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About this City Journal

A detailed running of a city as it grows from small farming village to bussling nation

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Replies: Fbi123.... I'm taking this opportunity to tell you I'm not responding to that question because I honestly would not be able to hold my tongue and not hurl insults about your intelligence... thanks for reading, well no I can't really say that because it's pretty obvious you chose not to read.

A/N: To those of you who are reading this for the first time, go back.... read all of it, it'll take you about 3 minutes tops and it will prevent dumb comments from being made. For those of you who are just not clearly getting this, this CJ is not a "look how pretty this picture is" CJ or an "I'm going to write a really bad political thriller and use SC4 to illustrate" CJ. The premise of this CJ is to write a a CJ based on the premise of PLAYING SC4, this is after seeing the comments made on the discussion board about the new SC5 coming out that people wanted a game that involved micromanaging and serious work instead of the over simplified "facebook" games like SCS. This is what that CJ plays toward, if you came here to gawk at pretty pictures and then comment on my CJ like I'm posting spam about enlarging your dick because I don't fill the screen with pictures full of custom content go away please. For those of you who are patient I promise custom content will begin to insert itself into the CJ as the city grows and evolves.


As year 3 of Hausville's existence began the major controversy was about the problem of water pollution effecting the health residents of the town. Mayor George Haus was tasked with lowering water pollution. After looking into solutions for the problem Mayor Haus put a 13% tax increase in order to pay for a new water treatment facility. The vote failed (and was backed up by those of you who voted here at Simtroplois, thanks for voting) and mayor Haus was sent back to the drawing board. After discussing the problems with local residents it became clear that the issue was not as much the pollution but the fact that the residents health was suffering because of it. A health clinic was proposed to be built at a 1% tax increase. The proposal passed unanimously in a town wide vote.

*place holder* (I took a picture of the wrong thing)

After completing the issues with the health of the town residents Haus turned his attention toward the growing commercial sector in town.


With almost 200 jobs being created by in the commercial sector the Mayor sat down with business owners in town to look into ways to continue to build the growing sector. After a few meetings Mayor Haus came back with another small tax increase of 1.2% to build and manage a small elementary school to get simple writing, and math skills to the children of Hausville.


After the tax increase and the construction of the med clinic and the elementary school the budget of Hausville has changed greatly since the previous year. The margin of error has been decreased down to $3 (giving a $72 rainy day budget)

Coming up: Year 4 Cops, Robers and Main Street



As the second year of existence begins for the small town of Hausville things looked bright, the population continued to rise steadily, new jobs and new farms continued to pop up.


As with any growing town though, as the city became larger problems began to emerge. The most notable was the problem of water pollution, created by fertilizer from the towns farms.

In the past 12 months the amount of pollutant in the towns water supply has gone up nearly 100 parts per million, effecting the health and life expectancy of it's citizens by aprox. 2 years.




Worried about there own health and the health of there children the townspeople have asked Mayor George C. Haus to look into a way to lower pollution in the towns water supply.

(A/N: I'm aware that in SC4 there is no current water supply but for some reason water pollution is still present and still effects the citizens of the town without "access to water" I've assumed that this was explained by well water and I'm using that assumption in this CJ)

After looking into solutions, Mayor Haus issued a vote to implement a 15% tax hike in-order to pay for new water treatment facilities in town.

Despite a $52 budget surplus (Plus the $17 from last year bringing the total to $69 for those of you keeping track at home) it would cost aprox. $350 more a year to run an efficient water treatment plant.


With 320 voting residents in the town the vote for the tax increase failed in a landslide with aprox. 95% of voters voting no to the tax hike and asking Mayor Haus to return to the drawing board to fix the problems.


after the first year


MamaLuigi945: Thanks for your comment. The basis of the CJ is a realistic decision engine, mostly a CJ telling a story of a growing city and eventually nation. I get sort of tired of seeing a "look how pretty this city is" CJ's... while I realize they're popular, they're just not my style. As the city continues to grow custom content will begin to make more of an entrance as the CJ evolves.

1 year later

Population has grown to aprox. 150 residents.

95 Voting age residents

The city is making $72 from taxes and spent $59 in upkeep. $17 were given to a rainy day fund.

A/N: I apologize for having nothing other than graphs in this update I screwed up and didn't take a photo of the city without data on this will be the last update in which I make this mistake. Promise


Starting out


Welcome! You have just entered the small farming village of Hausville Population 40.

Noteworthy residents:

George C. Haus- A farmer and pioneer, Haus settled with his family and some deserters to start a new community. Elected mayor by his peers the city was named after Haus.

Age: 24

Political Party: N/A

Family: Married, 1 child Male age 3

Alexander Boyan- A business owner and pioneer in green technology Boyan is the owner of the local convenience store and designer and constructor of the local wind power plant.

Age: 26

Party: N/A

Family: Married, expecting

Tomorrow's update:

1 year into Hausville

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