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About this City Journal

Watch Aleria deploy it's latest strategy to tackle the country's population boom.

Entries in this City Journal



City/Town Name: Geordun/The Barrens

Population: 73,741/1,000

Geordun has been a major settlement for a very long time and has prospered from the Aleria/Dangor Bridge across the Alerian Channel which is part of the border between the two countries of the Dangor Fleets and Aleria.


The Customs offices on the Alerian side of the Channel have a high level of security due to the high levels of immigration from the Dangor side of the Channel.

The level of immigration has caused the nation of Aleria to take large scale measures to reduce the problem, like straightening the coast to produce high, impassable cliffs. These massive changes took into account the towns large scale port facilities so a large cutting was made into coast.


This large town's skyline is dominated by the Police HQ, which operates much of the local border patrols, and the University of Geordun's tallest building and primary administrative centre. This region of the town is the oldest and has seen many changes.


Part of the town's main transport links is the M4 motorway which starts at the customs offices and has it's first interchange at Junction 1, linking the town with the rest of Aleria including the new town of Crosshampton. This part of the motorway is one of the oldest in the network with an unorthodox and inefficient junction.


Of course it would be a shame not to mention the town that on the other side of the channel; The Barrens as it is called is a small town with a population of 1,000 bearing many scars from the Dangor-Alerian Wars that Aleria most definitely won. The large craters are the remnants of the intense artillery fire that the country endured during that war. This region of Dangor has never truly recovered it's economy relying entirely upon the highway that passes into the rest of the country.

As the Dangor Fleets drives on the right hand side of the road and Aleria drives on the left the small junction in this town allows traffic to switch although this junction is unable to cope with the high traffic levels and there are plans to improve this junction in the near future.


The Alerian side of the border also has remnants of the war fought between the two sides, the SAM sites are still in operation along large parts of the border.




Village/Town: Old Firsham/New Firsham

Population: 150/500

As part of the administrations plans to introduce "new towns" to this region of Aleria several motorways and major projects have been started at great cost. To ensure the "efficiency" of the new transport network several pre-existing settlements have been labelled as "acceptable sacrifices". This entry details the current state of the village of Firsham and the changes it is facing as a motorway is built through it's centre and a new town is built.

With the new M3 motorway construction nearly complete and the A398 interchange so close to the New Firsham development there are no surprises that industry and other businesses have started appearing near to the junction.


Strong transport connections and the high influx of workers to the area has caused a boom in the local economy.


The Brewerspoons pub chain recently built a pub near the new junction and is anticipating large revenues.

The New Firsham Development is also incorporating many new facilities for local residents including sports venues and a steadily expanding shopping centre.


Firsham FC will soon be entering the professional leagues.

The sad side of this story, however, is the fate of old firsham; the village just a few short kilometers from the new development. The M3 motorway has ploughed right through the middle displacing several families and dividing the village in two it is only a matter of time before the village loses much of it's personality as a settlement with the church being completely separated from the cemetery by the new construction.


Protests have slowed work down in this area as local citizens became increasingly desperate in defending their homes. A large police presence in the area has allowed progress to continue however.

Come back soon to see the desperate measures the government have been making on the border to ensure that the population does not increase too rapidly and a few glimpses of the neighbouring nation of Dangor whose illegal immigrants are flooding many areas of Aleria.




Town/City: Crosshampton

Population: 5,769

The first town to be established as part of the "new towns" project; the town of Milton was demolished to make way for Crosshampton. Milton was an agricultural community and only a handful of farms remain as a relic of the old town.


And of course none of these farms are Secret Government Facilities...

The Town is currently divided into six districts with three more planned for development. Each district is almost completely self sufficient with it's own electricity and water supply, police, fire, health and education services, a bus network and a connection to the monorail network which the administration hopes to extend across the region.


District 2: One of Crosshampton's "Grids" Each of which has a population >1,000.

Five of the six districts conform to this model, however, district 6 was built for the purpose of waste disposal containing green recycling and plasma arc disposal facilities. This district actually makes the city air cleaner.


District 6: This district actually has a negative carbon footprint.

Finally, the town's main transport network has extensive monorail, bus services and the M4 motorway passes through connecting the town with the rest of Aleria. However, the dual-carriageway grid is what defines the cities' transport network and most of it's character, the dual carriageway has a unique numbering system of 'H' and 'V' roads the former representing the roads running east to west and the latter representing the roads running north to south.


M4: Connecting the town to the rest of the nation and a part of the R30 International route. The construction of this road has caused great damage on many rural communities.

Come back soon to see the next instalment: Firsham. A village devastated by the motorway construction and undergoing the early stages of redevelopment.

Notes: This town is *very* loosely based upon the town of Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, UK.

I will make updates on this town over time as it develops and expands.


Welcome to the Nation of Aleria


The Flag of Aleria

Aleria is a proud, island nation with a population of 60 million, this journal will follow the growth of a small part of this nation which has been nominated for the "new towns" project in an attempt to better distribute the nation's fast growing population.

This vast project is changing a vast landscape; tearing apart old, rural communities to be replaced by highly organised cities and transport networks. So ruthless is this project that villages have been ploughed through to make way for large motorways, entire towns have been completely demolished and rebuilt, even mountains have been moved to make way for this project.


Communities have been split in two by motorways and other developments.

Watch this experiment as the region struggles with it's identity as a once rural area, deals with immigration and a close, dangerous neighbour. We shall start with the "new town" of Crosshampton (coming soon):


Note: This is my first CJ, I hope you'll enjoy it, in this series I hope to simulate the kind of development that happened in late 20th Century Britain where "new towns" were built alongside an extensive motorway network. There'll be scattered "dead villages", vast grid-shaped towns and even a high security border; hope you like!

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