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Entry 6: Development is Grand




What a great tropical island! That second to last picture was really great, the one with the elevated rail and those rolling steep slopes.

Thanks! To be fair, I hadn't done much to the map before snapping these pics; it's just so gorgeous all on its own!

That is a beautiful island!

Isn't it though? It's a great map to work with.

Looking good! I like it!

Thanks so much!

I can feel the warmth!!! Very beautifully rendered!

Thanks. Sun Flares and the Photo realistic filter really help.

That picture with the train looks absolutely beautiful! Great work!

Thanks a lot.

Very beautiful place!!

Thank you!

Really loving that island!


On the steam workshop there's an awesome mod that changes the purple pollution colors to brown, which looks SO much better.

Yeah, that was one of the first mods I installed. I turned all of the mods off when I first started the map as I was trying to get a few achievements, but then added the cosmetic mods back in after these pics. Thanks, though.

Wow! That's a really paradisiac place!

I love the picture of the train.

Thanks a lot!

Entry 6: Development is Grand

So I've been playing around with this gorgeous island map for a few days (which I've dubbed Syrenity). I wish I had more done, but a bunch of real life issues plus some issues with my computer have prevented me from doing as much as I wanted. I have been running into an issue where I get a low memory warning popping up on my desktop behind the game. Then, it proceeds to crash. I think it has to do with some of the mods I downloaded. After some pruning, I've been able to have a couple solid and stable sit-downs, so hopefully it's mostly behind me. If any of you have run into this issue, please let me know if you've been able to fix it and how. But anyway, on to the pictures!


Sometimes it's the less flashy intersections that make you stop and pause. This is one such intersection. I just like the way it developed. It's very middle of the way...not too big, not too small. The Goldilocks intersection, haha (that hot dog van is taking that corner awfully damn fast).


I did this juxtaposition here between the old (high school) and new (the skyscraper). I think it's things like that that really make a city unique. Really happy with how this turned out.

(btw, the skyscraper mod (which I think is fairly new) is the Quinto Tower by Crumplesticks: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=417045108)


A few of the islands have developed into some rather nice areas. If the house doesn't necessarily look all that high-end, just look at the cars parked out front (I'm talking to you, blue sports car).


High up in the hills is the Umber Hill Lumber Mills. You get a completely different vibe up here. This is the old mill, which is actually terraced along the mountainside. It's significantly more winding and random than the other side of the Mills, which are basically grids that maximize efficiency.


That isn't to say that the Old Mill isn't efficient. Trucks whiz in and out in an orderly fashion, and while traffic is heavy, it never backs up. One of my proudest traffic planning moments, I tell ya what.


I took to first person camera and started hunting the two lane roads for interesting pictures. This was one that struck me as pretty nice. I really love the Art Deco building in the foreground.


There's that Quinto tower again...the Apple Store next door really seems to work. They seem to go hand in hand.


An overview, with the Old Mill to the "north," the New Mill to the "west," industry to the "east" and then the central high-density core. Hope that makes sense.


A final panorama of the city of Syrenity.


Recommended Comments

That combination of old and new can be seen almost everywhere in the city centre of Warsaw. If I remember correctly, there's an skyscrapper W2W with quite an old building that probably even survived world war 2. I like that. Good entry again!

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That forestry industrial area on the sloped road looks so cool, the street level shots are good and your city hugs the coast plus those two islands so well.

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Really awesome, and shows just how CSL can /really/ be the next CS4 too. Unfeterred creativity at work here :D

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