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About this City Journal

Volcano City is Back for this summer!!! and better than ever! Island Cities, home of the famous Volcano City. This journal will take you through the story of a wonderful city built on a...

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Hello everyone! It is Volcano City's one Year Anniversary!! Before doing a story update, we're going to celebrate this journal by taking a trip back in time...
Through flashbacks from this journal's most precious moments:

The Birth of Volcano City (sigh) Miss those days...

oh, those were the days...
A picture's worth 1000 words...

Good times, good times...
The famous blast!

Where have the times gone...

Remeber this?
Little baby Lakewood... It was just a little village back then.

I hope you all enjoyed this flash back, and thank everyone for supporting this journal! don't forget to leave your comments  

I hope you all have a...

   Happy 1-Year Anniversary!!!


Volcano City is devestated:
The damage was unimaginable:
Volcano City has become an archipelago, but it isn't the end of Volcano City. In fact, another volcano city is being built, and the new mayor is really impressed with the results:
and this:
The old mayor retired in luxury at suburbVille (we'll visit suburbille next update)
Mayor of Suburbville: (on phone with president of US) It's 4 miles long and it will hit this continent! The whole world is in danger!:
President: We will stop this asteroid! How much time do we have?
Mayor of Suburbville: 3 months 3 weeks 2 days.
President: WHAT?! (gasping) okay, now where is it going to hit?
Mayor of suburbville: Island Cities
President: island cities? Isn't that where the deathtrap called Volcano City is located?
Mayor: Not anymore. The Volcano has erupted (again) and now it's a "safe" caldera.
President: It doesn't matter anymore! If that asteroid hits, it will devestate the United States! Were talking disaster on the global scale!!
mayor: Should we do something?
president: I don't know, what do you think?
mayor: well...


The eruption of the volcano has some severe effects on it's coastal cities. Oakwood is drowned out in a tsunami
(image is photoshopped)
as well as Lake Wood:
(photoshopped with paint)
Ash rains down Volcano City, and all the cities in the region as well, making it very hard to breathe.
Meanwhile, Volcano City has been changed beyond repair. It will never be the same...
Mayor of Volcano city: Hello?(thunder)
Mayor's wife: (coughs) what? where(coughs) are we?
Mayor: Well, I have a feeling that(flashKABOOM!)
wife: oh no! (entire area begins to catch on fire)
mayor: We gotta run! 
wife: were?
mayor: away from the Volcano! I would run towards the water, but there is sulfuric acid there!
I think that way is our best bet, now hurry!
As they run, it starts to rain.
wife: why is it raining? 
mayor: it's the after effect, I'll explain it to you later.  Where's everyone?
wife: yeah? are the citizens gone?
mayor: probaby. Look! There's lava coming in! Hurry! Thank goodness it's raining.
wife: look! water
mayor: Wait! (takes out device that measures ph level of water) 3.2. That's more like battery acid than water.
wife: then, go along-side the beach.
Mayor: Okay.
mayor: Is that a bridge? It is a bridge!!
wife: No, it's your bridge.
mayor: Oh yeah! I built that bridge! It's the one that leads out of town. I can't believe it survived this!
wife: is it safe?
mayor: would you rather stay and get burned here?
wife: NO!
mayor: Then let's go! The bridge is still intact. we can make it.
So they crossed the bridge, and yes it is pretty stable.
mayor: we made it! were out of this island!
Mayor of Lakewood: Volcano City is now an archipelago. when it cools down, it will be explored. who knows? Someone may even build there again!
We will check on Volcano City later, in the meantime, let's see the region of Island Cities. We all know there are 5 cities:
Oakwood, Lakewood, Woodland Town, Lakeland, (called the 4 wood Cities and Volcano City. but there is also a sixth City. It's called suburbVille.
SuburbVille is a medium town with residents on one side, and mostly commercials on the other side.
it's right in between the 4 Wood Cities and Lakeland:
So now what? the end? for good?
Coming up next update:

A 4 mile asteroid is heading straight for Earth. Meanwhile, Volcano City prepares to defend the earth by deflecting the asteroid, and save millions of lives. Is it possible? Find out in the next update...


Mayor: Come on! This way (Bang!) 
(bang!) Wife: I'm coming! (bang!) 
Mayor: This way! Hide under this ditch!
wife: We got to get out of here!
Mayor: Well, I think-(KA-BOOM)[citizens screaming]  HOLY ---- That meteor just hit The volcano!(Ground begins to rumble)
Wife: (ground shaking) OhhhhhNoooooo!!!
The Volcano has been hit by a meteor, right in the hole. The crater caused the volcano's pressure to be released, and then...
The volcano's super caldera-forming eruption occurs. The blast is equivalent to 100 nuclear bombs.  Mass quantity of the lava begins to flow out of the volcano, and it's so strong, that the walls and river around the town are completely useless. Then, the second blast:
That Blast literally breaks the island in half! It's so loud, that it woke up lake land:
mayor of lakeland: (Boom!)(yawns)  What was that? The ear-splitting sound is almost as loud as krakatoa. People in Oakwood, Woodland, and the other cities gather at the coast of the cities, watching Volcano City get torn apart in front of their eyes, terrified. Then, the volcano releases the pyroclastic flow:
Volcano city is gone. The remaining houses go up in smoke.  
Volcano Island is now an archipelago:
The end?



Welcome Back to Volcano City! Volcano City is not too different since we last left it, but there is some dvelopment. Here are some images:


another one: 


Lakeland City has developed a medium Density residential area: 


Let's see how the mayor of Volcano City is doing:

Mayor of volcano City = mayor1

Mayor of Lakeland = mayor2

Mayor1: (on phone with mayor of Lakeland) Hello?

Mayor2: Hey, how's your deathtrap doing?

Mayor1: good, and it's not a deathtrap. People are all happy.

mayor2: well I'm workin' on a project, a residential project. What are you workin' on?

mayor1: I'm workin' on a new re-(rumbling) what's that rumbling?

mayor2: Rumbling? what do you mean?

mayor1: (shaking, Crashing) Earrrthhhhquuuaqqqeee!!!!!!

major2: earthquake?

major2: hello? hello?!! oh no!

Volcano City has just been rocked by an earthquake measuring a 7.5 on the scale:



The earthquake caused a chunk fo the island to split:


Meanwhile, as if it isn't bad enough:

on tv: and on other news, there is a deadly meteor shower heading for Earth, and Island Cities might be the target.

That night, the meteors began pounding Volcano City as said:



Then, all of a sudden...


Tornado Hits OakWood!

A thunderstorm formed over the last few days. It was heading for OakWood city. Here's the weather report:

3:52 PM:"what seems to be a major thunderstorm is heading straight for Oakwood, producing funnel clouds. Tornado warnings are being sent out, all over the Oakwood District. We have a few hours before it hits.

5:34 PM Live Forecast: The storm is right over us and it's about to produce tornadoes! 


Whoa! That was close. That was a lightning strike right next to us... Bang!


Did you see that! That lightning just broke the tree in half! 



I think it's time I head inside...

7:32:  An F4 Tornado rips through OakWood, Tearing up everything in sight:


The twister obliterates shops and houses:


Lightning strikes two of OakWood's power plants, causing them to go up in smoke, and blew up: 


During the rest of the night, It poured:


The next morning: 


The city was messed up:


The mayor says: "The wind sounded like 100 freight trains over my house. It totally shredded everything! 

The town is being rebuilt right now. Enjoy the update!


Volcano City is currenty being cleaned, machines cleaning Volcano City. Meanwhile, a small farming village in the middle of a forest grows slowly. We are going to find out exactly how this small village becomes a small town. First the trees are cut down:
Soon, construction begins:
They finished:
The Citizens want more neighborhoods! The mayor zones, and the trees are cut:
Then, the dirt is layed down, and rocks mark the zones of housing:
Bike paths are layed down, and soon, theyr'e finished!
Soon, the farming portion goes under construction:
Soon, that's done:
Some citizens are concerned about the rate of the trees being cut down. Children wanted a place to ride their bikes, and play soccer, so they all pitched in, and build a park:
After the park, the mayor built an avenue to prevent any future traffic jams:
That's it for now. In the next update, we'll see the city get it's first highway, interchange, school, and paved road and much more! Stay tuned.
Hopefully, this update was worth the wait. enjoy!


The Eruption: Part 3

Scientists are absolutely shocked that it's only been 20 years since the 2nd eruption. it happened without warning, there was no time to evacuate. Scientists are climbing the volcano to see wy it erupted.  Meanwhile...

I was laying down on the ground. When I opened my eyes, I saw the sun, and sky. I looked around, only to see that the city was ruined.

My mansion was gone, the limo was a burnt heap of metal, and I had burns all over my arms. After finding out that I was still alive, all the citizens were relieved. All 8 of them. "Where is everyone?" I asked the citizens,  They said: "They have moved to Oakwood.

Indeed, Oakwood has had a sudden grouthspurth, population jummped from 7,000 to 20,000 in just a few weeks. Soon, there wasn't enough space left:


So the mayor used tons of his money to buy land. a medium-Sized city:


As Oakwood grows, People get tired of the city life. They want a more peaceful life, so the new land is called Oak Wood Suburbs!:


A small suburban town with a highway cutting through.

The Mayors of the other cities also bought land, and are also growing.

Meanwhile in another townis, a setler hiking through a forest found the perfect place to build his city. The birth of LakeLand Metropolis! Right now though, it's called LakeLand Village:

The lodging to start the town


They used the wood from the tree to build the first houses and jobs:


Lodging is taking place for future growth:


The city is surrounded by lots of forest-filled space. Here's the whole map:


Try Spotting this tiny little village from satellite view!:


City: Lakewood

Population: 22,000

Jobs: 14,000

Disaster: Prone to Tornadoes, thunderstorms, lightning which makes the city prone to fires.

City: New Volcano City

Population: 8

Jobs: Zero

The reason Volcano City's Volcano erupted because of a sudden earthquake that lossened the crater causing it to break, and explode.

The Volcano is confirmed to erupt in the next 75 years.

    The next eruption will be a super eruption, completely blowing half the island apart, turning it into an archipelago. I have come up with a new strategy to protect New Volcano City from the volcano just a little more.

More info. about LakeLand:

Lakeland's population is 27, and there are a few kids that live there. It's not a boring place to be, it's a very fun place to live in.

Sims can ride their bike, or help grow the beans and peanuts, which are proccessed, and then sold in the grocery store. [tall brown building]

     The kids can play in their backyards, or climb trees. they can also help with the lodging.

When the city is big enough, the mayor will build a road that will connect to the outside world, which will really speed up growth a lot, but for now, the city grows slowly.

The Title of this journal will now be changed to: Island Cities: A growing region.

Enjoy the update! sorry for the long wait!


The Eruption: Part 2

From we last left off:
Suddenly, the volcano erupts:
The eruption isn't as bad as the last one, but the pyroclastic flow was what got the city.
The Eruption causes chaos. Then, the ash mixed with the weather, and produced ashy tornadoes. The city was in total chaos:
The earthquakes tore through town, and citizens ran for their lives. They fear that the volcano will explode again,
and tear up the island. Gas mains exploded and houses meltIed. I saw the ash covering the sky in the mayor's mansion front yard. The ground was shaking, and lightning struck. 
Suddenly, I saw a meteor? No...  it was a Super Hot Lava Bomb! They do occur in real life, and it was heading straight for me!
It got closer:
And Smashed into my house!
The next morning:
Half the town is destroyed. The rest of the city is left without power and water.
One hundred people were nearby, and saw it. Once things were a bit calmer, word spread, the whole city soon knew that
the mayor of New Volcano City was dead!? Stay tuned for part 3...
City: New Volcano City
Population: <800


Alert! Alert!

Volcano City's name has been changed to New Volcano city like new York for example. They built a highway, seaport, and Airport called New Volcano City International Airport:


In The Meantime...

It was Another Beautiful night at my mayor's mansion. I was Going to wash my hands, so I turned on the sink, And brown water came out!


The brown water smelled like sulfur [rotten eggs] I said: "Oh no! It can't be"! Then the phone rang:

Mayor: Hello?

Caller: This is the DPA [Disaster Prevention Agency] and you have to get out of the house as soon as possible! we are under red alert,

and the volcano is going to erupt right now, should we sound the volcano alarm?

Mayor: Yes! and hurry!  I hung up the phone.

The alarm was heard city-wide. Most TV Channels were switched to the news saying that the Volcano is about to erupt, and everyone got a call from the DPA. The "Don't ask questions, just leave" Message got people to their cars, and left the town. There is one highway that leads out of town since the other highway is under construction: Highway 47. Traffic is even worse. People are afraid of the eruption, and are piling up the highways. Traffic is going at 0 miles per hour



Even The avenues leading to the ramps are paralized with traffic:


42nd Avenue Ramp is barely moving:


The 6 lane highway is also congested:


Finally, Most people now know that they are not going to make it by car. Suddenly, The ground began to shake.

People soon abandoned their cars, and ran on foot. Seconds later, The Volcano Explodes:


Stay tuned for part 2.


Volcano City need help. During it's rebuild, it couldn't produce enough water or power for the city, and now volcano city is dying.
In desperation to avoid total economic failure, the citizens built a road that would connect to Oakwood, Woodland, and LakeWood.
These small towns produce enough power for volcano city to grow, but the question is, How do you connect an island to 3 cities that is separated by a large body of water? The mayor terraformed, and these are the results:
Desperate times call for desperate measures:
Now they need to connect water pipes and power lines.
A few weeks later...
Now that they are connected, the city asks for 1000 megawatts of power per month, and over 10,000c u m/mo of water, allowing the city to go from tiny

To Huge!
Woodland City is unable to provide service due to the eruption of woodland's volcano as you will see in the next entry.
But it's being rebuilt.
Meanwhile, Volcano City has asked for 6000MWh/mo of power with Oakwood, and 49,555c u m/mo of water with Lakewood, and both cities have accepted.
Population is the same in all 3 cities as the last entry
Volcano City
Population: 14,238
Jobs: 15,613
Have Fun!



After being destroyed, Volcano City was reduced to rubble. It's burnt and useless. The rubble is ignored, and the new volcano city grows.

The burnt rubble becomes part of the ground and trees grow in them. Here's down Town before the rotting:




Nature is restoring the city back to it's pristine, and natural enviroment.

Old Housing project:




after forestation:


Because there's no one to repave the roads, they too become part of the soil. Tha t's it for now, Have fun!

City                  Population       Comercial Jobs

Volcano City:   851                         718

OakWood:       3,122                      3,672

LakWood:        2,306                      3,257

WoodLand:      817                         495


Following the horrible event, the city is once again rebuilding. The rubble of the old town is used for building the new volcano
city. As the city grows, the rubble is cleared up for more room to build, just like trees. The city won't have to worry about the volcano for over a century, but the city needs power, and water. It's going to have to trade with the other cities. It's time to see the other towns:
Oakland is a nice elegant town with mostly Brick streets. It produces tons of power. It's kind of european style:
Lakewood is a city which ic mostly cobble streets producing tons of water:
After some housing and jobs, The city grew:
Woodland City is a small, simple farming town next to a volcano at the verge of erupting:
The picture of the entire region:
In the next few entries, We'll see if the other cities accept the trade offers to help Volcano city get back on track.


It finally happened, the volcano has destroyed the city. unfortunately, the city is damaged well beyond repair, so the mayor will tear a section of town down, and start the city. Meanwhile, here's some more pictures of the volcano that weren't  in the last entry:

Lava flowing into town:


The lava went into the water turning it into sulfuric acid [ Chemical that eats through metal]


The volcano minutes after eruption:


Closer look:


When the citizens were leaving, an earthquake destroyed the highway:


The entire island:


The rebirth of volcano city:


The volcano will not erupt again in over 100 years.

That's it for this entry, have fun!


Time is up. The volcano is begining to erupt. The ground started to rumble, causing mass panic. Traffic has never been worse
The eleveted highway collapses:
so they have to use the ground highway, but there's one little problem:
Then, the volcano erupts. The blast is 10X bigger than the first one.
The citizens are in a frenzy, the whole town is in total chaos. Citizens are leaving the town with everything they can carry.
The lava soon flows into town, destroying it. The earthqaukes cause gas leaks, causing the downtown to go up in smoke.
With the Second blast yet to come, the entire highway is crowded. Traffic is stopped:
Then, The mountain blows it's top with a super blast, which destroys everything around it:
Then, Pyrotastic flows destroys everything in it's path:
Soon, the power goes out. Later that night, the lights are gone, and the city burns overnight. The only lights are the fires
Before the lights went out, the suburbs were burning:
then the lights went out:
The next morning:
The entire city is destroyed with few buildings standing. Population dropped from 50,000 to 500.
The apartment area is gone:
The mayor has no choice but to start over. In the next entry, you'll see more pictures of the volcano, and what happens next. for now,
Volcano city is dead. Stay tuned.


The Doomed City

A new and last suburban area:




Smoke is coming out of the volcano!


Evacuation has began, and people are panicking. Traffic is increasing on the highway side that leads out of town as earthquakes hit the volcano.


Citizens are leaving the town as time runs out. The 2nd path out of town has been destroyed by an earthquake,


so the only way out is a six lane highway. How do you evacuate an entire city on one little highway? There's no time to answer, people are fleeing the town. odds are, only a quarter of the citizens will reach safety.  The rest of the citizens will just have to survive.


Volcano city's last eruption is now a distant memory, and for years the city has grown with no concerns about the next eruption, until today.

The volcano could erupt any day now, and the whole city is in danger. It has become potentially unsafe for scientists to go up the volcano.

Going up the volcano would mean risking your life.

We recently had an accident with the hot springs. A couple was relaxing in the hot springs when the magma came up. They had third degree burns all over the body. Now, the hot springs are extremely unsafe. A fire was started burning the forest around the hot springs.

A Very big wild fire.


The trees are stripped, and the forest is ruined


With the hot springs ruined, the city still grows. a huge suburban residential area is finished. Here's some pictures of the new suburban area:



Here's another


keep on scrolling



Here's the last ones:


The city's down town is getting taller, and the massive suburbs are getting wider, but the volcano is getting riskier.

Scientists have removed the instrumensts from the volcano. Citizens have set up underground shelters for those who can't evacuate. The volcano's lava is rising, and pressure is building!


Riot strikes city

After an earthquake struck one side of the volcano, a group of citizens went to city hall to complain that it's the city is unsafe and they should make an evacuation plan right away. They were rejected. They were told:  "The volcano isn't going to erupt, you are all safe." They got angry, and a small riot was started.
The police stopped the riot, and no lives were lost. Rumors have been spreading about the next eruption, the city's doomsday.
They say that the eruption will occur tomorrow, which at first shocked everyone, but then the next day, nothing happened. Soon, The "the volcano will erupt tomorrow" statement wasn't scary. It's amazing how people are moving in even though the volcano could erupt any second. 
Starting today, the instruments detected that there was increased volcanic activity. The citizens are so afraid about the eruption, that kids are told to wear hard hats to school everyday so that if and when the volcano erupts, they would be protected from the rocks. The volcano is starting to rumble!


At last! The results are in! When scientists put instruments that would predict the next eruption, they found out something very shocking.

One of them said: " by the looks of it, the volcano will erupt any day now.''

here's a written version of the local news: '' Were back, and the results are in. All this time, the volcano had only a few years to erupt.

now, it's past due. Scientists know how  it will erupt: First the ground will shake in a major earthquake. then, the volcano will erupt with a huge blast, sending lava straight into town. The ash will pollute the waters, and the hot springs will be pulverized. The housing project I made in the last entry was lost because I forgot to save, and the game stopped responding, thus, I had to do a new, and improved project. Here's some more pictures of town.

The new and improved housing project:


The volcano:


And the city at night:


That's it for now. Enjoy the day! Oh, and that last picture is not photoshopped.


I read your comments, and I'll make the pictures smaller. I don't really know how to convert image files to Jpeg.

The city is really growing now! With population over 17,000, the city grows rapidly. A new suburban housing project was made.


Here's the finished project:


Scientists have put instruments on the volcano. In the next entry, we will probally find out exactly when the volcano will erupt again. while the city awaits the results, a small fire was started by an electrical accident. The firefighters put the fire out just in time.


The medium residential skyrises are under construction for more population:


A beautiful sunrise:


And the city from high up:


That's it for this entry...

Wait! There was a shocking discovery! In the photo of the volcano exploding in page 2, There were two scientists on the slopes of the mountain during the eruption!


Here's what happened: On the day of eruption, Two scientists went up the volcano to remove the expensive instruments up the volcano to save the money, when it erupted. The scientists were Showered in hot rocks as they ducked and ran. They went inside the church's underground shelter, and came out alive. They were taken to the other city's hospital and treated for third degree burns.

Find out what the results about the next eruption are in the next entry! Have a nice day!


Volcanic city has just been hit by an earthquake messuring a 6.7 on the richer scale:


The quake destroyed the entire elevated highway. People were going on with their daily lives when the ground started to rumble.

People looked at the volcano, and mass panic struck. Everyone thought that the volcano was erupting, but luckily, it didn't.

The quake has also caused a gas leak, causing the section of town to go up in flames. With one small fire station, the fire couldn't be stopped fast enough:


Later on, the fire burned itself out, and the firefighters took over. The extent of the damage was soon revealed:


Scientists are concerned that the volcano will erupt again sooner than they can imagine, and the eruption will be

a lot bigger. Scientists are putting up instruments on the volcano. They also discovered that one side of the volcano was

forests and flowers, a real natural enviroment.  

Over 2,500 people were left homeless.

That's it for this entry, Have fun!

current population: 9,000+



A Major growth spurt has hit the city, with many people flocking into the city. During The eruption, the mass panic caused main street to have a lot of traffic. Today, the highway that leads into town has a lot more traffic with people actually coming into the city.


Here's some pictures of apartment construction:


Massive construction sites:


The first street ever built was a dirt road as seen on page 1.

These streets made of dirt are now being paved.





The suburbs are starting to grow. the dirt and rocks needed to pave the road were dug up into a nice canal:


Here's the finished project:


Well, I hope you enjoyed your update.

comments are welcome.


Volcano city was built on a volcano, which erupted destroying the city. The whole town was in ruins, chances were, no one would ever come back, but after hearing that it would be a long time before the next eruption, people rushed in to clean up and rebuild. The first houses were soon built:


The city started to grow again, new roads were built, the first water tower, publix, Dairy Queen, avenue, highway,  and the school, and clinic were rebuilt.

population went from 2 sims to over 1000 sims:

Here's a picture of the city from high up:


Here's the picture of the city at night:


One more image of the city from very high:


The City is back on track and is growing very quickly. The hot springs created by the magma has attracted many sims, and the underground water is very clean and rich in minerals. The pure water is also used to water the [under construction]  farms, which are grown from the finest volcanic soil. In the next entry, you'll find out if construction of the first apartments go well. Have Fun!


The volcano is due to erupt any second now. Uh oh! the ground is shaking! ka boom!:
The Blast instantly disintigrates the windmill, and the streets and buildings along the volcano.
Lava builds up over flowing the volcano:
And flows directly into town!
The town goes up in flames as lava flows down mainstreet. Houses melt down as people [sims] panic and run
for their lives.
Then, a pyroclastic flow pulverizes what's left of town:
And it's all over. The lava cools down and hardens. Here's the volcano after the eruption:
The city is left in ruins. all that's left is the messy streets:
Within a few days, the volcano is safe for scientists to explore. Scientists predict that the volcano will erupt again in 20-40 years.
There might just be a slither of hope left for this city as you will see in the next entry.
Here's some interesting facts about the eruption:
1. 10 seconds after the eruption, the power went out in all of the city because the windmill was completely demolished
2. The ash was carried for hundreds of miles, and fell down as rain.
3. During the eruption, a massive earthquake hit the city recorded as a 7.8 on the richer scale!
4. Sadly, the church was built too close to the volcano. it was destroyed along with some shops and power lines when the mountain swelled up.
5. The actual eruption began in 4/2/07 from 5:26 pm to 4/3/07 4:53 AM


Here'a a picture of the entire island:

The first people are moving in. People are literally flooding into the city faster than the mayor can zone:


The volcano is starting to rumble! Citizens fear the worst, yet the city keeps growing.
a recent earthquake shows that the volcano is due to erupt any day now:


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