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    Seminar March 24: Building Real Highways LIKE A BOSS!

    Host: mrtnrln

    Subject: Building Real Highways LIKE A BOSS!

    Maarten will give some tips about how to make you Real Highways look better. He'll show you some examples, both good and bad and show what you can do to improve.

    NOTE: For this seminar an audio commentary will be available..


    Saturday, March 24, 2012. The seminar will be held in two sessions, so people can join from different time zones around the world.

    The Atlantic Session will be starting at 11:00 AM (GMT). This corresponds to:

    * Saturday 03:00 / 03:00 AM PST (GMT -8)

    * Saturday 06:00 / 03:00 AM EST (GMT -5)

    * Saturday 12:00 / 12:00 PM CET (GMT +1)

    * Sunday 20:00 / 08:00 PM AEST (GMT +9)

    * Sunday 22:00 / 10:00 PM AWST (GMT +11)

    The Pacific Session will be starting at 22:30 / 10:30 PM (GMT). This corresponds to:

    * Saturday 14:30 / 02:30 PM PST (GMT -8)

    * Saturday 17:30 / 05:30 PM EST (GMT -5)

    * Saturday 23:30 / 11:30 PM CET (GMT +1)

    * Sunday 07:30 / 07:30 AM AEST (GMT +9)

    * Sunday 09:30 / 09:30 AM AWST (GMT +11)


    In the Simtropolis Chat. A seperate Seminar Room will be opened for this event. After the seminar is over, there will be a Q&A session and an afterparty.

    So come one, come all to next saturday's seminar!

    If you have questions regarding the organisation of the seminar, leave a comment below.


    The Seminar Team

    WARNING: Funny slides included! :D

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    User Feedback

    I'm sure you meant 06:00 AM for the 12-hour EST time of the Atlantic Session. And the eights followed by parentheses turned into smileys. Might want to edit this a bit.

    But anyway, can't wait! Go RHW and team!

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    AEST is only GMT +10 (AEDT is GMT +11) and WST is GMT +8 actually (Western Australia doesn't observe Daylight Savings). Regardless, I think I may end up attending the Atlantic session. Seems well suited to Australians.

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    its 11 and 9 at the moment cos of daylight saving (unless they have already switched back, but i dont think they have yet)

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    Sorry for the wrong times, everyone. Daylight Saving Time is screwing some of these times up. But I have given at least the GMT time (without DST, since Europe still has to transfer to DST coming weekend)

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    Western Australia hasn't observed Daylight Savings since 2009 and NSW, Vic and Tas switch to AEDT during daylight savings (Which is GMT +11). AEST does not change.

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    Thanks for the info. I was not aware that WA didn't do DST, but did know some of the east coast didn't (QL?). Forgive my ignorance, I'm from New Zealand and was confused trying to sort out my timezone from the messed up Australian ones (GMT+13 bit crazy I must say...)

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