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About this City Journal

a.k.a. Constangeles Metropolitan Area

Entries in this City Journal


Tomis District has 2 large parks. First of them is Central Park located near the old and beautiful railstation-terminus.




The second park - Heros Park is not actually a park. There wore 2 swampy lakes and a small forest \. Nea the lakes there are many many herons. So the municipality decided to transform everything in a park but also to keep the nature itnact. So there are no nightlights, there are very few benches, The few alleys are made from natural river stones and there is only one small wooden brigde that crosses the canal that links the two lakes. The area become a big attraction both for birdwatchers and nature lovers and also it become a hot spot for sport fishing.












Here is the map of Constangeles Metro Are.


(I use the Canon Beach map)

With red we have Constangeles (center of commerce, toursim, business and HT and manufacturing industry).

With blue we hae the village of Adamclisi. (medium agrivultural only village

With green we have Medgidia city (a large industrial city, with high pollution and an industrial seaport).

With yellow we have Callatis resort. (a small seaside resort city with lot of green spaces, a shopping mall and no industry other than tourism and some small corn fields)

With brown we have Anghel Saligny resort (a very small mountain and ski resort with a small village next to it).

With black we have the 3 major highways : H1, H2 and H3.

With grey we have Mihail Kogalniceanu International Airport and Tuzla Airport (a smaller local airport).

H1 highway is finished and now I am working on Constangeles. It's a very large city (4 large cty tiles) so it will take some time to develop.

(picture made by a friend - Diana)



Here it is the railstation park it has playgorunds, a foudcourt, gazeboo as well as 4 bus station and a subway entrance. Also it has a small pond and a covered botanical garden.



And because Constangeles budget is rich in simoleons the've invested in a modern light system for the H1 - highway (Mamaia Beach District - Tomis District - Boreal District - Adamclisi Village - Mihail Kogalniceanu International Airport).



****Due to a major computer fail => no other choice than to reinstall windows :cry: :cry: :cry: , i had to restart my work. So, because i have like two weeks of freetime, i'll spend it developing a region - Silver Coast (a.k.a. Constangeles Metropolitan Region).

Silver Coast has one major city Constangeles with 4 districts (Mamaia Beach, Tomis, Modern Bay, Boreal), an international airport (Mihail Kogalniceanu Intl. Airport), a mountain-resort town (Anghel Saligny), a seaside-resort village (Callatis), a small agricultural village (Adamclisi) and a medium heavy industrialised city with a local airport (Medgidia). The region has many agricultural fields and spectacular infrastructure (something wierd happend. I'll put some pics later. I dragged rail/road on maximum zoom out from one edge to the other and over the valleys (no water) it generates bridges.****

So, here we have : Mamaia Beach district - preview: H1-highway "4 lakes" junction


(sorry for the light problems, meantime i fixed it)



A trip in the nature

Today we'll take a trip in the woods that surround the Saint Paul monastery.








Now back in the city let's take a tour of the main public parks:

1. CENTRAL PARK (near Oscar station)


2. Voralberg station park



Valadilene is sittuated on the shore and it's surrounded by mountains covered with dense woods. The city has large wide beaches with soft sand. Valadilene is a touristic city with many attractions: the beaches, nightlife, surfind and windsurfing, snorkeling and diving in the reef, the old city. Despite the fact that it has a small industrial area near the harbor the economy is based mainly on tourism and agriculture.

Valadilene has a population of 10.000 and it's connected to the region by road, rail and a highway. It hasn't any airports or ferry terminals yet.

(the main acces in the city from the highway, near the railstation)


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