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Silvershore County

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About this City Journal

The developing county of Silvershore sees its own industrial boom!

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Acacia Overview and AFA Preview


Above is an overview of the nation of Acacia, the thick grey lines indicate the county borders and named are the towns and cities of Acacia.

OOC: Parts of the three other counties will be making their way into the sim city 4 region map of Silvershore County.

Acacia introduces the Acacian Football Association National Division!


The AFA National Divsion has been founded with 8 teams; 2 professional sides and 6 semi-professional teams. Silverport United and Rosworthton Blues are the "big two" professional sides, backed by wealthy industrial owners of Acacia. There sides play at the new Silverport City Stadium and Rosworthton National Stadium respectively.



I have taken the comments on board and have implemeted some of the suggestions. I couldnt get the tree controller to work I didint bother with it. I am also not using SPAM, its does help quite alot fair does.


02 - Edges of Silverport and Development Plans

Appleby and Manning are the villages that make up the north and south ends of Silverport. Ascot Industrial Park is sited next the river, near the Ascot Channel. It also houses the north pier and is as busy as Silverport's other two docking points.


Appleby, once a village sperated by agriculture from the rest of Silverport is large in size and has recently outgrown is trunk road connecting it to the industrial park and A21. Plans are in motion to widen the road to ease congestion on the morning commute.


Manning, the southerly village is quiet and undisturbed. Its home to the first chruch of Manning, founded by Sir Robert Manning in 1903, a popular tourist attraction for the people of Acacia. Manning is complete with a rail station marking the end of line and is also the end point of the A21. Manning is also famous for its rock wall rail descent into the station, a teat for any visitor.


This is a map of the whole of Silverport, updated with the development plans in the centre of Silverport.


And here is a more detailed map of developments mentioned. A new water pump station is to be built to provide fresh water for the whole of Silverport in the north east, A new rail line is to connect the main line together properly and Upper Sutton is set to be redeveloped to meet the rising demand for homes. The redevelopment will include high-density blocks, a new high capacity school, new hospital, new police and fire stations and a new recreatiional park. The area affected is highlighted in red on the map.



Thank you for the comment, its good to receive praise when just starting out in your first CJ.

I'd also like to add that in the image of Appleby I've actually stitched together images from Central and North silverport to make the image look seamless, no horrible grey underground rock here!


01 - Welcome to Silverport

Silverport is the capital city (or town as it stands) of Silvershore County, it borders Rosworth County to its east, Bellamoor County to its west and Wintermarsh to its north. These four counties are all part of the former british colony of Acacia that sits some 100 miles off the north west coast of the UK.

Silvershore was named after one of the founders of Acacia's first independent parliament, John L. Silver. Born in Silverport to an American father and British mother.

Silverport is Acacia's 2nd largest industrial town. The estuary that divides the county from Rosworth provides fairly calm waters for the shipping vessels to import and export material and goods with ease and safety.

Silverport is the culmination of 7 villages that have merged over the past two centuries. Ashfield is oldest village named after the colonists' leader Lord Ashfield of Bath who built Ashfield Castle that now proudly sits above the village of Castleview and has views over the whole town from its vantage point.


Ashfield is built beside Lake Ashfield, a few have built homes next to the lake, namely avid fishermen. Ashfield itself still bears its old cobbled streets and is home to some of Silverport's more wealthy inhabitants. Lakeside Gardens, a new development, has recently been bult south of the lake with immediate access to the A21 that links Silverport to the north of Acacia.


The port has two piers and its neatly connected to the Upper and Lower Dockland Industrial Parks. The docks are getting ever increasing demand for their goods including the popular Silvershore cuttlery. Neighboring the Industrial park is the villages of Sutton and Upper Sutton. These vllages home most of the industrial workforce.


Here is an overview of Silverport's (Central District) roadmap.


Silverport currently has a population of little over 21,000 inhabitants.

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