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About this City Journal

A journal of my SimCity 2013 Region. Follow me as I try to figure out and overcome an issues that arise as I play through my first SC13 region.

Entries in this City Journal



Thanks to everyone who read the first update, especially to those who commented. Here's the newest episode.


Hazani Pratama: Thanks for stopping by.

Schulmanator: It's an interesting game when you get into it, although it does have a few faults. It should get better with time.

Benedict: Yep, Harsh Realty is there, it seems to be selling the most realty in my city so far.

MamaLuigi945: Yeah, Arc tool, but you first draw them straight to an intersection and delete the first blocks of road, and then draw the curve.

111222333444: Thanks!

Haljackey: Seems like the server issues are minimal at best now, hope to see more from you CJ too.

Mithrik: Thanks, the town is off to a great start.

sHnozZa: I have fun every time I load it up, hope you get to try it soon.

Sim_link: The banner was really important to me, so thank you.

Ggamgus: I think its an all right game, hard to compare it to SC4 though.

Osneaga: Well, this CJ should push those boundaries I hope.

TFM1847: Thanks, I hope you like SimCity 2013

Dirktator: Thanks for dropping in Dirk, I hope you enjoy the next few updates I have planned.



Here's where we are starting out in this episode. Nothing has changed between updates, so if you missed it, read the first episode to learn how we got where we are.

As you can see, most of the space has been used, and its time to start expanding a bit.


So I turned to the dirt road leading out to the power station, it was the best place to start as I can quickly upgrade the road and start building.


So I quickly upgraded the road, and zoned some residential.


Which quickly got bought.


And people quickly started building their houses and moved in.


As I looked through the commercial strip, I started to notice a few patterns. Fast food and gas stations.


Steak and Cheap Gas.


Hotdogs and a Garage


Llama merchandise and a tyre shop?



These fast food stores, and gas stations are just giving my sims the opportunity to drive around eating bad food, and with all these new people moving in, maybe I need to offer them some medical services.


Before I can put in a clinic I'll need somewhere that the medical advisors for the city can work, I'll need a Town Hall. So I arranged a nice little place for it to go.


It seems that the intersections are ruled by stop signs, which causes the traffic to back up quite a bit.


And you can easily see that the whole road is congested, or will be, when you go into the road tool.


But fixing that area was very easy, just a quick redraw of the road to medium density, and the intersection changes from all stop signs, to stop signs on just one road.


And thats where we will leave it for today. The traffic issues had been dealt with, and we are slowly getting the impending medical issues under control.

Hope you've been enjoying it, next update will kind of pick up the pace a bit, keep an eye out for it.



SimCity has, so far, turned out to be a really good game. I haven't had any server issues, so I thought I'd start up this Journal on my first city and show its development, and then document the spread through out the 16 city region. It will be a fun experiment to show how a city can go from a plain blank surface, to a dominant figure in the region.

I have had a bit of SimCity experience before, I was part of the Dev Beta, so from January I've been able to play around an test it out. However, I don't think I scratched the surface, so this CJ will show the experimentation, successes and failures that come from a city building game. Will I be able to build a full functional region, or will my sims revolt?

Lets find out.


So I started out on one of the top cities in the region. I thought this region looked nice, has lots of water, but also a lot of oil and ore, so it might be interesting for industrial cities as well as metropolitan cities.


On entering the city I thought I'd have a look around and see the sights, not too much to see on the ground plane, but the horizon was beautiful!


So I set out my first few streets, and zoned in a bit of commercial and residential. Setting out the roads was really straight forwards, but getting them curved at the corners took a bit of adjustment. But now I have it down to a science, if anyone wants a small tutorial, ask and I'll post it.


As soon as I zoned people started building. One of the fun things about this SimCity is you can get right in close and watch the sims going about their business.


And then the residential buildings started to get built too. Poor guys don't know where to start...


But they eventually got their building built, all that was waiting for it was someone to live in it.


And while they were putting up their first house, some more builders sneaked in and kindly started building some commercial buildings.


And they really quickly started to take shape. I don't know if those sims on the roof are taking the right safety precautions though. Hope we don't have our first sim law suit soon...


We were making progress in leaps and bounds. Construction was going well, and pretty soon the main street in was looking a whole lot more inviting.


As soon as they had finished with the first side of the main road into town, they moved onto the other side. The new buildings had their "Harsh Reality" For lease signs all over them, waiting for some new sim in town to start up the business of their dreams.


Maybe one of these sims are on their way to buy their first business?


Hey look, more people are moving into town. I'm hoping they have a bit of money to start up a business, or else how are my sims going to buy some sweet llama merchandise?


One of these sims must have a bit of money to spare, their houses are towering over their neighbours.

So I'm left wondering, how will my sims cope without earning money? How will they spend said money with no shops open?

Only time will tell.

So I'll leave on an image of how far the city has come in the short while I was playing.


So far, I'm really enjoying the game. I like how you can really get down to your sims level, and I really like how that changes the way you play the game. I have never had as much fun just watching sims come into town, build a house, then follow the moving trucks in and start unloading their stuff.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the CJ thus far. Feel free to give advice, or ask questions. I'll be back soon with more!


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