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  1. New Patch Coming

    I am getting a real bad feeling about Focus and the CitiesXL Developer. I rather have EA buy them and do the next simcity with an optimised version of the citiesxl engine. I just don't think the current devs are competent enough to truly fix this game...if they haven't done it by now....what will another month do? They'll do some minimal optimization of the code that gives you a little more fps...thats all. No real memory leak fix nor the game actually using multiple cores. Which are the BIGGEST issues by far....then the broken trade and notification system....then we can start taking about road networks and lot sizes then mods.....
  2. New Patch Coming

    Their response was also very vague, note they never actually address your question.
  3. That's a nice mock-up 6underground. [shameless plug] I did something similar using virtual earth. That's how I hoped SC5 would look like. Larger res: http://sion2119.googlepages.com/simcity5_vision.jpg [/shameless plug]
  4. A costly mistake from EA's part. Game is art, let the original artist re-built their masterpiece, don't get a new kid from the block. This looks infinity lamer than Roller coaster Tycoon 3!
  5. I like to share something on this forum. I really don't have much to add as most of every improvement about Sim City 4 has been mention on this thread and then some! But I do like to share my vision of how I want Sim City 5 (if any) to look. I don't care if they do 3D or not, just take what we have already and add HD capabilities with more detail model and textures. These are just photoshopped screen shots taken from Window Live Virtual Earth. See what I mean? I know the texture quality are terrible but just imaging building a beautiful city like this?!??!? PS: Sorry for breaking the forum table, lol
  6. The Tropics of Haalu

    This just get's better and better. I can't stop glaring at your beach and shorelines! Where did you get that water? It's looks better than the default, so realistic.
  7. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Thanks sim1234, fire_bird, cityhawk and Vigilante1987a! @ Vigilante1987a = Maybe I will, I am considering it. @ cityhawk = Thanks, I'll visit that section.
  8. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hello, I recently registered. One hell of an installment you got here. This is probably the most useful Simcity 4 site I laid my eyes upon. Yesterday I downloaded 500mb+ worth of mods/B.A.T and lot files. They are amazing, never expected the quality of fan made element to be so good, some of them even rivals SimCity creators. Thanks you, your site sparked my interest playing this game again. Hi, my name is Shadman, I am from New York, USA, age 20. Major in Communication design, and teaching myself networking and little bit of business management on the side. What attracted me to your site is the vast amount of rich content you provide for SimCity fans, especially the STEX section. Now what brought me to your forum is simply knowledge, I see a lot of in-depth discussions on city building, new features and modifications, strategies, etcs...and I would love to participate and master this game. Admittedly I use the money cheat a lot, because I just love building vast cites...