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Grandes ciudades alojadas en el Mapa de New York

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El Argentino


Hi !

On this time, i will show you the international airport of Manhattan. In the image, you can see the principal entrance from the Route 1/Avenue Jefferson, that have capacity for 2 millions of persons for day.

Also, can see the south parking, the north 2 plants parking, and the trains station Retiro, from where going trains to Brockling, State Island, and the Bronx.

I hope that you like. It took a long time do it. Enjoy


Yes, i know that i said i would show the coast. But well, i had this city terminated and wanted show them. Em, it is only the principal entrance, is more, you cannot see all the front of the airport. The next entry will be the other parts of the same. Has other entrance, with jets. The fuel storage and more.

Grettings from Bs As

El Argentino

Little Works


pinkindustry : Jaja abrazo hermano y gracias por visitar mi Cj
Ultimate727 : Jaja I am Rambo! Thanks man! it's just a silly idea I had
Kim Sunwoo : Glad you like the stadium!! :D
Mymyjp: Thanks for all your words! And with respect at your question, the mod tha i use just is the LRM v5 Usa. Only that i took me all the time.
T Wrecks : Yes, you have reason. Now i learn and i hide the UI. Thanks for the comment!

Hello again Simtropolitans!

After some time, newly i do updates for my CJ. Is that i am some busy. But i kept with my city. Now i have big part of the Manhattan island complete.

On this time, i will show you a little works with the pack from lots Simburg parks.

I hope that you like it.

Arrounds the highway

Posted Image

The elevated train station

Posted Image

And some park out there
Posted Image

subir imagen
Well, i am working in the tutorial of realistic highway, don´t worry, be happy :P Em, i have much to show of my city. In my next update, would be the coasts

Greetings from Bs AS

El Argentino

Hi again!

On this time, i want to show you my new images, (without menu and UI Jeje) of the stadium zone. It was a fiscal zone and turned into state land. To convert it in the new stadium of Manhattan.

I hope that you like this entry !


Next to the stadium, is the elevated Motorway, Route 1, with some parkings. Nearby, there is also the railway station, other access point.


Nearby, there is also the railway station, other access point.



Greeting from Bs As !!!

El Argentino


On this time, i going to show you my motorway: The route 1 of Manhattan, that circulates around of all the isle. This stretch is located between the port and the big city.


Hope that you like this entry :D


subir imagen


The descent under building, to the avenue Alverdi, in combination with the avenue Real, principal entrance to the principal building of the port.


subir imagen


subir imagen


subir imagen


subir imagen


Interchangue mode Far


subir imagen


subir imagen


Route 7 and access to industrial zone


subir imagen


subir imagen


subir imagen


If you like it, please, comment. Welcome all critique

Greetings from Bs As !!


El Argentino

On this time, i will be show you the entry to the port. This exchange occurs between highway Route 7, originated from Laces bridge coming from New Jersey and continues westward Manhatthan; and between Route 1 that runs around the entire island of Manhattan.

This was my first big highway interchange.

subir imagen


Here, the interchange under construccion


subir imagen


subir imagen


The descent from the bridge Laces to avenue Real


subir imagen


I will like have this piece


subir imagen


Aerial View


subir imagen

Hope you liked this entry. Remember to +1, rate and comment if you enjoyed


Greeting from Bs As !! :rofl:

El Argentino

Zona Portuaria


I'm from Argentina and a year ago, user of vicious SimCity 4. Simply turn to this wonderful space to show you one of my all regions, New York. I use a gigantic map of the same large cities, and decided to start this project to fill all the cities of the best and most beautiful way possible. I clarify that I know New York and there will be no Fifth Avenue and other things that everyone knows. Only use names because it is the area haha.

This time we'll be showing me the harbor area, hope you like it !!

Truck Stop




Every port must have a fire department



The central building


Fuel storage area


Overview of the early years


Gate South




And to close, an aerial view

I hope you enjoyed it as much as me to make this city. As you will see, through the 150 years (at normal speed). In a few days, I'll be posting more shots of this, and other cities in the region who are connected. GREETINGS FROM ARGENTINA !!



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