simtropolis! I've been playing SimCity since Classic... 2k... 3k.. SC4 Deluxe now. Some of the things I have always wanted in the game are here, I've spent more than a few hours reading and downloading various things. The Network Addon Mod in particular is just great. I build mostly grid cities, and every once and while something off the beaten path. For someone who likes the grid, the NAM is a real treat. Some of these cities here just make me do this Anyway, hello everybody!