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Asod Federation

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Asod - History lesson

This particular history lesson is about the uprising. Planning for the actually event began 10 years prior to execution A small group of around 400 radicals decided that they had enough of the Caldorean Empire calling the shots. The rebels started making weapon caches and stocking them. By the end of the first year of preparation the rebels' number grew to over 850. the next 3 years focused on selling the idea of revolution to likely contributors. Selling the idea was not an easy task. No one has challenged the Empire's rule in 600 years and lived.

At the end of the 4th year the rebel's number had surpassed 1500. considering that the population of the Island was well over 6,000,000 people, their recruitment was not a big achievement. By year 6, however, a colonel in the army caught wind of the rebel's plans. Good for them the colonel had a deep hatred of the throne. He managed to convince his division to aid the cause, yet no one figured out how he did it. As year 8 rolled in they had all the supplies and manpower needed to at least pin prick the empire. The second phase of their operation was to select key targets to neutralize. Their were six major locations the rebels needed to take. they were the Central Nexus tower, which controlled the entire communications network. The defense office, which obviously controls the defense net. The metro-police administration building, which housed the corrupt military police force. The command and Control center, which controlled the drones that patrolled the sky above the entire metropolitan area. The Imperial armory, for obvious reasons. And lastly, the Imperial Palace.

On the morning of the attack, Six groups waited outside their designated targets. They waited almost 6 hours from 11:00 P.M. to 5:00 A.M. They waited for the signal to launch the attack. The signal would be the power plant exploding. When it did and 5:09 A.M., the revolutionaries began the assault. within the first hour the 2,000 rebels seized five of the six targets without firing a single shot. The sixth target was the palace. When the rebel strike team approached, they were fired on by the Imperial guards. The fire-fight alerted the Emperor who then called for the army to move into the city. Even though the rebels controlled communications, the palace had limited comm capabilities. 30 minutes later, Imperial troops marched into the city. Rebel forces had no choice, and started shooting at them, and well over 15,000 citizens joined the uprising.. The battle had begun. After 6 days of shooting, the rebels took over the palace. However the emperor and his cabinet had escaped. 2 other major islands in the chain decided to take advantage of the state of chaos and broke away from the empire. The revolt was over, and the war began.


Asod Coast

Province: Coast

Capitol: Xel'dei'ia'tor

Population: 600,000

Strategic importance: High

Exports: Garbage, machinery, electronics, textiles, chemicals

Imports: everything

Military Presence: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, - 20th infantry, 1st, 3rd, - 5th Fleet 5th Marines, 7th Air wing.





The Asod Federation is a heavily industialized, and heavily militarized state.

Background info-

The Asod Federation is on a planet on the far reaches of the galexy. (milky-way) An earth-like planet with abundant natural resources and 2 moons. Humans arrived on this planet by unknown means. Asod is group of independantly governed reigions with one unifying military. After the revolution the people refused to have one government to wield all the power. So they established four provinces. they are the Islands, off the east coast, The coast itself, the mainland, and the Heart land. The western prortion is wilderness and is inhabited by medium sized tribes referred to as "Rangers". All four provinces and the wilderness form the country Asod. "Federation" referrs to the provinces cooperationg under ONE flag. One military force consisting primarily of volunteers protects and polices the entire Federation. The one military ensures that no single province is capable of overtaking any others.


The origins of Asod can be traced back to Caldoren Empire that existed almost 400 years ago. Caldoren was a dictatorship that ruled with no mercy for over 1,000 years. In the year 1557CT (1816 A.D.) a large group of radicals seeking to end the empire's government launched a large rebellion. The mojority of the people simply hated the dictatorship and joined the uprising. Various factions in the military also joined the rebellion. In just over an hour over 12,000 citizens had joined the battle. Among them was a mysterious man known only as Omally. The revolution lasted 5 days and 5 nights. on the morning of the 6th day, the rebels finally overtook the Imperial pallace. The emporer and his administration were sent to the Isle of Spirits, located in the middle of the Dead Sea. The planet's largest ocean.

The Homeworld-

The home planet is basically the same size as Earth. Its 2 moons, Tau'ra and XXian have great influence on the planet's oceans. The planet consists of hundreds of thousands of small islands in the eastern hemisphere and two large continents in the west. The Dead Sea is roughly the size of the Pacific and is among the most treacherous features of the planet. The Caldorean Islands make up Asod and its surrounding badlands. The Rhine Sea is between the Asod Islands and the mainland. Roughly 12 miles across it is the most popular shipping route between the islands and the mainland. the mainland is about the size of Texas but more of a big blob for shape. The Xen Ocean lies between Asod and the two continents. It is 5,000 miles across and has unusually calm weather. Xen'Honduras is the largest continent. It is about the size of Russia and is pretty much the same general shape. It is extremly mountainous and has one inland sea the size of Wisconsin. Epoze is the second continent. It is the size of Canada and has a large desert in the middle where a body of water is believed to have existance once. The "moloch desert", as it is called is as big as the Mojave. Epoze for the most part is a flat land with lush forrests and over 2,000 lakes of various sizes. Both continants are virtually unexplored because of the vast distance between them and the Caldorean Islands.

More info will be uploaded soon.

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