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Mariana City

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About this City Journal

A Suburban Paradise That i will be sharing with you over the next couple of days.

Entries in this City Journal


Hey Everyone and Welcome to Part 19 of My CJ. I got a Reply from someone in the last Entry about 'Retainer Walls' so decided to use my Freshly downlaoded Highway Sound walls to the test by Placing them along the A4:


Sadly I couldnt do it all without Raising Residential Homes so I decided to leave a Section Un-touched.

A new High Speed Rail Link (BTM (Bullet Train Mod)) was Created from the New Neighbouring city to Mariana :


This cost about 1/4 of the Cities Money and the City now has around $200,000 in the Bank.

In less Important News, A new House of \Worship was Built after Two Cristian Tribes (only name I could think of) Disagreed and Ended up in a fight. The first Tribe is Still called Christians but the Second Tribe is Called 'Catholics'.


Due to lack of water, a new Water Plant had to be Built Just outside the Residential Apartments:




Thats all for today Peeps, Any Comments Appreciated along with Links to Mods that you Think might fit in well with a particular Part of the City.

Part 20!!! Coming Soon!


Hey Everyone and welcome to Part 18 of my CJ. Longish Update so Lets Get started!

First off we Raised the Whole of the A4. This will act as a kind of Barrier Separating the Sububan Residents from The Apartments:


Construction Starts on the Apartments, Quite Big one as it Turns Out:


We get to Know how the Slope Mod Works:


We get to build a statue of the One, The Only, ME!!!


We then have to Build a quick Expansion (Lots of Demand!)


Thats all for Now, I maybe Updating Later on today but For now Goodbye, Any Comments Appreciated!

Part 19! (Were almost on 20 already?) Coming soon!


Hey Everyone and welcome to Part 17 of my CJ. This is a very short Update before a Series of longish Updates. So Basically, I decided to build a new Power Plant because 1: My town was running out of Power 2: I needed more Power for My Big Expansion in the Next few Parts.Anyways Heres a Quick Pic of the Power Plant:


Sorry About the Size. I am looking for a Downloadable Power station thats not Maxis Content.

Would Appreciate any Comments or Advise. Any ideas for a Powerstation would be nice, along with the link.

Part 18 Coming Soon!


Hey Everyone and welcom to Part 16! of my CJ. Today, I got really excited because I figured out how to get Add-ons in the Game. Thanks to Spidey or Rather (forgot the Name, Is it alright if i call you spidey?) for helping me get there. Well, since then i have Downloaded Plenty of Mods and Here are just a few of them:

The Burlington Train Station:


The Cul-Da-Sac Mod:


The Money Tree (off Mega Upload)


And I also Created this Tunnel using theHole Digging lots, One of My personal Favourates (sp?):


I also want to find a Sound Barrier wall for My Major roads (e.g. A1,A2,A3 and A4) so if you know of any that you would strongly reccomend, please send in the link in the comments. Feel free to ask for the Links for any of the mods and I'll try and get back to you with the link. Any comments would be appreciated. Don't forget to Rate!

Part 17 Coming soon!


Hey Everyone and welcome to Part 15! of My CJ. First off I recieved a comment from, ggmagus that I had a lack of 'Custom Content' when i havesaid Many Times, I CAN'T DOWNLOAD ANYTHING!!! Well, anyway welcome to Girton City: West Side. As I said this Part is A lot smaller, only about 5 Pics, so Off we go with the first Picture, An Overview of the place:


Now Girton's Major League Stadium situated right on the Edge of the River With a Screen for Boaters to Watch:


Sorry that I've got the Network open. The Main Residential Area, Again sorry for the Networking:


The Football Stadium, again located right on the Brink of the River:


Area 52:


And Finally, A night View:


Send in a comment But not one about lack of custom content!!! Please...

Part 16 Coming soon...!


Hey Everyone, Welcome to Part 14! Of my *Not so New* CJ. Today We Will be Visiting the Metropolis of Girton City. As I said, There are 2 Parts, The East side of the River and the West Side, This is the East Side. The West Side will be a large proportian Smaller becuase A. Its on the Smaller Side of the River B. I only started that Section this Morning. Any Way, in this Part We're going to see Some Awesome Plane Spotting Areas, Some Big Parks, and finally A busy State Fair. First off The Big Industrial Zone:


Right at the Top you can Also see The Passenger and Ferry Service and A Freight Port.

The High Tech Zone With a Beautiful Park:


Girton International Aiport With its Famous Plane Spotting Beach:


And a close up:


The Monstouras Residential Zone:


The Girton Golf Club and Conventian Center:


The Unerversity:


The Major Highway Linking up The Residential With the Industrial:


The Rail Line that Mariana uses to Link Up with Girton City:


The State Fair:


Thats all for today, The west side I shall show you tomorrow, Please Comment and Rate!

Part 15 Coming soon!


Hey Everyone and Welcome to Part 13! (Unlucky Number) of my CJ. Ok, I've had a few Comments about Extra Buildings I could Download or Some Modds i could download. Just to get this Straight, I cant get Modds/Buildings/Add-ons because My computer doesnt recognize ny of the files so it wont let Me open them to Install them. I've tried to Insatll SC4 on my old computer because that can run it but sadly this one Doesnt :( One last thing, I cant install it on my Old Computer because i have lost the Manual to the go with the Game.

Well, anyway Welcome to Girton Town! This one is a mid Sized city and is located directly North of Mariana, however I didnt get many Pictures because there are like 10 schools and i didnt want to go to everyone. I have got some Civics though and a few Landmarks but other than that that is all ive got. First off an Overview:


The Reginal Airport:


Sorry about the Size.

The Cities Casino:


The CIvic Station Located in the Industry Corner of the City:


Some Landmarks:


An finally, A night Overview:


Would really Apreciate if you COmmented and Gave me Some Advice,

Part 14 COming Soon, Word of Warning This is the BIG ONE! They'll probably be 2 parts on this one, then its back to Mariana to Build some Apartments!


Hey Everyone, Welcome to Part 12! of my New CJ. The Tour around My New Region Will only Conclude of the Residential and Commerce Cities because I have about 20 Industry Cities which all look... Well, The Same. First off A region View, Asked for By NMUspider:

Heres the Transportation View:


And the Normal View:


Total Population of the Region so far is 960,000 I'll hopefully Get it Up to 1 Mil By the End of to day!

Anyway, the city i want to show you today is Hindson. Hindson has Planty of Educational Recourses and is home to over 50,000 Sims! Baring in mind ths was a small map. First off an Overview:


It was Supposed to be day, But oh well,

Next is the Missispi Jr. School (That is How the School spelt, I know its not how the Rivers Spelt) :


Then , Central Park Hospital's (the first one got overcrowded so i had to build a second one) :


Then the City Hall and the Place of Worship:


The Local Police Station Sits Right next to the Tallest tower in hindson (so far) :


The Nursery/Kindergarten's (I'm english but have read some American books so just tell me if i got anything wrong) :



They Look very Similar especially when you put them together, In-fact i'm going to move them Apart.

Hindson Radio Station:


An Finally a night Overview:


Feel Free to leave a comment or a bit of advice!

Part 13! Coming Soon


Hey Evryone! Welcome to Part 11! of My CJ. For the Next few Parts i am going to be showing you around the region of Shedfordshire, Home of Mariana Town. First off Digville. This is another Suburban zone and is also where i tested the Garden to Garden Feature. Heres an Overview:


The Sleepy town of digville is home of the Holy Place of Worship (left) and a Resot Hotel (right) although the Nearest Airport is a 20 Minute Drive:


Digville can get a bit boring though:


Digville is Also Home to a High Roller Casino and is the only City in Shedfordshire Where it is Legal to Gamble:


Northville High School is a small school Located in the North of the city (Surprise, Surprise!):


The Corner of the City is reserved for High Tech Only:


OverView at Night:


WOuld Really Appreciate it If you Commented And Thanks For Viewing

Part 12: Girton Coming Soon!


Hey Everyone and Welcome to Part 10! of my CJ. In this Part of the Cities Story, We Opened a New Bus System that Travels over the whole Area:


Sorry about the Size there, We also Build a new Road Which will split the Suburban Rasidents From the Low Wealth Flats That are Going to Be Built in the New Part of the City:


Thats a bit Better, Anyway Heres is what the City Looks Like So far:


About that New Flat Devolepment. Send in your Thoughts on it and if you like the idea, say yes, if you dont, Say no! The Reason Why i decided to do it was because i wanted the city to go for and Urban feel as well as a Suburban feel. I'm just Thinking, once of done this City, i'll probably move onto the Next and show you around those ones.

Part 11 Coming soon!


lloydyboy232, Thanks!

Welcome to Part 9! Of My CJ, As you can see I have changed the way I am writing about the CIties compared to the First One. The Reason Why I am doing this is because I want to see What suits me Best so i'm trying out New stuff Everytime. I created a new City In the Region Which I might show you later on in my CJ, and the reason why i created it was because i wanted to try and Make the Suburban Areas more Cramped, Eg. Garden to Garden. In this Part of Mariana I have Tried that exact Approach and Have Come Up with this:



I also Built the New Rail Line Into Girton's Industrial Zone for sims to get to work Easier:


And The New Commercial Zone Was Built:


That Will HopeFully grow into a Nice SHopping Center for sims to shop at and get new Jobs. Aswell as all the this, Someone Mentioned in an earlier Entry that we should Try a bus System, so i have decided to put that as my No.1 project for the City. Feel free to comment and give suggestions and I'll Try and get back to you!

Part 10 Coming soon!


Hey Everyone and welcome to... Part 8! of my CJ Lets get down to Buiseness:

First off It was suggested by Neil Fairbanks that we build a new Place for our residents to rest in peace, so i built a Cemetry, Placed inside the new Residential Expansion, it fit nice and snug:


We have also Fixed the building type to New York after i wanted a more urban feel. Aswell as all this, all the sreets that have not been converted into roads have now been converted into roads:


Part 9 coming soon!


Before Time...

Mariana Was found in 1990 and was immedietly put under construction with the a1, a2 and a3 all being built along with many streets. The Area was then zoned, leaving half the city for Future Expansions. Before all this Mariana had been a Flat plain with the a1 running right through the city helping freight Pass from Girton Ind. to Millville. Those to cities are another story. This is what has been built so far:


All the Civics are placed and a quarter of the city Tile is full.

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