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  1. Thats surely true, but it's less cheat than removing all pollutions according to me It's more realistic to have 5 trees surrounding a building instead of 15. How much trees do you get in New York? Almost none and I don't see their citizens complain all the time even though the city is about 10000 times larger compared to my small villiage with 200 000 citizens
  2. Thanks but still not what I was looking for, can't anyone just make better trees? Beside God himself though I want to reduce my pollutions by half or something like that, and to do that I want it to cost something. Like making trees cost five times the normal amount but does five times that as much as the orginal trees... I don't want uggly buildings to give me pollution free electricity and water without any costs, thats just cheat... Do someone get my point? Thanks for all the suggestions, by the way.
  3. Originally posted by: Hahayoudied Reduce to amount of traffic by building more mass tranit. If you have a very good and large mass tranit system, you can try bulldozing the roads that connects the residental area to the commercial area. Make sure the commuters can still go to work by building subway, elevated rail, monorail, railroad, or bus connection that allow the residents to get to work( make sure the bus stations are connected to the commercial roads and the residental roads). Make sure that all the commuters doesn't have to walk far from their houses and walk far to get to work by placing mass tranit stations. Be warned that the commercial may or will suffer from lack of customers.quote> That's a good tip even though it dosn't work on the citys I've built... I usually mix residentals and commercial area's. In each corner of the block i already place one buss station and a subway station so there isn't much private cars running around anyway, the cars stands for about 1/7 of all transportation... I have also plant thousands of trees in the city but aren't really helping. I don't want to cheat like crew101 suggested, I just want's some help on the way so I can build something like manhattan were people still wants to live.
  4. Originally posted by: SC4BOY try the PLEX on simpeg.com ..look at the "Utopian Series".. you may find something you like.. There are probably hundreds of "cheat the problems" type lots.. pollution, water, power, garbage, etc etcquote> thanks for the reply but unfortunally I couldn't find anything helpfull there either... I found those "metallic-tree" but they were to expensive for me, covered to small area and didn't looked very attractive. Someone else got something?
  5. Hello out there, as soon as I'm starting to get some nice skyscrapers and so on I'm getting problem with the pollutions. Mostly from the roads though I almost never build industry and use clean power. So I was wondering if someone knows of some nice mods to get ridth of my problems? I would prefer more effective trees but it dosn't really matter how it looks. It's important that it helps the pollution done by the traffic. Searched after it but havn't really found anything that matches this needs. Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section, please move it. //Keepan
  6. Testing Zoom Crash Issue

    That was on the time that someone started to analyze all this crashes. Mine does not crash so often, just about 1 time every second or third hour but I still have to save all the time. SC4 must be the buggiest game ever made by EA but still I love it
  7. PEG CSK2 Varible Width Canals

    The canals looks real good, the only problem is that there aint no bridges? Please do a bridge-pack, will you?
  8. Roundabout Fillers

    Where can i download the actual Rundabout then?