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About this City Journal

Hello I'm Nojus_A and I'm Italian. This is my CJ about the country of Netherland.

In this CJ I will speak about the most important city in the country. I will speak about their History, they districts ecc...

Then we begin and good fun:golly::D

Entries in this City Journal


Trip in the old town 1


Matilbahus -Trip in the old town 1


Welcome back to Matilbahus today we're going to take a trip in the historic center of the city.
Here are the most fashionable shops in the city but also many bars and restaurants.
no shortage apartments and offices.  In this part of the city life  more than 30.000 people but the apartments are very expensive.

The historical center is crossed by two rivers  the Oirse and the Elbahs whose shores are surrounded by tree-lined walks.

Then we begin the trip.:ducky:
(Since the old town is quite large and I had not much time to write this post I decided to divide it into two or more parts)

Entering the old town we pass King Albert Aveneu. Here there are some offices including the Alianz centrer. The avenue is full of flower beds and in the center is the Victory Column was built to commemorate the conquest of colonies in Africa. In the background there is Felum Bridge one of the links to the districts of Heracles and Ferhestrum.255710_2016-01-24_00002.thumb.png.f1eccd

At the intersection of King Albert Avenue and Alsborg Street there are the department stores of Matilbahus. The imposing building built in Eighteenth Century style located there more than 200 shops and 10 bars / cafes. The building is spread over 6 floors of which is underground. In this department stores work 200 people


It plans to build an underground car park which clashes with the protest of the local citizens.


In the Western Church Plaza are some of the major medieval monuments of the city that is: St.Paul Cathedral, Torre dei Merli and the real baptistery. This square was the center of the city in the Middle Ages, and it was used for the agricultural market. Also in the cathedral he was located the bishop.255710_2016-01-24_00008.thumb.png.548814
Torre dei Merli was the headquarters of the traders. In 1150 it became the center of the Hanseatic alliance of Matilbahus. It was renovated in 1996 and is now home to a museum.

The actual baptistery is the second most impressive building on the square. Built in 1200 by Prince Eugene of Matilbahus II consists of four main aisles and a dome of about 50m whose windows have been decorated by a number of Dutch artists. From 1450 it became the place where the kings were baptized dell'Netherland including FedericoVI and King Arthur:thumb:.

Even today it is used for this function even if today  the Netherland are not a monarchy but a republic.


In Kassel Avenue meets the Old City Hall. Built in 1467 its dome is 80m high it was the tallest building in the city until 1700. It is among the largest municipalities of the Netherland and work there nearly 900 people including politicians and employees. Besides the common will it is also home to the province of Matilbahus-Winthenur.


The municipality is surrounded by flower beds a perfect place to relax after stressful working hours.


 Kassel Aveneu is definitely the busiest stretch of road in the city even if were established new buses to ease traffic.
And finally here is an aerial view of the neighborhoods of Saint-Bretgne and Helenbach
Ok all for today
See you soon with a new post.
If you have suggestions about the city comment.

Hello I'm Nojus_A and welcome in Matilbahus. This is an introduction of the city so speak about its History.

The city is dedicated to its mistress St.Matild.

Now the city is the capital of the Lander of Norther Fjord and it is home to 100.000 person. In the city the people speak differnet languages such as Italian,French and German and in the office of the CBD lots of employees speak in English.

Matilbahus remained a simple village of woodcutters and farmers until 1010 d.C when it came under the rule of the principles of the North.In a few years it became an important harbour and a military base with many sailing ships and later became part of the Hanseatic League in 1180 d.C and in this period it was created the coat of arms of the city. It remained independent until 1300 d.C when it came under the Netherland Empire. It was one of the bases for the conquest of the new world and for searches in North Pole.  It was the most important port of the northern regions and third of the nation until 1941 when it was bombardat by the Nazis and the city was almost completely destroyed. In the 50s and 60s  the city had a large population growth. Now in the city you are constructing new skyscrapers and the harbor is in process of expansion. Matilbahus is the second city for population in the Norther Lander(after Helsinborg)  and the first tourist destination of northern territories ,thanks to its artistic heritage medieval.                                                                                         


Coat of arms with the colors of the city White and blue.


View of the city from the waters of the fjord.

It is all for today.I see you soon (as soon as I have time) with the beginning of the true and own Cj. Comment and every suggestion is welcome.

Bye Nojus_A


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