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About this City Journal

A region with commercial towns, industrial towns and seaside towns and plenty of trees rivers and hills. And not to mention people!

Entries in this City Journal


Point Pasent

 After leaving port Waynen i headed north in fact as far north as you ccan go in the region to point pasent.

So using my hired car i headed to point pasent So called "rural harbourton" by locals (odd name isn't it )

Then i arrived in point pasent a small town by any standard that keeps it's folk songs and it traditions

The small town basically unhindered by modern times i felt i was in the 1910's

well here it is 


after entering the town i headed to one of the larger attractions the "old seamans marina"


going further up the coastal road i came to the town park beatiful.


going even further up the road i came to the only wooden bridge in  coastal areas.


After a long walk i came to an interesting sight a shipwrecked freighter.


going further along i came to the swamp where a supposeded ghost of a lumberman who died when he cut down a tree because it fell on him.

update tomorrow 


Port Waynen

Sorry about the long wait i have taken to playing order of war so i was sidetracked i also badly burnt myself and was in hospital for a couple of hours.

But anyways moving on.

As i left Longfield i felt a small deal of well...sadness asfor i enjoyed my stay there and will go back someday.

So when i entered port Waynen it suddenly struck me that i was entering the oldest settlement in the region(and one of the nicest too.)

I had entered Port Waynen at about 2.pm through some farms to the West of the city.

they were very odd...rice+wheat+flowers+tobacco?


So after leaving the farms i went drove along the tunneled bridge and came to the port's suburb all nice houses and very pretty in the autumn.


And a close up of all the rich housing which i found very very nice specially the apartments... (wish i had one)


and a less wealthy suburb.


And after some tea in a shop in the suburbs i took a bus to the downtown and the port also there was an oil rig ofshore.


The port was extremely busy but i was more into the marina for the rich being a boatowner anyways.


very charming indeed!

but after my look around the port i went for a walk in the forest and came across these winternbines (sry for any spellin mistakes)


and after nosying around got lost in the forest.....


And once i exited the forest i came to the man tourist attraction around here the old monastery.


And then once i had asked for directions and found my way i came across this church.

it was said that about 400 years ago this was a meeting place for witches and all sorts of creatures but now is abandoned and you can't go inside due to an apparent curse but....... I did not really care cause i don't believe in things like that.

but here is the church at night.


And i could not meet the mayor due to the elections for a new mayor which would finish in two days but i would be gone by then so i left with a picture.


(sorry bout the little things of colour that is an error with one of the lighthouses)

Bye have a good day everyone and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

hope you enjoyed this entry.




After the visit to Tenason and a look through a magazine which had pictures of a town called Valent.

It looked very interesting from the paintings and such,but i won't going there for a while.

Today i was going to visit Longfield and i would also meet the mayor who was off work apparently.

So we begin.....

After coming by train and getting off at a village then coming to Longfield via the main road which lead directly into a suburb.


And going across the bridge i came to this towering commerce sector.

Very High-Tech!."concrete,steel and glass".


With one of the brand new "top of line" police stations



Then i came to the city centre it was lovely but very old (it actually looked Victorian to me exept the towers).


Very odd looking water-tower?


then heading south i found this old part of town 


And heading even further south (follow blue arrow) i came across this very nice park called "memorial park". I think it is called that due to workers who died in the mines there.


And after spending my lunch time there i went to the city hall to meet the mayor.

So here is the city hall which used to be an old stock exchange.


So after 1 hour waiting the mayor came with a suitcase. 

(obivsously he had been away)

Then he took me to his office and threw a piece of paper into the fire after 5 mins of being there afterwards he pulled some pictures out of one of the drawers in his desk.

So he told me that before the 1930's this was a coal mining town but all the mines have gone and the factories have moved out or been replaced by High-Tech industry,

he also said that this town was founded by his great grandfather who was a buisnessman in the 1850's so through this his family became super-rich and still runs the town.

But after his explanation he showed me the pictures and explained about them a bit.

He told me this suburb was the newest of all.


(And i gathered that the tower was his house from all his blabbering on)

the oldest suburb originally built for the workers and it used to be rowhouses.(you may be able to spot one or two).


And he then showed me this tower which was going up in the commerce sector which was the only major project going on at the moment,also he said that this city was the regions second-largest financial giant.


And after about an hour of continous talking he said goodbye and gave me a momento to keep,it was a picture of the whole city.

"very charming"he said.


So i left Longfield and headed towards port Waynen.


sry bout the wait i'd hoped for sunday but it took too long to make.

and i will now reveal the small suprise "did you notice the area around the city hall" (ok fine it was the embankment walls)

Hope you enjoyed!


Valent october special

Today it's just pics and on the next entry i have a suprise (it is a download)

To start off...

Eagle view 


Brigstone farms


Valent town center


Twin pines racing track


Boulder road


And last but not least 



Thank you for viewing hope you enjoyed it!

next update will come soon with the suprise, i tried to put alot of effort into making the town in the next update i hope you will like it!



 Instead of travelling upriver today i came by bus to a medium-sized town called Tenason which has about 3000 inhabitants not very many i guess.

First of all i came into the town via this road which i was later told was the main road.


I then stopped at this bus stop which was next to the towns water supply.


Afterwards i procceded down the road and came to this old plaza which was very nice.tenason16dec15125510675.png

I then bought a map in one of the shops plus some coffee and biscuits.

I then found my way to the town hall inside it was very grand.


Inside i bought i postcard of this side of town but it was coming to 7pm and i had to check in to my hotel but  i would explore the rest of the town tomorrow. 

After seeing the townhall i had look through a brochure and i found this picture inside which helped me alot.


So with the help of this picture i had a look around and found this path which was very nice to walk along.


After a nice walk along the path (very cold one too.) i came to these really nice gardens and houses.


I then decided to explore the rest of town so i went northwards and found what i think was the council offices.


and then i came across these two suburbs and this office park.


This office park seemed alot newer than the buildings around it but then i saw the suburbs.


And then the next suburb which seemed very new.


I then decided to go back to the old plaza and go across the bridge to the south to see the heart of this town's income.



And the little town was obviously for the farmers and their families.

Unfortunatly i never saw the mayor but i would be coming back some other day.

Votes: you can vote on this

            A) We build farms 

            B) commerce and housing 

            C) A large park

            D) nothing 

            E) a motorway

            F)your own sugesstions?

This is the area for development (the small blue area to the south is for anythin you want)


Hope you enjoyed this entry more will come soon! (hopefully)



Just a notice

 This is just a notice on the fact that it will be Monday before the next proper update will come i'm very sorry about the long wait but i have been away for a week and a half on a trip.and in that time i have been  back i have been terraforming a new region.

So here is a pic of it so far i also managed to put the trees in too.myfirstregion1254940014.png

And thanks to all that voted this is the new development i also did the top right corner.




I left Folkinlong yesterday at 7 am and went upriver to visit Londinleaf which supposedly was the most beautiful city in the area. From what i could gather it seemed that it was in a valley surrounded by hills with a river running through it.

It was 11 am when i reached Londinleaf after going along the river for a day.(the ride was actually quite nice).

When i got to the ferry dock it was 11:23 in the morning and this time the ferry dock was more modern.


I had a look around the harbour it looked very nice and it was small just like the one at folkinlong.

I also had a nice coffee in one of the shops.


As l left the harbour i came across this massive suburb it seems very well laid out.


I decided to walk around and as i was doing that i came across this lovely cathederal.

I had a look inside and it was nicley decorated the garden area was lovely aswell.


I walked into a shop across the road and bought a postcard showing me the whole city and the valley.

It was so beatiful!


I used this photo as a map and i found my way to the bridge which was a very old bridge by the look of it but it was well refurbished.


After i had crossed the bridge i came across the old town and a pretty little church which was built in the traditional english parish style.


I then realised it was time for me to go to the council building to see the mayor.

It was a nice building more modern than those that sorrounded it anyways.


I then progressed inside to see the mayor and the council the conference room was rather big for the small size of the council.

When the meeting started there was an interactive board on this pictures came up.The mayor who was using the interactive board said that there were plans in place for higher density building in the center of town.

He then progessed to show us the new suburbs.

This was the first suburb.


And the second.


And the third he also said that this one cost the council 350k to build due to leveling but it looked great!


He then showed us the new hospital and the new police station.


The police sation


and the hospital

It was then time for me to go to his house for the night but before i did i just got to see redwood buisness park it was quite modern

I think it is called that due to the redwood trees.


It was then time for me to go to the mayors house the next day i would be on my way to the next town Tonason.

Voting: you can decide what gets built here but i won't suggest anything it's up to you guys. Here is the pic the area for development is the red area.



Our journey begins

For about the next ten entries i will take you on a journalist tour (this has nothing to do with medieval times).

Now we begin 

It was about four o'clock in the morning when i started to pack for my exploration of the region of Meadowlong, at this i was so exited.

My first glimpse of this region was the town of Folkingdale which was a medium sized town by any regards.

i landed at the ferry port which seemed more like a boathouse.


I was going to meet the mayor but i was two or three hours early so i had time to look around.

First thing i came across was the tower which was part of the university.


After this i had a look around and to my amazment the harbour was very small.


I went into a shop and had a look at a postcard and found out that this town was home to the tallest tree in the region.




Then at about 1o'clock in the afternoon the mayor turned up.

He took me to his house and then told me about the town.

He ruffled around in a draw in his desk then he pulled out some pictures

The first picture was of the whole town and the valley.gggg5dec231253819881.png

He then showed me some of the new suburbs that have been popping up.


and the next one.


He also told me that the commercial demand in this area had boomed and developers were proposing a new buisness park it is shown by the lines on the photo.


Soon it would be time to leave this town and go to the next one but i was staying in a hotel for the night and decided to have a look at the main road.


After i had seen the main street it was time to go back to the hotel and then the next morning i would be on my way to see the next town Londinleaf.

voting: you can vote on the proposition of the buisness park

           A) Allow the developers to build the park

           B) do not allow them to build on the site

           C) your own suggestions?

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

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