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CJ2: Betano

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About this City Journal

my current project. 5 cities planned in the one region, each with its own individual characteristics and styles.

Entries in this City Journal


This week, i have been working on the main island most of the time. i want to fill it as much as possible with the 'first wave' of buildings as much as i can. the next term i will focus on growing Pellew.

Term 3 has achieved a lot, and i have redone a bit of work from term 1... quite a lot in fact. A lot of people here like to lay to city 'right first time', and also build their cities in reverse.... where freeways and railroad are laid first, and homes and offices last. this is not how i play, and this is not how the world does it. i will rebuild and rebuild over the top, a term i coin as 'waves'..

anyway, back to the show. their are some closeups this time. Yes, there is a lot of maxis in here at the moment, but i am limiting plugins at this time... sorry about that if you are concerned by them... think of them as pulp for the bigger picture.

BELOW:  i have defined the city limits for my region, and have planned out where and how it will grow. think of this as like council boundaries.

Lords has spread to the mainlaind on the northside.


BELOW: a new region map mod has been added, with better detail. here is the Lords Island transit map at this time:



ABOVE: this is the Passenger rail network. The blue network is the original centralised network, and the Red is the newer line i have added. it is independant of the old network and will most likely be more intercity, whereas the blue will focus on the island.

BELOW: here is the city view to date high rises are starting to grow, which i didnt want to happen, but will let pass. i have only turned on 1940's build style just recently...


-------------------------------------------------------------------- Lords closeups ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ok here are some shots of the Lords.

BELOW: this is the Home of the Region Mayor. Located on the Southbank of the City, a beautiful park splits the urban sprawl in two.



ABOVE: the main cathedral of the city, with its gardens. it is situated on the Northbank, and the pillar here represents where the whole city started from. it is the foundation spire

(yes i know lots of maxis here in this pic... but they wont be there for too long)




BELOW: the renovated Marriot line junction in Lords. it was lowered to split rail and road for faster times, and ease traffic flow



the Red rail line required a major engineering task... to build a 4lane rail tunnel. there was once a 2lane rail bridge crossing the cove, but it needed to go. now the tunnel allows for a better visually pleasing view of the cove entrance. i am not sure what im going to do with the coast yet, as a freeway may be needed, so for now its just open spaces and some res.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lane Cove -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lane cove was the second city on the island, and is primarily industrial. the first shipping docks have been built here for industry.

BELOW: the lane cove dockyards


BELOW: this bottleneck has been purposely made. i am experimenting with it in my region to learn more on pushing the limits of capacity





------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPARTA AIRPORT---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have finally built an airport... and by no means is this the final setup... located in Sparta, north of Lords Island it will service the east coast, with many expansions and refinements on the way in the future.


well thats it for this week... next term will be focused on the growth of Pellew, a de-centralized city plan.




TERM 2, Cosby

here is the new agricultural town of cosby. it has been made to remove the farms of Lords Island. this city is going to be low dense, and i am trying to keep it agricultural as best as i can.

before we all say it, i am not a agricultural guru like a lot on here. i dont care. this game is Sim City, not Sim farm, or Sim rural. i run this on a laptop, and im not going to fill my plugins with rural delights. i have to pick between cities and farms, i pick cities.

BELOW: here is the region shot of cosby before development.


BELOW: and here it is after a 2 day build:




BELOW: this is my freight rail network for the Cosby area


in the future, i will build a port area for the Cosby region, but for now it will be freighted to Lords. the POP of Cosby is around 80k.

this is just a quickie, im preparing T3 at the moment. a lot of development on Lords will be seen.


here is the start of my region. i am not a fan of over the top storytelling, but this is my plans. 5 different cities, so when i get bored of one, i will work on another. each will be built with different styles.

here is the first city, Lords. it is on the main island on the coast, and has 4 main districts surrounding it.


ABOVE: for the moment, i wont show many close-ups, but more regional development shots. Lords is settled on the big island, with the settlement of Pellew up river.

BELOW: Here are my plans for a rural farm city, with agriculture is the primary industry. the plan is to remove the farmlands from the island to help expand on urban sprawl. the proposed city of Cosby, will be a primarily low-dense city.


BELOW: i have decided to declare a vast area of natural vegetation as national park. this should balance out urban sprawl with mother nature.


BELOW: i have started a freigh-rail only system on the main island. i am going to experiment with seperating the rail network totally, no passenger rail will mix with freight rail. this outer ring is the only the beginning,



ABOVE: here an aerial shot of the Pellew settlements, up the river. More on this in the future.

So, there is the first early shots of Betano. more will follow, in more detail, and close-ups will come at a later date.

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