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A Town for the 20th Century

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Shooting for the longest record spanning journal entries here. 

My original goal was to show you all the natural growth of Provident Bay, but as happens a lot of times life got in the way. I ended up playing the region off an on for the last 3 years and still add a few things here and there but for the most part it is complete. Figured I might as well post some final pics.


1.13 million people, first pic is the downtown area, 2nd is the overall region shot. 




ferroz123, Huston, Pwel28, Richie99, chrissc94, rewright: Thanks guys for the comments, I appreciate you checking in.

Chrissc94: Historical progression is was my goal. Glad you noticed

rewright: I just found the link to the map the other day. Read the entry to find the link

The Beginning of a Boom Town (Part 1)

First, because I want to make sure I give credit to the map makers and I know a couple of you have requested the map. A couple days ago I was looking for a couple lots on the stex, and as I was scrolling down I happened to stumble upon the Map in the Stex. The map is made by the fine map makers over at NHP. You can download it here. NHP Pacific Rim National Park. You can find the real world location here on Google maps. As you can see I've done a bit of terraforming to make the map shown in my region, but without the editing it is still a fantastic map.

Back to Provident Bay...

The Alto Railroad has been a HUGE success for Provident Bay. After only 5 years the population has doubled and Provident Bay is sitting just under 15,000 within city proper. There has been so much going on in Provident Bay that it is going to take 2 updates to show all the new construction that has been spurred because of the railroad.

First, because of how successful Provident Bay has been the citizens decided to construct their mayor, John Carter, a proper Mayor's House. The humble mayor did not want to put the city's money toward building himself a house but the citizens would have none of it. They voted 9 to 1 to build John Carter a new house. Also on the same block, Lovington Hall was built. It houses the Mayor's office and other city planning offices. One of the joys of being Mayor in Provident Bay is that your office is on the same block as your house.


Right next to Lovington Hall is the new Chamber of Commerce. Because of all the new growth, the commerce department needed their own building. You'll also see St. Marks church which was the first of 2 new churches built in Provident Bay


The people of Provident Bay decided they needed a place for entertainment and within a year the city provided. Welcome to the Regal Theater. Word of the Regal Theater has spread through simlandia and it has become somewhat of a tourist destination for travelers.


New citizens means more kids. More kids means a new school, and in 1914 kids in Provident Bay had a new building to call their own.


With people now arriving mostly by train versus boat, the small train station that started the boom needed an overhaul. Provident Bay's new train station is 4 times as big and has spurred growth along Main St. Plenty of new businesses have opened up along Main Street, and at night Main Street is hopping. The Chicago Club, which opened its doors in 1915, is Provident Bay's place to be during the evening.


Provident Square houses 2 more new government buildings. Provident Bay's new courthouse sits on the east side of the block and the new police HQ sits on the west.


Main Street isn't the only place where construction has boomed since the railroad opened. The citizens or Provident Bay have a thing for clocks, and on the north side of the harbor along Light St, the Alexandria Clock tower along with the Madison building were built. This brings the total amount of buildings with clocks up to 7 in Provident Bay.


Right next to the Alexandria Clock tower is Provident Bay's new park, Maplewood Park


One of the last pieces of open land sits next to the Harbor. Current plans have this part of town to be the new "main street" of Provident Bay, however those ideas have been blocked by a couple industry owners who want that land next to the harbor to become another dock for Provident Bay. The arguments have gone on for over a year with no end in sight.

Provident Bay's 2nd new church, St Matthew's sits right across from the open land.


Provident Bay has been a nightmare for ship captains arriving at night. The city lights are able to light up the sky near downtown, but with all the ships coming in something better was needed. It didn't take long for a Lighthouse to appear in Provident Bay.


Come back soon for Part 2 where we'll find out why more ships are coming into Provident Bay



jmsepe: You weren't the only one to think that Provident Bay needed paved roads, in fact it was the main topic for the Townhall meeting of 1910. Check out this update ;)

slickbg56: Thanks!


It didn't take long for the first train station to appear in Provident Bay. Only 5 years after the town was founded the ambitious Alto Railroad Line, named after the mountain range, began in 1910 with the backing of the entire town. However, the railroad line was a nightmare for engineers. The closest existing line was 50 miles to the north which meant the railroad had to be built through the Alto Mountain Range which has some of the highest Mountain Prominence's in the world. After months of planning the first wooden planks were finally placed just west of Provident Bay. Over 500 of Provident Bay's citizens worked on the line and built the railroad in just under a year, an impressive feat for just 500 workers.

Here you can see the first train station for Provident Bay and the beginning of the Alto Railroad line. The train station is small but it does the job. You'll also notice... No more dirt roads. Paved roads finally came to Provident Bay.


After a turn to the east just outside of Provident Bay the tracks had north over Provident Island til it crosses the Monroe River.


Here you can see the James Bridge that crosses the Monroe River. The engineers decided to go with the more expensive plan which added a 2nd track on the bridge. At the time the 2nd track was not needed but the engineers realized that there was a good chance a 2nd track would be needed in the very near future.


The Alto line then follows the coastline of the Alto Mountain range. This part of the track was rather easy to build, however the mountain range gradually gets steep enough that part of the cliffs had to be flattened.


Dead man's curve was well known throughout Provident Bay. The view of the turn is blocked for trains coming from the south and unfortunately caused more than a few accidents.


The railroad continues north and follows the coast line. More than a few hounded pounds of dynamite had to be used to flatten the cliff so the tracks could be built.


As the railroad line continues, eventually the engineers had a choice. Keep flattening the cliffs and build along the coastline, or go through the mountain and build a tunnel. Once again the engineers chose the more expensive option and decided to build the Provident Tunnel.


Finally, after an entire mile of tunneling through the mountain, the other side was reached. When it was built it was one of the longest railroad tunnels to be built.


As it turns out. The tunnel may have been the more expensive option at the time, but without the tunnel, the coal hiding in the mountains would not have been discovered. Seen here is the Black Rock Mine, built by James Xcel, the man who brought electricity to Provident Bay.


A mine in 1912 means good paying jobs. Good paying jobs mean people want to live there. And thus the town of Black Rock was founded in 1912.


Fishing is still a priority no matter where you are in Provident Bay, and as soon as the town was built, the Black Rock Harbor was constructed. The Harbor is a mix of industrial docks and personal boats used for fishing. To the very south you can see the Black Rock Lighthouse


The region of Provident Bay as it stands now. Population estimate: 7,255



A Year of Firsts


GaryF: Thanks for the reply. I've redone this region three times over the past year just to get the town to start how I like it. It took awhile but it was worth it. Regarding the repetitiveness. The people of Provident Bay were concentrating on survival when they built these homes. Their creativity will show eventually, I promise.

PeterStuyvesant: The colonial homes are the Jenp London Terraces. They grow like crazy when you first start a city tile, so it makes it easy to grow a colonial neighborhood

Schulmanator: Thanks! I appreciate you taking time to check in.

A Town Grows

The year is 1908. The people of Provident Bay have been concentrating of surviving since they arrived 2 years ago, After a record fishing season(all year here at Provident Bay) there is plenty of food, the population is on the rise, and for the first time the town is looking to grow. Provident Bay's Mayor, Carter, realizes that more people means more food and resources are needed.The current dock and town hall were built to only support the first citizens and aren't able to support a growing population. His plan is to build not only a dock but a market so the town can trade its fish and unique goods found only at Provident Bay.

Provident Bay's Market Hall. Built in 3 months is an instant success. Foods and other goods from all over are now arriving in Provident Bay.


Provident Dock. With Carter's mapping of the boulders and the new dock, cargo ships are able to arrive once a week instead of once a month. Here dock workers are preparing the dock for the next arriving ship.


...Fast forward a year and the affects of the new dock and market can be seen...

1909 is year of Firsts for Provident Bay. The first factory is built, Walter's Wagons. There are a few cars driving around at Provident Bay, but for the most part everything is transported on one of Walter's Wagons.

Provident Bay's first defense building, Fort Alexander can also be seen in the same picture. Provident's citizens are one of the most friendly group of people but they aren't naive. They realize what they have here and they don't want to lose it


The population has even grow so much that the first skyscraper is built. The Times Building stands at 188 feet and 12 stories and houses the towns newspaper company, The Provident Times Co. Provident Bay's police force used to be housed in the town hall but with the growth of the town a new building was needed. 4 brand new state of the art police cruisers are seen in the picture. Several other businesses have opened up in Provident Bay along Main Street.


With the growth of the town a new system is needed to ship packages and transport mail. Provident Bay welcomed its first postal office with open arms. Mail within the town is now same day delivery and the amount of mail and packages that are lost has dropped below 1%.


After a trip to New York City to visit his mother, James Xcel, one of the wealthier citizens, was so impressed with the electric street lights that he decided he wanted that for Provident Bay. With his own money he founded Xcel Power Co which brought more than enough power to Provident Bay free of charge. Currently Coal is brought by ship to Power Dock, but surveyors have been sent out to look for other options.


Power Transmission lines bring power from the Xcel power plant to Provident Bay.


The old style colonial homes are no longer the norm and new styles of homes are being built in Provident Bay.


An overview of Provident Bay. Population has surged to over 3000. One might notice the line of missing trees and wonder why....



A Town is Born

After a week navigating the high seas the Lady of Providence broke through the thick fog and low and behold they had made it to the safety of the natural harbor


A few minutes were spent celebrating then it was straight to work. The citizens brought tents to live in while they worked on building the new town.


...A month of hard work went by and Provident Bay was born. Seen here is the town hall and Provident Bay's first church. The town hall is the trading center of Provident Bay and stores any excess food in case of a food shortage. It was here that Provident Bay's first mayor was elected. The man that brought the people here, John Carter.


Fishing became the first industry and primary food source of Provident Bay. During the mornings and evenings the town becomes a ghost town because so many people are out fishing. You can also see the community gardens. Each household gets 1/4th of each garden to grow whatever they would like.


This street was quickly named Main Street. The town dock, doctor's office, general stores, and Mel's Bar are here.


A closer look at the town dock. Carter would launch his boat off this dock each day to map the underwater boulders that had given previous expeditions so much trouble.


An overview of Provident Bay. Population 301.



Welcome to Provident Bay. A story about a few hundred people taking a chance to start their own town to prepare for the 20th Century.


A little background about me. This is my first attempt at a CJ but I've been playing the Sim City series since SimCity 2000. I can still remember when I found the world of plugins for SC4 about 5 years ago, it was like Christmas morning to me. I've managed to accumulate about 4 gigs of plugins now, and after about a year of playing this region,re-doing cities to many times to count, I believe I actually have a town to present. I wish I could give credit to whoever made the original region, I had downloaded it so long ago I don't have an original copy of it.. I've done a bit of terraforming to it but its an excellent region. ..


The region of Provident Bay is off the coast of the Simpacific Ocean. It has managed to stay uninhabited except for a small indigenous group of people because of the strong storms often found off the coast and the relentless winters that pummel the mountain range North and West of the region. It is full of forests, minerals, fish, food, coastlines, and mountains for those brave enough to venture to it.

People from all over have attempted to reach the region but have been unsuccessful except for one person, John Carter, a well known navigator and ship captain. The story goes that his ship hit a boulder off the coast and broke up. The crew attempted to swim to the coast, but the only person to make it to land was him. He survived by building a raft out of redwood trees on the island. The wood was so strong that it survived the beating of the high seas and he made it back to the ocean where he was picked up by a group of fisherman over a 100 miles from Provident Landing. After Carter made it back he talked of the natural beauty of the region to anyone that would listen. The word of the region spread and eventually a couple hundred people who wanted a fresh start decided that they wanted wanted to take the chance to start a new town.

1.1 blogentry-508785-0-17968600-1398539888_t

A group of indigenous people had inhabited the region until the 16th century but a hurricane that struck the region destroyed the city and all that is left is the remains of the city walls.


Carter's plotted route is the same route that crashed his boat the last time but with his new experience of the region he is confident that he can avoid the many boulders that are just off the coast..


Provident Landing: The planned site of the new town. If ships can make it to Provident Landing Its natural harbor protects the ships from the relentless seas.


The Lady of Providence: It is the biggest boat of its kind. The boat builder has claimed that it is unsinkable and to prove that they have allowed Carter to use it to get to Provident Landing. Carter and the few hundred adventurous people are on board. They have brought all that they own to start a new town on Provident Landing.


Check back later to see if they make it to Provident Landing...

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