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About this City Journal

A recreation of the Slovakia, small, but scenic country.

Entries in this City Journal


Moving Forward

Hello everybody!

Even though left the sc4 gaming community more than two years ago, I definitely haven't gone latent; through the course of the latest two years, I experienced some of the greatest successes in my life yet, and I am still eager to produce more and more awesome stuff.

In late february 2012, my interest in sc4-related stuff gradually dropped, and I completely relocated to

deviantart, as a specialist on photomanipulation and digital maps. In july 2013, I finished my greatest project yet; the World - Imperial Decorative, the largest and most detailed world map poster ever drawn. After it got quite a solid popularity(20,000 views in 2 days), I decided to pursue this hobby even more, and make it a foundation of my future career.

After I completed multiple designs and translation of all the political maps of the world, I started to work on a wide multitude of new projects, focusing mostly on detail and innovation. In late november 2013, I finished

Map of the Internet, project that skyrocketed me to worldwide fame.

In late January 2014, the Internet map got to the deviantart spotlight, and subsequently it was featured on vast multitude of international media, including

dailymail, the independent, fox news and much, much more. I gave about 15 interviews to the media all around the world during the first week of february, I also started selling prints on zazzle to get some money on the side; I earned about $10 000 on royalties through the first month.


Few weeks later, I also created my own website,

www.halcyonmaps.com, you can find all my featured work there.

I also produced multiple other maps, including the Climate Change map and a bunch of historical posters.

After a few weeks, all my posters will be available on amazon.com, amazon.co.uk and all amazon european marketplaces, as high-quality 40-inch wide matte paper prints personally signed by myself. Price of all the prints will be around 37 dollars(46 dollars with expedited intercontinental shipping), large-scale 70-inch wide Imperial Decorative map posters will be available just for 80 dollars including shipping. After sufficient medial and online advertising, I think it could provide me a considerable sum of money every month.


Previously released major projects include:

-Map of the Internet 1.0(compendium of late-2013 internet)

-Map of the Internet 2.0(compendium of march-2014 internet)

-Political Map of the World-Imperial Decorative(up-to date, most detailed political map poster out there)

-Political Map of the World-Minor(Smaller version of the world map, available in three designs: Decorative, Chancellor, Tanezrouft and Livingstone)

-The World-Climate Change(Political Map of the World, showcasing the consequences of the 250 ft sea level rise)

-The World-1938(Detailed map showing political situation in January 1938)

-The World-1914(Detailed map showing political situation in January 1914)

-The World-1875(Detailed map showing political situation in January 1875)

Thank you for reading. If you want to support me, you can buy Map of the Internet 2.0. print on zazzle


Yours sincerely,



The Grand Finale

So, it is finally there!

At the start of this update, I present you one speciality, Great Overview of Slovakia in one pic!

Click this link to view the picture in fullsize

And now, let's proceed to the Grand Final Ceremonial. Sorry, but if you commented in last 24 hours, these comments will be not counted in posting awards, as I was counting them and finalising the ceremonial yesterday.







Now, to see your certificate, just click the link.










Schulmanator, and Full size Wirdle Portrait













Benedict, and Eastern Althena map in full resolution




Again, thank you all and hope you enjoyed the ceremonial. :ducky:


The Great Overview

So, after many months and updates, this CJ is coming to the end. But, this is still not the last update, although it is undoubdetly the largest update of this CJ ever. Then it will be the posting awards and then the final End Credits. But I thank you all, for enjoying this CJ from its start, to its close ending. In this great overview, we will look again on the areas of Slovakia, what were shown earlier in the updates, along with some RL pics. Enjoy this update. But first, the (again especially long)replies.

Emperordaniel: Thanks!

Skyscraper 241: Again, thank you.

K50dude: It will be on USNW soon.

Simarco: Yeah, it is really bad with romas over there, I think.

Fox: Yeah, it is like that in real life. Thanks!

Hahei: I will maybe post some in the future. Thank you.

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Spursrule14: Yeah, thank you!

This is full map of Slovakia, with the some areas shown in past 26 updates are marked.


Let's start at the first Sc4 pic of this CJ, what shows area of the historical city of Bratislava, and the Dome of Saint Martin.


The Dome of Saint Martin is really famous sight of Bratislava and well known building in Slovakia.


On the south of Bratislava are located many artificial lakes, previously used for mining. Nove Kosariska, where is popular beach and garden area is one of them.


Below the city of Bratislava is also located major Pannonian Lowland, being largest lowland in Slovakia. It is full of farmfields, because it is the most fertile area in Slovakia.


On the northeast it borders with Carpathian Mountains, what cover majority of Slovakia.


Further to the northeast, there are located minor cities of Nitra and Trnava.


Entire Slovakia is full of socialist tenements, what stand in almost every eastern European country.


Northwestern Slovakia is also known for large number of castle ruins there.


In the center of Slovakia are located mountains of Low Tatras, with popular Ski resort Chopok Jasna.


On the north of Low Tatras stand well known High Tatras, one of the symbols of Slovakia. Most popular area there is around Strbske Pleso lake.


This is the lake in one of the pics shown few updates before.


In High Tatras is truly beautiful nature...


On the east of High Tatras is located probably the most beautiful Slovak national park, the Pieniny.


In the region of Spis is also located second largest castle in Slovakia and one of the largest castle ruins in continental Europe, Spissky Hrad.


In the far eastern regions of Slovakia are also located two major cities, Presov and Kosice. Presov is the smaller one, but known for its beautiful, small old city.


Kosice is much larger city, being economical center of the area, with more than 220.000 inhabitants.


Below the Kosice is located major region of Zemplin, also known for the Zemplinska Sirava, popular bathing area.


Before few updates, we returned again to the city of Bratislava, the Slovak capital. The city has truly beautiful historical center.


Slovakia, as all countries in the world, is not perfect. Mainly on the east are located desolated areas full of criminality and poverty. Lunik IX is one of them.


If you enjoyed this massive Great Overview, don't be afraid of commenting or +1. There will be posting awards very soon. :ducky:


20 - Other faces of Slovakia

So, after looking on the most beautiful, interesting and popular areas and places in Slovakia, this CJ is coming to its end. It will be definitely soon, but there will be 4 final updates before it, so this is not the end. As all countries in the world, Slovakia is not perfect. In fact, it is one of these European countries what have quite big amount of poor people, social and financial problems, and also criminality. But still, it is often modern and beautiful country. But first, let's have the Replies.


TowerDude: Thank you!

Emperordaniel: Also thanks!

Huston: Yeah, really thank you very much!

Escilnavia: Again, thanks.

Fox: Thanks! I also really like these parking lots.

Simarco: Yeah, this is actually real city planning in real Slovakia.

1000000000000: Thank you! These tenements are processed Slovak tenement googlesketchups, of course only for personal use, what is legal and without problems.

Simbourgeois: Also thank you!

Hester: Really thanks! But, this CJ is coming to the end. Hope you will like the Greater Morsco updates then.

Slovak nature and forests are not always perfect and beautiful. In many areas forests were destroyed for paper and wood. And, wind calamity in High Tatras what happened in 2004, destroyed enormous amounts of forests, what will be recovering many decades. In area shown below, calamity was not very strong, and there are areas what are much worse.


Lots of slovak rivers and lakes are poluted by chemicals and trash, as it is in many countries. There are also some illegal waste dumps right near Slovak rivers and lakes.


Illegal trashyards can be also found in Slovak forests, mostly on the southeast. Many of them are located near industrial areas, and some also near Roma settlements and villages, what can be often found in Eastern Slovakia.


Slovak roma settlements and villages are full of criminality and poverty; they are one of the most negative things in entire Slovakia. Many of them are parts of larger villages and cities, and are located mostly on the central and eastern parts of Slovakia. Before many years, during the socialism, district of Kosice known as Lunik IX was built to house the people from nearby roma settlements. Now, it is very popluar target of criticism, with alarmingly high criminality, piles of garbage around tenements, what are in desolate state. Real life picture of Lunik IX can be found in the first update.


If you enjoyed this update, don't be afraid of commenting :ducky: . There will be posting awards at the end.


19 - Back in Bratislava

So, after our trip around Slovakia, we finally reached Bratislava again. Because the Capital of Slovakia really deserves more than 2 updates, this update will be also about the Bratislava. Enjoy! But first, the(now especially long)Replies.


Simarco: Thank you!

Towerdude: Also thanks!

Suomi2005: Really thank you!

Emperordaniel: Again, thank you very much.

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Janslaven: This Dialnica will now lead us back to the Bratislava! :ducky:

10000000000000: Yeah, thank you.

Fox: As always, thanks.

Escilnavia: Thank you! I also think so.

Simbourgeois: Yeah, that pic is actually least photoshopped one.

Kakado_to_save: But it is! :ducky:

Vlasky: Thanks! I think these BAT's are very good, because I don't know how to BAT.

Wraner: Also thank you.

K50Dude: Again, thanks! Just 4 E's - Excellent Inspiration, Eye for Realism, Enormous amount of Custom Content and Experience in Photoshopping.

Benedict: Thank you very much!

Pielover94: Thanks.

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Jason Ramos: Yeah, I am professional. But I will change the thing soon - this CJ is very near the final updates. But I will change it for something better - The Greater Morsco.

Jotauveefe: Thanks!


Packersfan: And again thank you!

So after the replies, let's begin with the update. As I said about half of year before, Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia with around 450,000 inhabitants, and it is located very close to the Vienna City. There are located only few buildings higher than 100 m, one of them is highest standing Slovak building, the Tower 115, called so because it is 115 m high(RL pic of this tower was shown in the first two updates about Bratislava at the start of this CJ).


Bratislava has also largest tram system in Slovakia, and with Kosice are only cities with tram system in Slovakia. Just near Old City is located Safarik Square, with Komensky's University located about 50 m down from the area shown on this pic.


Now, we will pass the Lafranconi Bridge across the Danube, and let's go to the Petrzalka. It is largest part of Bratislava with more than 100,000 inhabitants living in hundreds of tenements build in socialist times.


In the southeastern part of Petrzalka are also located two large lakes(althoug both artificial), Maly and Velky Drazdiak. Velky Drazdiak is located among the tenements and it is popular for bathers and runners. Maly Drazdiak is located near the forests, only with few houses located near it. Hovewer, it is very popular among fishermen.



18 - Region of Zemplin

Now, let's move to the far southeastern area of Slovakia, Zemplin. But first, let's look on the replies.


10000000000:Thank you very much!

Yarahi:Again, thanks! One picture in this update is truly heavily photoshopped. Guess what one :).

Janslaven:Also thank you! I don't know where it will be located, but it will be there probably in 2014 - 2016.


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TowerDude:That stadium is not finished yet, so I can't tell you :).

Huston:Really thanks!

Spursrule14:Also thank you, I hope I will get even more these awards.

Further to the south, there are less and less forests and agricultural lands starts there, in one of three Slovak Lowlands, the Eastern Slovak Lowland. Lots of minor villages are also located there.


There are only few major cities in Zemplin, largest are Michalovce and Stropkov. In both are located minor quarters with few tenements from socialist times.


Second largest lake in Slovakia, although it is artificial, is located in Zemplin, Zemplinska Sirava. In the summer, it is very popular bathing and sunbathing place.


Very close to the southern border is located lowest place in Slovakia at the river Bodrog. It is special river, because it is without source and it was created by two rivers joining each other.


And now, for the one of the final updates of this CJ, let's travel to the east by the few short roads and then highway back to the west, back to the Bratislava...


If you enjoyed this update, don't be afraid of commenting or +1 :ducky:. There will be posting awards at the end.


17 - Kosice, Part II

So after first part of update about Kosice, let's continue. But first, read(or not read) the Replies.


Yarahi: Thank you very much! These lines are street side mod along with some photoshopping.

Efkin: Yeah, it's not my birthday, I only said that elections will be on my birthday, what is on 10. March.

Janslaven: Again, thanks!

Schulmanator: Thanks! Hope you will also like this one.

Bluemoose: Thank you!

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Simarco: Also thanks!

In outer parts Kosice, there are also located many tenements, as it is in almost all slovak cities. As said before, Kosice has also extensive tram system, being one of the two Slovak cities what have tram system, along with Bratislava.


In Kosice is also located famous slovak Ice hockey stadium Steel Arena. Kosice is also future site of large football stadium, one of the largest in Slovakia.


Now, let's leave Kosice and let's travel to the far East of Slovakia, to the Zemplin Region. It is one of the most poorest areas of Slovakia, with large amount of hungarian and roma minorities. Slovakia has extensive train system, with connection to almost every major city, and it is often used by tourists. In outer suburbs of Kosice are located many "satelitte" villages, as it is in many slovak cities.


After leaving Kosice, this CJ is slowly coming to its finale. But don't worry, there will be still many updates until this will happen. Hope you will also like the rest.


If you enjoyed this update, don't be afraid of commenting or +1 :ducky:. There will be posting awards at the end.


16 - Kosice, Part I


So, after our visit to the city of Presov, let's continue to the second largest city of Slovakia, the Eastern Metropolis, Kosice. It has more than 200.000 inhabitants, and it is located about 50 kilometers from Presov. The largest cathedral in Slovakia, Dome of Saint Elisabeth is also located there. But first, see the replies, and map of Eastern Slovakia.

Yarahi:Thank you very much!

Escilnavia:Also thanks!

Skyscraper241:These buildings are from STEX ans Sc4Polska(Polish Sc4 site), you can easily get them.


Janslaven:Yeah, that statue is really famous for being very often painted and outfitted.

Spursrule14:Again, thanks!

10000000000000:Yeah, yes, Girafe's trees are probably most awesome ever made.

MamaLuigi945:Again thank you! As said before, Polish houses and buildings from STEX ans Sc4Polska.

Fox:Also thank you!

Simfreak1998Really thanks!

This map shows areas and places shown in last 5 updates.


Outer areas of Kosice are full of family houses, with lots of tenements. Kosice is also known for being Slovak capital of Steel, with huge factories of US Steel Kosice located just near the city.


In the center of Kosice, there are located many historical buildings, Kosice has largest historical downtown in Eastern Slovakia. There is also tram system in Kosice, with Bratislava being only cities with it in Slovakia.


Cathedral of Saint Elisabeth, also with many other famous city sights is located at the Central City square, and are most visited areas in Kosice.


Hospital in Kosice is second largest in Slovakia, as most of Slovak hospitals it was also built in socialist years.



Also, the early elections in Slovakia will be held exactly on my birthday. :D

If you enjoyed this update, don't be afraid of commenting or +1 :ducky: . There will be posting awards at the end.


15 - City of Presov

So, after the Teaser of the city of Presov, let's continue to the full update. As I said in second update, city of Presov is third largest city in Slovakia. Major city dominant is church of Saint Nicolas. But first, you can read the replies:

10000000000000: Thank you very much! Full update is there!

Fox: Thanks!

Spursrule14: Thank you!

Simarco: Again, thanks!

Yarahi: Also thanks!

Daan300: Thank you for commenting!

Let's begin just near the central square. Majority of buildings in this area were built in 18,19 and early 20.th century, but some buildings from 17th century can be also found there.


Major Church and dominant of the Presov is church of Saint Nicolas, one of the largest churches in Slovakia.


Further from the center, buildings are beginning to be more new, and major part of city is covered by one floor or even ground family houses.


Out of the city, there are also located few villages, they are mostly minor. Also, river Torysa, one of the minor slovak rivers passes this region.


And, let's leave the region of Presov, and let's visit the city of Kosice, second largest city of Slovakia with more than 200.000 inhabitants. There is one major highway connecting these two cities, but there are also many minor road communications.


If you enjoyed this update, don't be afraid of commenting or +1 :ducky: . There will be posting awards at the end.


City of Presov - Teaser

So, after lots of natural updates, let's continue to the major cities on the East. First one, located more to the north is the city of Presov. It is third largest city in the Slovakia, and it is also located very close to the second largest city, Kosice. Full update will be soon, now I am showing you only the Teaser. Enjoy!


If you enjoyed this update, don't be afraid of commenting or +1 :ducky: . There will be posting awards at the end.


14 - Northeast

So, after the update about region of Spis, we are nearing the far northeastern corner of Slovakia. It is located just near Poland, and it is one of these not well known areas of Slovakia, what are attractive mostly because of national park Poloniny.

But first, the Replies:

10000000000000: Thank you very much! Remember 4 E's - Enormous amount of custom content, Eye for realism, Experience on photoshopping and Excellent Inspiration.

Yarahi: Thanks!

Panthersimcity4: Also thank you!

Hahei: Thanks! the map is from internet, I photoshopped some things on it.

Spursrule14: Again, thanks!

Fox: Also thanks!

Jmarshall: Yes, skill. And also 4 E's :D .

Huston: Wow, really thanks!

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Jotauveefe: Thanks!

About 50 kilometers from Spisska Stara Ves is located one of the largest cities in Spis, Spisska Nova Ves. It is minor Slovak city, with about 20.000 inhabitants. On this pic, building of gymnasium can be seen on the upper part of image.


Only few railways pass across the Northeastern area, and almost all of them pass Spisska Nova Ves. This area is full of forests and meadows, with only few villages or towns.


In the far northeastern corner of Slovakia is located national park of Poloniny, major parts of it are also parts of Poland.


There are generally lots of forests in Poloniny, but also some areas without forests, with trees standing mostly alone and sparsely.


And finally, we will take a short trip to the Poland. About 300 miles from Poloniny lies famous polish national park of Bialowiez forest, with largest populations of European Bison in Europe.


If you enjoyed this update, don't be afraid of commenting or +1 :ducky:. There will be posting awards at the end.


13 - Region of Spis

After many natural updates about the High and Low Tatras, we are slowly reaching areas of the eastern Slovak cities, Presov and Kosice. But first, we will look on the one of the beautiful natural areas in Slovakia, located in Spis, small Slovak region located just near Poland. But first, the Map and Replies:


Halenbyname: Yes, they are from the LEX, and they have been made by magnificent Girafe. I think they are best trees ever.

Prens: Again, thanks! And I think you also may enjoy this new update!

10000000000000: Thank you! And congratulations, you found the Easter Egg mentioned in the update before.

Spursrule14: Thanks!

Schulmanator: Let's go! We are nearing the Far East of Slovakia right now.

Hahei: Thank you very much!

Fox: Really thanks! You also found the Easter Egg, congratulations! And also, welcome in USNW!

Huston: Wow, thank you very much!

Testuser1234: Thank you!

Now, we will leave the area of High Tatras. There are not many roadways connecting Spis with western areas, and they come across major forests, and many of them are not the best quality, though.


Final destination of these roads is small town of Spisska Stara Ves, what is looking more like a village than a city. At some areas are located few tenements, but entire town is full small houses with large gardens.


Spisska Stara Ves is also surrounded by farm fields, mostly wheat ones.


Across the city and further is flowing small river of Dunajec, one of the two Slovak rivers what later join Visla and Baltic Sea. Rest of them end in the Danube and Black Sea.


To the east, only about 4 miles from Spisska Stara Ves is located one of the most beautiful, although smallest national parks in Slovakia, Pieniny. It was mostly formed by river Dunajec, and in present times there are still many traditional rafters.


If you enjoyed this update, don't be afraid of commenting or +1 :ducky: . There will be posting awards at the end.


Special: Nature of Slovakia II

So, after the new set of Tatran updates, let's have another special on overall Slovak Nature. In this update, we will look on natural areas from the far north of Orave, to the far south, near river Little Danube. All pictures there were made using Sc4, although some may don't look so. And if you will look carefully, you will see one "Easter Egg" there. But first, the Replies.

Simbourgeois: Thank you very much!

Jetty Jockey: Thanks! I think you will also like this one.

10000000000000: Also, cacks thought that 4.th pic there is not sc4 :D .

Fox: Again, thanks!

Whysomadyo: Thank you for commenting!

Skimbo: Thanks!

Adrianor: Also thanks! I think you will also like these non-winter ones.

Spursrule14: Thank you!

So, at first let's begin close to the High Tatras, in the area of western Low Tatras. There are still located many forests, but many of them will be not there after few decades.


Between the Low and High tatras is located one of the largest Slovak lakes, but this is artificial, created by the water dam. It is called Liptovska Mara and is popular bathing and sunbathing area, one of the most popular on the north.


More to the south, southern than Low Tatras is located Central Slovakia, with many wheat fields and forests.


And now, only for one image, let's look again on the Southern Slovakia. There is also located branching river of Danube, Little Danube, what is creating huge island Zitny Ostrov. The river flows across many floodplain lowland forests.


And at the end of this update, I present you picture of the one of many pastures on the Orave, the northest area of Slovakia, hilly, and with colder climate.


If you liked and enjoyed this update, don't be afraid of commenting or +1 :ducky: . There will be posting awards at the end.


12 - The High Tatras, part II

After first update about the area of High Tatras, let's continue further. The High Tatras, as said before, is one of the most visited and popular areas in Slovakia, with beautiful mountainous nature and landscape. But first, the replies.


There are also located large ski resorts Stary Smokovec and Tatranska Lomnica. Lomnica is the larger and more visited one, and is also located on the mountainside of magnificent Mount Lomnica, second highest peak of High Tatras.


In the entire High Tatras, there are located many mountain lakes, what were created by glaciers at the end of last Ice Age. Areas near them are very visited, Strbske Pleso is also one of them. They have incredibly clear water and they are often frozen in winter.


Eastern part of High Tatras is lower than central part, and also less visited one. But there are still many beautiful landscapes and areas, mainly in winter.


On the far east of High Tatras, where it meets lower areas in Orave, are located many valleys, mixed and deciduous forests, and also many beautiful streams and river springs.


And finally, real life image of the magnificent rocky and icy mountains of the High Tatras.


Hope you enjoyed this update!


11 - The High Tatras - Part I

So, after visiting entire southwestern and central part of the Slovakia, let's advance to the second part of this CJ. As in the first part, we will begin with two part update on the one of most popular and visited areas of the country. In first part it was city of Bratislava, now it will be area on the north from Low Tatras, the High Tatras, where is located highest point of Carpathian mountain range, Mount Gerlachovski, 2.655 m above sea level. But first, the Replies and small map.


On this minor map, places of the areas shown in the last 5 updates can be seen.


There are many areas and valleys with beautiful nature in high Tatras, through many of them are flowing mountain streams, including rivers White and Black Vah.


Second highest peak in High Tatras, Mount Lomnica, is one of the not many peaks there with Cable car leading to the top. This cable car was a world rarity when built before many decades, and now it is still frequently used.


On the higher parts of the mountains, when not covered by snow, they are covered by rocks, grass, and typical flora of High Tatras.


Second largest natural lake in Slovakia and most beautiful one is Strbske Pleso, located in the most visited area in the mountains, with many hotels and tourist attractions. But there is still beautiful nature...


Last picture I will show you is real life view from the one of peaks of High Tatras.


There will be much more shown of this area in future updates.


10 - Low Tatras

So, after the introduction and teaser update, we can continue to the full update. We will now look on the Mountains of Nizke Tatry. They are second highest mountains in Slovakia, with highest peaks Dumbier and Chopok(what is much more visited). There is also located one of the largest Slovak ski resort - Chopok Jasna. At first, we will look on the lower part of the mountains. On the hillsides are located many so called "rock avalanches" or fields.


One of the not many lakes there and largest lake in the Low Tatras is lake of Vrbice. It is medium sized lake, what is only sometimes visited by tourists.


One of the largest ski resorts in Slovakia and largest in Low Tatras is Chopok Jasna. It is popular among tourists, mostly from czech republic.


It is located on northern hillside of mount Chopok, second largest peak in low tatras. It has more than 5 major chairlifts and over 20 skiing ways.


Low Tatras are also beautiful in summer, I present you impressive view on the mountains from the one of peaks there.


And finally, I present image of another part of frozen lake Vrbice in winter.



Low Tatras - Teaser

So, after few months break, I am returning to this CJ. We still have many areas to look at. Let's continue further to the north. There is located second largest mountain range in Slovakia, the Low Tatras. It is beautiful natural area, with high mountains, lakes and streams. There is a teaser image, we will continue with full update later. Await much more from Low Tatras!




So, now let's travel more to the north, to the true central Slovakia. Largest city there is undoubtely Banska Bystrica, with about 90.000 inhabitants.

It is often considered one of the most attractive cities in whole Slovakia. But first, before we will get there, let's look again on the map of Slovakia.


There are two main highways to the city, most important being south one.


Banska Bystrica itself is much smaller than Bratislava, but there are still many important and nice places.

There is also big amount of old tenements, mostly in the city parts Foncorda and Sasova, both being major parts of the city.


Finally, there is overview about the center of Banska Bystrica.


This was only the beginning, there will be much more in next updates!



So, now let's go further north for a while(but we will return back south soon), and let's look on the typical Slovak nature there. 40% of Slovakia is covered by forests, and there are also very beautiful rivers, streams and rock formations. So, let's look...

Further north from Banska Stiavnica there are many mountainous areas, mostly volcanic-based, covered mostly by forests. There are also many cities, like Banska Bystrica, what will be in the next updates.


And hundreds of tourists come everyday to the forests of Slovakia.


There are also many natural reservations and areas with huge rock columns and formations, like Sulovske Skaly.


Just near High Tatras begins longest river in Slovakia, the Vah, more than 400 kilometers long, as a small river.


Finally, as a bonus I present my largest mosaic yet, mosaic of area near Banska Bystrica.








So, now let's leave Nitra and go more to the southeast. To the city of Banska Stiavnica, and areas near it. It is one of the most famous slovak cities, and it is even in UNESCO. It was one of the most important Slovak cities in history, as a mining city. It has really beautiful historical center. But, I will show you only one picture:


Before centuries, there was heavily mined gold, silver, copper, and other valuable metals. But, currently all mines are tourist attractions. In the past, there was also very prominent mining academy.


The water what was found in the deeps was pumped to the special areas, and created very deep, but beautiful lakes called Tajchas.


Just near the city are located another famous Slovak places, for example Ochtina Aragonit cave, largest of the three aragonite caves in whole world.


In the whole Slovakia, there are also many ruined castles from the medieval age...


Near the city lies The Sitno Peak, what is considered one of the most beautiful peaks in southern Slovakia. Near the top of peak are located huge forests, and also many sheep pastures.


And very close to Banska Stiavnica is also located Betliar Mansion, beautiful palace built by the Andrazsy family in 17.th century.


Hope you enjoyed this update!



So, now let's go further to the west, to look to another regions of Slovakia, and two major cities there, Nitra and Trnava.

Bratislava is connected with Nitra by highway D1, largest in Slovakia.


The Trnava is not large city, and not very interesting, so I will show you only this historical city picture, with Church of saint Mikulas.


After short visit, we transfer to Nitra, another regional city of Slovakia. There is also huge amount of old socialist tenements, with city parts

entirely composed of them.


Although they are very old now, most of them have been entirely renovated.


Before 30 years, concrete tenements were built in all cities of Slovakia, often after destroying many beautiful historical buildings.


But, there are also many family houses with gardens, mostly built on the Zobor hill where is television tower.


The tower itself is not very big, but it is major landmark of the city, what can be seen from 40 mile distance.


Nitra is also known for Agrocomplex, the place of showcases and exhibitions of Agriculture, and sometimes furniture and vehicles. It has capacity up to 15.000 people.


Hope you enjoyed this update!



To better understand where were some important places from previous updates, there is map of west Slovakia.


Now, let's stop for a while with Slovakia, and look on the Danube River. It is very important for Slovakia, because of transportation, natural fertile land gained, and also recreation, what Danube provides. Because it is Special update, I will not focus on Slovakia. The river Danube begins in Germany, in Schwarzwald as a small stream, and after that small river.


It flows as a small river through land of Germany, joining many other rivers, and growing in size.


Many important and big cities were built on Danube, including (of course!)Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, or Ulm.


After that, it comes through grand Vienna, beautiful historical city just near Bratislava.


Just near the Bratislava, there are many lowland swamp forests near the Danube, with many rare animals and plants present.


Last picture there will be city of Budapest, the capital of Hungary, known for its massive, beautiful parliament. We will not go further, because, of course, we are going to return back to the Slovakia and continue on the further east.


If you enjoyed this update, please comment!



So, after leaving Bratislava, we may continue to the south. It is known for huge amount of gardens and family houses, owned mostly by inhabitants of

Bratislava and surrounding villages. Many highways pass this area.


Many gardens are also build near the Lakes, very popular are these near lake "Nove Kosariska", only about 25 miles from Bratislava.


The Pannonian, also called Danubian lowland is almost whole covered by farms and farming areas. Most of Slovak wheat is harvested there. It

is warm, quite dry, and at some places swampy. There are also many natural reservations, mostly swamp ones. It is not very popular for tourists.


Further north, between the Czech border and little Carpathia mountain range is located region of Zahorie, where grow many pines and it is also very sandy. Many farms are also there.


And, we can now leave the Bratislava region, and take a rest in the largest aquapark in the whole west Slovakia, what is located in Senec. Hope you liked this update!


If you enjoyed this entry, please comment. At the end of CJ, you will get beautiful certificate.


5 - Devinska Nova Ves


Just few miles north from the Bratislava is located another very popular place, mostly among inhabitants of Bratislava. The Devin castle and Sandberg.

And just near them is located city of Devinska Nova ves. Most of buildings are new family houses and old socialist tenements. It is also known for

"Massacre in Devinska Nova Ves", when insane gunman killed eight people, in february. The Sandberg, what is just near the city is most famous Slovak archaelogical locality, where can be still found fossils of shells, monkeys and whales from early cenosoicum.


Near is also located famous Devin Castle, build in 8.th century and rebuilt many times, but now it is ruined. The small tower of Devin was before the Slovakia entered Eurozone on slovak "50 halier" coin.


Just near this castle river Morave joins Danube, in area known as "Devin Gate".


Devinska nova Ves is small city, often considered part or suburb of The Bratislava.


It is not very visited, but many inhabitants of Bratislava have gardens there, and most of people there travel everyday to work to Bratislava.

Finally, I present you the Mosaic of part of Devinska Nova Ves. Enjoy!





If you enjoyed this update, please comment!

Next coming: The Danubian Lowlands


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