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About this City Journal

A City Connected By Bridges.

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Cue the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey because...

I'm back!!

Over the many months since the last entry, I have done away with the old format of focusing solely on one aspect of the city and have decided to just show you cool stuff in it.

Much has changed since last time, so I'll start off with a map.



1. City Eye Business District (NEW)

2. South Lake Chinatown (NEW)

3. West Side Financial District

4. The East Ridge Bridge

5. Mountain Slope Estates, "The Snake", and The East Ridge Financial District

As you can see, new developments have popped up in the South-East End. For some odd reason (pollution) high tech just wouldn't survive in the Eastern Industrial Zone, so city council voted to set up a new area for high tech industry in the then, undeveloped South-East. The only problem was, because it was developed away from everything else, there wasn't any reason to travel up there other than work or if you were lucky enough to own an apartment there. The South Lake Chinatown was built to fix that problem, to connect The City Eye Business Centre with the rest of the city. Perfect placed between the two, you can get some really good shots of both The City Eye and The West Side skyscrapers.

These are some pictures of S.L.C.T and C.E.B.C




Here is S.L.C.T. and W.S.F.D


As you can see, City Eye isn't as massive as West Side but it does look nice just sitting a top the city. Here are a couple of pics of both of them together.

This shot is from East Ridge-Valley Acres which are basically the growing suburbs of Jerolle. The city hasn't worked on them that much, but they will help balance the Skyscraper to Lower Building ratio. (If that is a thing?) Anyway, if you live in in East Ridge-Valley Acres, you get a spectacular view of 2/3 of the cities main Business Districts. (There's one hiding...)


The next shot is just east of the W.S.F.D.. I love this shot, it just feels so cinematic :P

(I just wanted to say, that the hotel in the Eye reminds me of La Grande Arche in La Defense, Paris)


So, that's it for now with The Eye and West Side, let's move on to a Financial District that I mentioned earlier that isn't always visible. You may not be able to see it, but The East Ridge Financial District is probably THE most important business district in town (that has yet been established). It's far away from the lake, like, REALLY FAR, but that isn't always a bad thing. It means that it's away from all the tourist in town, similar in function to that of Downtown NYC. People go to Midtown NYC to shop and such but all the business happens in the South much like East Jerolle. Tourist go to The West Side and City Eye, but all the business is up on the Ridge.


People who have enough money to buy the houses in the Mountain Slope Estates get a view the most spectacular skyline in Jerolle that can rival the West Side and City Eye double skyline (one picture up :P )


That curvey bridge you see in the middle is called Snake Bridge or locally as "The Snake". It becomes super dangerous in the winter due to ice and snow. Many time, city council have almost shut down the bridge in the winter because of this problem, but have decided against it because they figure it as a convenience for the people of Mountain Slope Estates, which was why it was built. I think they consider it part of the increasing popular trend of "Road Art". (A piece of road designing to not only be functional but also appealing to the eye.)

Speaking of "Road Art", here a glimpse of the finest piece the city has to offer (so far, because more are on the way!). The East Lake Overpass functions as well, an overpass. It connects the West Side Financial District with Highway Side Avenue (which leads to the South Lake Chinatown). In this picture you can see some of the roads of the Overpass but on the map you can see that it spills out into the lake. (You can also see it in the West Side/South Lake C.T picture)


Anywho, that's all from me at the moment, leave some comments and some suggestion on places that you want to see next. Au revoir mes amis :D


Hey :)

Welcome to my long awaited 2nd City Journal Entry!

I want to get right into this but I have to say a little note before we begin. Due to school, my City Journal Entries will be few and (unfortunately) far between. BUT, I promise to jam pack them with TONNES of photos and information. I just wanted to say sorry for that and your patiance will be rewarded well ;)


As promised I took photos showcasing the two bridges last seen in my teaser pic. Since then, I have named them The Residustrial Bridge and The Finandustrial Bridge due to the closeness of each of the bridges to their respective namesakes.

Seen below is a picture of where they lie on the city map.


As you can see, The Residustrial Bridge links the lower and cleaner Residential zones with the dirtier and noisier, but elevated, East Industrial zones. The same can be said about The Finandutrial Bridge as it links The West Side Financial District to the East Industrial zones as well.

So, here are some pictures of the two bridges :D Enjoy!!

The Residustrial Bridge

This is a picture of said bridge from the "Working Class", unskilled, neighbourhood just North of the bridge. Just barely rising above the top of the mini-mountain are the smoke stacks of The East Side Industrial Zones.


The picture below was taken just south- west of the bridge making the "Working Class" houses that the last picture was taken from, visible. Also seen in this picture is another bridge that will be showcased soon...


Underneath this description is what The Finandustrial Bridge and The West Side Financial District look like from The Residustrial Bridge.


And that would conclude our tour of The Residustrial Bridge. But don't worry, you WILL be seeing more of this bridge, oh yes, you will...

The Finandustrial Bridge

Below is a picture of The Finandustrial Bridge from the on ramp of The Residustrial Bridge. To the North (right) of the Finandustrial Bridge is the East skyline of The West Side Financial District.


Once again, below is a picture taken just South- East of The Finandustrial Bridge. In this photo, you can see more of The West Side Financial District. It looks so large because it's set up as a classic grid pattern following the main corridor running East to West.


Lastly, here is a picture of what The West Side Financial District looks like from the bridge.


Well, that's the end of our tour of The Finandustrial Bridge, but I still have a couple of other photos showing both bridges in the same shot.

Here are both bridges seen from one of the Skilled Worker High Rises on the North West Side of The Mid-East Junction. (Wow, talk about wordy :P )


And finally, here are what the two bridges look like from one of the many skyscrapers populating The West Side Financial District.


And that's a wrap! Thanks for reading my 2nd C.J. Entry and stay tuned for more!


As with last time, here is a teaser pic of what I'll be covering in my next C.J. Entry. Enjoy!! :D



Feedback is appreciated :)

Thanks for reading!!



Hello and welcome to my first City Journal (and post) EVER on Simtropolis!!!

Due to the fact that I have older pictures of Jerolle which is, at the time of this entry, already a mid-sized city (population approx.: 480 000), I'll spend most of the early entries familiarizing you with the city's different neighbourhoods and districts, famous bridges and spectacular views. Then after you know the city like the back of your hand, we'll move onto new updates and constructions going on in the city.

About Jerolle

Now that that's over, here's some information about Jerolle :D

Population: 480 000

Yeah, that's basically all there is to say for now... but don't worry, everything will be covered in future entries :)

And now... A TEASER PIC!!! ENJOY!! :D:D



Thanks for reading my not-so-good introduction :)


For the next entry, I'm planning on showcasing the two bridges pictured above. Stay tuned...

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