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  1. Hi there, I reinstalled simcity 4 after not playing it for a couple of months. I installed the lastes NAM + essentials and some other must have mods. The game runs just fine, but I have one problem, none of the sims living in my cities use the train. Also the crossing look like they are closed all the time and cars won't pass, 0 traffic on the crossings and a lot of sims without work. Anyone encountered this problem before and knows what to do?
  2. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hi all, My name is Maarten, Ilive in a small town called Alphen, in the Netherlands. I'm 20 years old and I study... erhm, well it's about investigating cyber crime, so something like digital investigator. I've been a member at ST for a while now and I love the STEX, and I just felt like introducing myself.
  3. Dutch Shops Leiden

    I live close to Leiden, I'm in Leiden sometimes, where are these shops located? Breestraat?