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About this City Journal

Settlers cope with harsh conditions on planet with little water.

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While the Ferris Consortium holds a near monopoly on all mining operations on Sanderra that monopoly is not complete, and the city of Quartz is a good example.



The town was originally centered around independent gold mines in the Quartz Hills east of Speedwell.  Although only a few small mines are still in operation in the area, the town has grown into a pleasant Bedroom community (estimated population 30,000). 

Bordered on the East, West and South by small suburban developments,




the city itself offers a wide variety of housing options,



as well as some local jobs in the "Bluestone Business District".




Come on, my friends, Let's make for the hills.

They say there's gold but I'm looking for thrills.

You can get your hands on whatever we find,

Because I'm only coming along for the ride.

- R. Waters, D. Gilmour




"A colony this size must use a lot of water, I think you said that even in the early days they were pushing 500 million gallons a month. They can't be taking that much out of the river, so where's it all coming from?"

"Well, according to their P.R. releases, Sanderra ConAg farms operate on a 100% closed loop system..."

"Yeah, right."

"Ahem, well of course the claims exceed reality, but they do conserve a LOT of water, so those estimates are a bit high, but for the real story we'll have to go back to Ferrisville."



"Ferrisville? Isn't that the town that was built by the mining consortium?"

"Indeed. To the west, beyond the large industrial zone, lies the main bulk of the city,"



"and it is a company town.  The residents are unlikely to ever forget it.  At the edge of the city, along the highest point of the canal overlooking the industrial sector stand the "Collossi of Ferrisville": Statues of Beatrice and Russell Ferris, two of the most powerful chairmen in the Consortium's history."



Everything in town is owned by the Consortium, from the shopping malls,



to the Theater.


About the only thing they don't own is the church.  In fact, up until Sanderra gained full member status in the Commonwealth miners and other employees were paid in Consortium Scrip, not standard credits.



Miners and low level "grunts" live in company housing on the north side of the city, while upper level employees live in a slightly nicer neighborhood to the south."




"Yeah, but you can't mine for water, I don't see the connection."

You can dig wells for it, and deep wells in the far north have added to the amount of water coming down the river, but actually you can mine for water.  Not on the planet's surface, but in the Oort cloud.  The ice fields are owned by the Water Barons, but by colonial charter all the miners and support personnell are Consortium employees.  They even maintain their own spaceport.  Dropships carrying mined ice arrive on a regular schedule at Ferrisport, just north of the city.


North of the pad is the Operations Control Center and associated offices, while the other three sides are surrounded by support services.






A small community of local employees has grown in the area.  Unfortunately for the residents, night operations at the space port are not an uncommon occurance.



You load sixteen tons and whaddaya get?

Another day older and deeper in debt

Saint Peter don'tcha call me

'Cause I can't go, I owe my soul to the Company store.

- M. Travis




Sandwiched between the University to the North and the River to the south is the small city of Riverford (population 47,000)



When the eastern boundary of Speedwell was set the Aridill city council quickly realized that the competing city was in a prime position to extend the highway across the river and start claiming the Broken Hills region.  In a mad dash to complete a bridge first the town of Riverford was founded, and the race was on.
The Riverford bridge was completed first and they started staking Claims.  Rather than incur the additional costs of building a bridge for a very limited return, construction in Speedwell was halted, leaving them with one of Sanderra's enduring curiosities: the "Road to Nowhere."




Unfortunately, the expense of extending the highway



and constructing the bridge itself



left them with little resources to develop the other side.  Although the Broken Hills would eventually be developed, this would not occur until long after the original Claims had long expired.
Another Sanderran curiosity is the "Statue of Noman" located between Riverford and Aridill.



It was actually erected as a prop by Riverford's primary tourist attraction: Sanderra Studios, the first movie studio on the colony world.



"I have just one question," Dave interrupted.  "Where is all the water coming from?"...


I'm on your side

When times get rough

And friends just can't be found

Like a bridge over trouble water

I will lay me down

- P. Simon




Although cut off from the resources of the south, the city of Seedwell was able to exploit the wealth in the northern Dragon's Teeth to expand eastward.


In fact, the city expanded so fast that the Mayflower City Council again began to worry about pollution along their canal way.  In an arbitrated settlement the land along side the Mayflower Canal was ceded by Speedwell to Sanderra ConAg in return for a large monetary payout from the company and the city of Mayflower.




The company used the river access they obtained through the deal to build a port which probably in the long run produces as much pollution as there would have been if Speedwell had continued to expand.


"Tell me a bit about their political structure." DaVinci Brown interjected.

There isn't much of one.  The river valley can best be described as a loose affiliation of city-states.  So far we've been discussing two of the largest, Speedwell and Mayflower-Aridill.  Rivalry between the two has been intense and sometimes almost comical, from the mundane to the extreme:

In response to the huge draw at Aridill's Cinedome, the Paradise theatre was constructed in Speedwell.




Shortly after Mayflower funded construction of the University's Futbol field, Speedwell built an Interplanetary League Baseball stadium,




and when Aridill celebrated the Centennial by reproducing the Sphinx, Speedwell topped them with a recreation of the Great Pyramid of Giza.




Colonial development was driven primarily by economics.  Generally a city would place a claim on an area and fund the initial development for a pecentage of future tax revenues.

"it sounds a bit like a pyramid scheme. [no pun intended]"

Indeed, but it is Commonwealth policy to meddle as little as possible in member planets' internal affairs. (Which is something you should try to remember one of these days)

"What was that?"

Nothing.  Next you should probably review Riverford...


Here we are stuck by this river

You and I underneath a sky

That's ever falling down, down, down

Ever falling down

-B. Eno

Author's Notes:

I apologize for the delay in getting this update out.  I was down with a bad back and couldn't sit at the computer for two weeks.

The image qaulity of the Huge Mosaic is poorer than I would like.  I had to scale it down to about one quater of it's original size and save it at 85% quality to fit under ImgageShack's 1.5 megabyte size restriction.



"It's hard to believe such a barren place developed so quickly." DaVinci Brown commented.

"Indeed, but such growth was fueled by the seemingly endless geological resources the planet posesses." The A.I. responded.  "The micro-circuitry in your House Computer is most likely made from Sanderran gold.  Although most of the Dragon's Teeth mines have closed by now, many of the small towns that grew around them have lived on by becoming home to the industrial parks that form the back bone of Sanderra's manufacturing base.





The town of Silver Seam is a typical example of such places,


with populations between 400 and 1,200 people (Silver Seam has around 650 residents as of the last census) spread out in single family dwellings,






and shops clustered together in a small central downtown area.


Coming Next: New Speedwell

Growin up it all seems so one-sided

Opinions all provided, the future pre-decided

Detached and subdivided in the mass production zone

Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone

-G. Lee





"Hold playback." DaVinci Brown spat at the A.I. "That's pretty awful."

"The acting may be bad and the writing worse, but it is historically accurate.  There was an unexplained series of tremors recorded in 197 that the planetologist went to investigate." The A.I. replied.

"Really, what did she find?"


"So it was normal tectonic activity?"

"No, she found no evidence of any geological activity at all.  The only unusual thing she found was a slight elevation in local humidity.  She wrote in her jounal at the time that she found it very puzzling, but the question of what occured was never answered."

"Well, just que up the report again and show me what this Arid Hill looks like now."

"Actually, the name of the city was shortened to Aridill in 195. Accessing..."

The north end of the city is anchored by the Sanderran Mercantile exchange,





while the mid-town skyline is dominated by the Inter-System shipping building, built in 196, and its twin which was constructed four years later.



The central business district extends along the ridge line all the way to the south slope of Teksax Hill.



Residential buildings occupy most of the lower slopes, with upper class condos near the canal.



The bulk of Aridill's population lives on the city's southwest side.



Aridill also boasts the planet's first Advanced Commonwealth Medical Center.



"What's that at the southern end of the city?" Brown inquired.
"A replica of the Sphinx from ancient Earth. It was constructed to commemorate the Commonwealth Bicentennial."

"But what's on its head? Is it wearing a hat of some sort?"




"Ah, no.  It appears to be some sort of lawn ornament, probably left there as a prank by one of the university students.  Midway between Aridill and East Speedwell is Sanderra-Commonwealth University:







Well, I dreamed I saw the knights in armor coming

Saying Something about a queen

There were children singing and drummers drumming

And the archer spit the tree

There was a fanfare blowing to the sun

That floated on the breeze

We got Mother Nature on the run in the Nineteen Seventies

Look at Mother Nature on the run in hte Nineteen Seventies

-N. Young




Early mineralogical studies indicated large copper deposits in the Arid Hill region east of Mayflower, and in 176 c.e. the Ferris Mining Consortium opened the Arid Hill Copper Mines.  Unfortunately, early estimates were off and the mines were depleted far sooner than expected.  They closed in 181 leaving behind a small destitute mining community.  The area experienced a rebirth in 196 when Arid Hill's north plateau was chosen as the site for the Sanderra Mercantile Exchage. (pictured above)

02davincibrownicon.jpg "This report is getting to be pretty dry reading.  Seems like a fairly standard colonial development with the typical sort of inter city rivalries." DaVinci Brown said out loud.  "Albert, you have the entire Sanderra file, don't you?"

alberticon.jpg "Yes, dave." The A.I. replied.

02davincibrownicon.jpg "Download it to the computer onboard the DeMedici. Didn't Auditor Landon write a memoir about his time on Sanderra?"

alberticon.jpg "It is already done.  Accessing...Indeed. They were even turned into a Holo Series.  Cueing display...


04horatiolandonicon.jpg "I hate Dues-Days."

It was early morning, and Auditor Horatio Landon was in his office when he felt the floor start to rock, and knew instantly it was different from the way the Commonwealth Tower usually swayed with the wind. Moments later his wrist comm started beeping.

03lisakynesicon.jpg "Auditor Landon, I'm sorry to wake you..."

04horatiolandonicon.jpg "It's alright Dr. Kynes. I'm already in my office.  We felt the tremor here, too."

Landon looked out over the city of Speedwell:


"I don't see any obvious damage.  There are some lights coming on, but nobody's panicing in the streets."

03lisakynesicon.jpg "It wasn't just one tremor.  Our instruments have recorded three seperate events in the last sixteen hours.  They would seem to indicate a much larger incident on the other side of the planet."

04horatiolandonicon.jpg"Is this something we have to worry about?  The colony seems to have just started getting off the ground, I don't want to see it shaken down around us."

03lisakynesicon.jpg  "I don't think so.  This is the first recorded quake on Sanderra, and the planet is so stable, we really can't explain it.  I'm going to take a Flitter over the the projected epicenter.  I can wait if you really want to come along."

04horatiolandonicon.jpg "As enjoyable as a trip to the middle of nowhere with you would be, I'll have to pass.  I'm headed over to Arid Hill later today to set up a new office, and I've finally negotiated an interview with the New Zionists.  I'm expected in Beth Shalom next week.  Let me know what you find out though."


Later that morning, a short walk to the station


and soon the Auditor was on a train speeding east to Arid Hill.



Past the farm holdings of Sanderra ConAg, the living green a stark contrast to the rich earth tones of the desert...


...and through the suburb called Grady's Triangle.  Landon was astonished at how well the cacti have adapted to the environment, and how much they have spread.


Finally arriving at the base of Arid Hill.


A short hike later he was at his new office in the Inter-System Shipping building, and he looked out at the city with a bit of dismay.


From the swelling residential sector,


south to the still undeveloped Teksax Hill.


Horatio Landon remembered the gentle hillside that was once here.  It was as if some giant had come along with a razor blade and started slicing off parts of the landscape.    While there was no indigenous live on Sanderra, there was still beauty here. He realized then that greater care would have to be taken to preserve some of the natural environment...


Author's Notes:

- To avoid some naming confusion.  The name of the area in Horatio Landon's time was Arid Hill.  By DaVinci Brown's time the city's name will be shortened to Aridill.

- The Sanderran Calander (this should probably go in an appendix)

The calander on Sanderra is broken up into 12 months, each cosisting of four weeks.  Each week has six days.  The exact origin of the names of the days are unknown, but they come from the ancient Earth dialect of English.  They are as follows:

Sand Day

Dues Day

Wendy's Day

Third Day

Fred's Day, and

Setting Day, the start of the weekend.

-While writing this update I found a CODEWORD.




name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="
type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>%26hl=en%26fs=1%26rel=0%26ap=%2526fmt=18" wmode="opaque">




"This Colonel Won sounds like an interesting person."  DaVinci Brown looked up and addressed his house A.I. "Albert, what have you got on Colonel Anthony Won?"

"Records from before The Scattering are fragmentary and unconfirmed. Colonel Anthony Won, Birthdate unknown, believed to be circa 272 b.c.e., died 206 c.e.  Freestyle Wrestling gold medalist in the 2180 Olympic Games. Col. Won served in His Majesty's Royal Marines under the reconstituted British monarchy until evacuating on the Sleeper Ship Speedwell. 

Although never serving on the governing council, he quickly rose to prominance as a community leader on Sanderra.  Often arguing for reform, he was blocked at every turnby the rich Water Barons.  Tired of the battles, but not defeated, he struck out with a group of like-minded colonists to found the city of Mayflower in 172 c.e.  As mayor of Mayflower Colonol Won carried a grudge against the controlling interests of Speedwell and persued numerous legal battles over water use and pollution. Unfortunately, although he won nearly all of these cases, the burden of the victories most often was shifted onto the people of Speedwell."




Although it is a bit less dense, the eastern portion of Mayflower shares much the same character as the rest of the city.

03lisakynesicon.jpg In 283 c.e. Planetologist Lisa Kynes arrived on Sanderra with a team to conduct the first full survey of the planet. They spent nearly ten years travelling the planet.



After completing their initial survey the team set up a meteorological observatory in the foothills above Mayflower at the site that would later become Kynes Park.



Among other things, the survey found that although (as expected) there was no indigenous life on the planet, Sanderra boasted vast mineral deposits including precious metals and Trans-Uranics.  Another significant finding was of extremely high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. (Full report available, Commonwealth Survey Office file #SQ92556-01)

Planetologist Kynes stayed on the planet for furthur study after the team left to file their results, but disappeared a few years later on an expedition into the Sea of Dunes.

Other points of interest in east Mayflower include the historic Cinedome, located at the top of Market Hill,




Kynes College,

and the Athletic Center.



Coming Next: Aridill, A Boomtown Gone Bust (I also will be updating the appendices)


Author's Notes:

Most of the comments I have been getting seem to be of two varieties.  The first is "You need more custom content" which I am trying to address.

I feel that a City Journal is primarily a visual medium.  I sometimes think that when confronted with a large block of text many reader's eyes glaze over and the skip down to the next picture.  However the second set of comment that I'm seeing is that you are enjoying the story, including the historical detail that gives the universe texture and a "lived in" feel, thus I have included Colonel Won's story in this update. Based on reader feedback I hope to include more bits like it.

I had hoped to include a short essay on the story behind Colonel Won's story in these notes, but it's past 1:00 a.m., I only got about three hours of sleep last night, and I'm starting to lose it.  If anyone's interested I can include it in the next update.

There are some things from Lisa Kynes' time surveying the badlands that I think I left out, but I can cover them when I introduce the New Zionist gateway city of Beth Shalom. (Like I said, I'm starting to lose it. 14.gif)

Keep those comments coming, and goodnight!




"Fifteen years on this dust-ball, and I look around me, and I think 'We can do better..."



"We will do better.  And another thing, I am quite well sick and tired of tofu!" - From the Diary of Colonel Anthony Won.

Fifteen years after touchdown of the Colony Ship Speedwell the city of Mayflower began development.  A canal was dug from the river and capped in what would eventually be named Colonel Won Park, named after the city's founder.




Construction was also started on a highway which would encircle the city.



With a steady influx of settlers, mostly workers in the steel and mining industries of Ferrisville as well as a large group of prospectors of rare and precious minerals, after 10 years Mayflower boasted a population of nearly 60,000.








With small suburbs to the north and west.


00towericon.jpg   Two years later (year 180 c.e.) The city of Mayflower sued Sanderra Consolidated Agriculture (SandConAg) and the city of Speedwell to clean up polution washing back from Speedwell's canals. (Arbitrated by Auditor Horatio Landon, case number SC015661)



A victory in this case, and a series of similar decisions allowed Mayflower to flourish, while Speedwell continued to stagnate...


coming next: East Mayflower

Down by the River...
Down by the banks of the River Charles
(Oh, that's what's happenin' baby)
That's where you'll find me
Along with lovers, muggers, and thieves.
(Ahh, but they're cool people)
I love that dirty water
'Oh oh, Boston, you're my home

-E. Cobb







Commonwealth of Man Timeline (all dates a.d.)

2015: The Hegira. Numerous sleeper ships are launched.

2017:  World War III: The Global Jihad.  An uprising of muslim extremists led to the establishment of a global caliphate over much of Southeast Asia, the MIddle East, Africa, Europe and South America.

2068: World War IV: The Reformation.  A series of rebellions sparked by a resurgent North American Alliance resulted in the formation of  the first true world government: a representative socialistic republic.

2172: The Lesser Exodus, man's second wave of interplanetary colonization begins.

2192: World War V.  Few records of this time survive.  Numerous small conflicts ignited a conflageration which completely devestated the Earth's bosphere.

2195: The Scattering begins as the last sleeper ships leave Earth.

2406: Space Warp technology developed, interplanetary contact reestablished.

2429: The Commonwealth of Man established with twelve member planets.

Sanderra Timeline (All dates Before Commonwealth Era (b.c.e.) and Commonwealth Era (c.e.))

234 b.c.e:  Colony Ship Speedwell Launched.

157 c.e.: The first town, named Speedwell after the colony ship is established.

159 c.e.: New Zionist scientists make first contact with The Commonwealth.

167 c.e.: Sanderra officially listed as a Commonwealth Colony World. The Commonwealth Tower is erected.

170 c.e.: Colonists experience the first Fire Storms.  Over 300 people died.  This meteorlogical phenomenon would recur every 26 years, but  never again with such devestating effect.

170 c.e.: The town of Ferrisville is founded.

172 c.e.: City of Mayflower is incorporated.

176 c.e.: The Arid Hill Copper Mines are opened east of Mayflower.

180 c.e. Mayflower wins the first in a series of arbitrations over water related issues.

181 c.e. The copper mines close, leaving a small destitute community amid the blasted landscape.

183 c.e. Planetologist Lisa Kynes arricves to conduct the first full survey of Sanderra.

196 c.e. New life is breathed into the town of Aridill when the north plateau is chosen for the site of Sanderra's new Mercantile Exchange.

197 c.e. A series of six small tremors are felt in the river valley causing no injuries and only minor damage.  The tremors are also recorded by New Zionists in the Badlands, indicating that much larger quakes occured on the other side of the planet.





After the fire storms had passed, the residential area near Settler's Square had to be rebuilt.  The rail line was extended down to the river...




...and with new steel coming down from Ferrisville, the first hi-rises started to appear.





The area around the Commonwealth Tower was also heavily damaged.  Commonwealth Plaza was expanded with the hope that it would eventually become the nucleus of a central business district.


It should be noted that throughout much of its early history the Sanderran economy was dominated by three primary concerns:

Sanderra Consolidated Agriculture,


the Ferris Mining Consortium and Steel Works,





and the rich Water Barons.




Even after the rebuilding there were many who were dissatisfied with the options available in Speedwell.  A group of settlers led by Colonel Anthony ("Take 'Em Down Tony") Won decided to start a new community on the high plain south of Ferrisville.



File photo of Colonel Won (ret.) at the Mayflower Canal Ground Breaking Ceremony

Coming Next: Mayflower




False color imagery results from long range mineralogical survey. Note: inaccurate results in the area known locally as "the Badlands" appears to be from some unknown ground-side interference.


The only places to find iron looked to be in the mountain ranges protecting the river valley, and many prospecting teams set out.

Excerpt from a report by the first team to cross the Shield Wall:


"The trip to the Shield Wall was bad, but once we crossed the mountains the real nightmare began. The wind blows constantly, and the fine, gritty sand particles get in everything.  The Sea of Dunes is aptly named, as the sand seems to move across the desert like waves on an ocean."

Better luck was had in the Dragon Teeth range.  This from an interview with an early prospector:

"Gold? yeah, we found copper, silver and lots of gold, but we found something even more important at that time: Iron.  Without Iron there's no steel, and without steel the colony couldn't grow.  We might've just as well packed up our bags and gone home."

A prospecting mine was soon set up:


This was made possible only through the use of amospheric water condensers, developed by th New Zionists.


("How quaint," Brown thought to himself, "They look like old-style water towers.")

Once the vein was found to be true, the canal was extended, mining crews were recruited, and extraction began.  The first use of the new steel was to build a new rail line back to Speedwell.



In the summer of that year firestorms raged down the valley, and the town was not spared their fury:


05resifires.jpg                                        06towerfires.jpg


Fire crews tried to respond, but were quickly overwhelmed.




Three hundred people died, and over nine hundred were left homeless...



Coming Next: The Aftermath


Author's Notes:

- I had hoped to show more development in this update, but the sims weren't cooperating last night.

- I miss the more devastating fires in earlier versions of SimCity.

- If anyone knows of a good futuristic looking building on the STEx that has around the same functionality as a water tower, please let me know.



"Guess I won't be bringing my skis on my next mission." DaVinci Brown thought to himself as he continued to read the briefing files on the history of Sanderra...

One early success the colonists of Sanderra had was with the introduction of flora more suitable to an arid desert environment:



Within three years of the colony's founding they would face a serious problem, though.  What meager water supplies there were trapped in underground aquifers had been used up, and the crops were beginning to die.




The best solution was to build a series of irrigation canals from the river.  With a great deal of Commonwealth aid to sustain them over the next two years, the first canal was completed and the colony was able to begin growing once again.








Night lighting was installed along the canal following a tragic accident involving the death of a young man after a Groundfall Day celebration.


Ten years after the town of Speedwell was established the Commonwealth Office Tower was installed to facilitate off-world dealings,




and three years later the population had bloomed to nearly 5,000 people.



But new problems were already looming for the colony.  The building materials they could extract locally would only allow for buildings up to around three stories tall, and the waste produced by their processing was highly toxic.




As evidenced by the expense of building the Commonwealth tower, it would be cost prohibitive to import all their building supplies if the colony wanted to continue.  A local source of iron would have to be found soon...


Coming Next...Boom or Bust?



With insufficient fuel or resources to look for a more welcoming planet to colonize, the passengers and crew of the Speedwell decided to place their settlement along a bend in the river north of the point where it forks around the Broken Hills.



The ship was disassembled, and fabrication plants as well as a power generation facility were built.



Due to the scarcity of water, residential dwellings were densely clustered near the river bank.



The only place of true luxury in the colony was Settler's Square:



Conditions were harsh during that first year, and many perished...


...but the colony survived and soon began to thrive.



The lack of water would quickly put a damper on growth, though...


Coming Next:  Watering the crops





Brown, DaVinci – An explorer and Commonwealth Auditor-At-Large.

Captain Finnley – Captain of the colony ship Mariposa and founder of the failed Corrino colony.

Commonwealth Of Man – Comprising 317 planets, this is the main political body governing human populated worlds.

Corrino – A failed Commonwealth colony.  Travel to this planet is RESTRICTED.

Dragon's Teeth – Name given to the jagged moutains east of Speedwell.

Exodus, Great – The final wave of colonization, during which everyone remaining on Earth was forced to leave.

Exodus, Lesser – The second wave of colonization.  This occurred after World War 4.

Hegira – Name given to the time period just before World War 4 when many sleeper ships left Earth.

Sanderra – A Commonwealth colony world.

Sand Wall – Range of mountains to the west of Speedwell.

Scattering, The – Another name given to the Great Exodus.

Speedwell – A colony ship launched during the Great Exodus which eventually landed on Sanderra.

Speedwell Villiage – The first settlement on Sanderrra.



DaVinci Brown sat calmly as his boss stared at him over a sheath of paperwork.  Finally, the Diretor spoke.

"So, a Presidential commendation for rescuing Captain Finnley and evacuating the surviving colonists.  I guess I should congratulate you but...."

"Yes, it was a nasty bit of business." Brown replied.

"What exactly happened on Corrino?"

"Well, it's all pretty much in the report.  As best as we can tell, a Hegira era sleeper ship crashed on the planet and a technologically devolved society emerged from the survivors.  They developed a theocratic government with a religion revolving around the events of the crash.  They overan the colonies and killed any who would not convert, destroying most of the colonial cities.  We destroyed any remaining technology during the evacuation.  They know about us, but it will be a long time before they get off that planet, and when they do they'll run straight into a Commonweath blockade."

A few moments passed in silence, finally broken by the director:  "At least we don't have to deal with that sort of fanaticism inside the Commonwealth."

"Are you so sure about that?" Brown shot back. "What about the Crusaders of Vaticus? Or the New Zionists on Sanderra, noone's really sure what they're up to."

"Hmmph. Funny you should mention them, that's going to be your next mission.  Contact has always been sporadic with the New Zionists, more so lately than usual.  You've been asked to make contact with them and report to the colonial government on their condition, and we'd like you to poke around a bit.  You'll have plenty of time to rest up and study this briefing though."  He hands DaVinci a large folder and ushers him out of the office...

During the Greater Exodus the Colony Ship Speedwell was launched towards Sanderra, a planet showing the first signs of developing plant life...



The Speedwell

But something went horribly wrong:  When they arrived they found a desert world without the faintest trace of life.



The main colony was situated on the shore of the planet's only river which runs from a small polar ice cap, near point where it forks around the Broken Hills before draining into a salty inland sea.  Meanwhile, a group of New Zionist settlers went off into the Badlands seeking spiritual purity.



New Zionist Settler in Water Reclamation Suit


Coming next: The First Settlement...


(And Appendix A: People, Places and Things)


Author's Notes

This City Journal is a sequel to my previous CJ entitled "The Corrino Region", but everything you need to know about it (including how it would have ended) is contained in this introduction.

The New Zionists are based upon the ancient Esthenes with a bit of Dune's Freemen thrown in, and are (mostly) harmless.

Cheats: I use an industry multiplier (qaudruples the number of jobs created) and a money cheat.

Please feel free to comment...

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