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An american city in the east coast

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Well kids, I decided to get back and work on my old region.

I started this region in march 2011, almost 2 years now. But i stoped some months and started another regions, but this one is my gem.

The population so far is 6.390.000 and counting.

And this is the current region.

Sorry, no larger version =(



Breu Part 1


jotauveefe: I loved the street just by the river! Buen trabajo Paulo, me ha encantado!

A: Gracias amigo!

Schulmanator: Looking good

A: Thanks once again!

ee99: Cool! The water and canal look amazing

A: Thank you! i like that too

iuri99: Muito Lisboa ?? Mas que nome hein garoto xD Haha mas a cidade ficou ótima, até o Pallazzo Melendres "empobrecido" ficou harmonioso no cenário. ;]

A: eu sei XD eu queria colocar o nome de "Sooooo Lisbon", então traduzi pro portugues :P e valeu!

kable_pablo: i love Santa Maria Church !!!.. Muy hermoso ! realmente muy hermoso!

A: Muchas Gracias! :)

Breu Part 1

1. This is the area, it is served by 6 subway stations, Blue and Red lines.


2. New Grand Station, in the late 19th century.


3. Today


4. Saint Anthony Church in the 1920's


5. Today


6. Cross Park in the 1920's


7. And in the 80's


8. Cross Park


That's it for part, stay tuned for part 2!


Muito Lisboa


TowerDude: Esta la cuidad muy grandes

A: you haven't seen anything yet :D

jigsaw: looking fantastic. i have been studying the history of New york, and this CJ does it credit. i have found DEM data on Manhattan before colonisation that would be great to use in SC4.

check out 'mannahatta' or 'gotham: a history of New york".... great pics and well researched history

A: Dude, i have seen all the pictures of Manhattan from the 17th century :P, it was smaller. And thanks! The history of NYC is just amazing.

Schulmanator: Nicely done! And I like the historical retrospective.

A: Thanks. The game gets more interesting with some history ;)

packersfan: Great job. Love the historical flow. Something that did not pan out in my journal as I wanted.

A: Well, i studied A LOT about everything, when things were invented, etc, and of course the NYC history.

Jololee: COOOOOL


bwong: love the usage of the highway urban set! (not sure what its actually called... but yeah)

and by golly, picture 7 reminds me of the urban sprawl in England!

A: Thanks! I love how London was sooooo dirty a few centuries ago :P

Muito Lisboa

This neighbourhood is colonized by Portuguese, they arrived in 1820 and started to built their houses in that spot. There are just a few houses with Portuguese architecture, which is sad.

1. Muito Lisboa is served by 1 Subway Station - Blue Line.


2. The same area in 1827.


3. Santa Maria Church, 1827.


4. Today


5. An old house survived.


6. Some street in the 19th century.


7. Some buildings with Portuguese Architecture.


8. Street in front of the canal.


9. Typical New Buckingham architecture.


That's all for today, a small update, nothing special in this area.

Hope you like it, and comment pleae :)




9988: I really like many buildings there, awesome city! I also think that this small amount of maxis stuff there should be even smaller. 8)

A: Thanks.

1000000000: Not a busy traffic day on the highway huh? Great work on the Downtown and transit systems! I think the diagonal sewalls are a bit problematic though. I think that Church in the first pic is also oddly placed...

A: I probably took those pictures with the pause on. And the church might seem oddly places because the city was not planned.

escilnavia: Q: Cool, what city is it. A: A city kinda like Frankfurt, awesome update, hope to see more soon.

A: Well, aqui está :P

randomuser2349: By one subway station do you mean one subway line?

A: Well, yes, just one subway line passes over that area.

IL: Where did you get that tiled ground under the highway. Your city looks very nice btw.

A: Thank you. I couldn't find the link but its name is "SFBT Stadtautobahn".

bwong: I was texting while simtropolis loaded and freaking dropped my phone when i saw your preview. I have yet to send that text. LOL. this is good. this is VERY good.

A: HAHAHA Thank you very much!!

skyscraper421: Looks cool!

A: Thanks!

pooky969: Were i can find this HSBC tower ? Thanks, nice city :)

A: You can find it here

rtyb: Where did you find that...3 Lane One-Way??? I really liked it, and it perfectly fits what I'm currently missing...

A: It's part of the NWM - Network Widening Mod, you should download it ;)


I must warn you before reading this, Byeana is a BORING area, there's nothing interesting here LOL. SO don't be mean.

People say that you will always go through Byeana when going from north to south or vice versa, which is true.

1. Area. It is served by 7 subways stations, 3 lines: Yellow, Red and Blue.


2. Expressway through Byeana


3. There was a train station here before, it was demolished.


4. Byeana is an area full of block houses, it is kind of depressing.


5. The same area in the 19th century.


6.German architecture.




That's all folks!



Schulmanator: This is certainly a nice area. And, BTW, I like your current avatar. :ducky:

A: Thanks! The church and the park makes that area nicer :P NYANNYAN

Towerdude: Esto es la cuidad de New Buckingham, esta so New York ? :O

A: Si y No, esto es solo el mapa de New York.

7891122562059523: It is really realistic, considering that you tried to mix poor with rich, this is very good. And also, your city looks an american one! Indeed! :):thumb:

A: Thanks! It's so good to read comments like yours XD

bwong: Nice stuff!

Just wondering, how did you get the straight edges? Did you really take the time to go between God Mode and Mayor Mode to make it?

A: Thanks, and yes, i terraformed all the coast line.

ggamgus: The city is very nice. Um, I'm not criticizing and I'm not implying anything behind this question: On the fifth picture from the top, did you mean to have all those Maxis buildings? I mean, I really enjoyed this entry, but honestly, I didn't really like that repetition. Ah... just a little detail, there... 5/5. :D

A: No, it was not intentional, my city is all growable, not plopable, so i can't choose the buildings, but as i said before, i'm using maxis buildings because thats the style i wanted, New York and Chicago.

escilnavia: Nice man, it reminds me of a metro German city. Good job. :thumb:

A: Cool, what city is it?

simtalay: nice one bro

A: thanks bro :P

421: What a beautiful city! I love it! Somehow, the first picture reminds me about New York! :P

A: thank you, yes it does, the map is of NYC.

Jasmin / Industrial District

Well well, Jasmin, a commercial neighbourhood, was before, in the 19th century, an industrial district. How the area around it was developing with houses and the pollution was very high, they decided to destroy it in the 20's, and they built a new and modern neighbourhood.

1. Part of the area before.


2. And today. Jasmin is served by one subway station, Red Line.


3. The first skyscraper to be built here, in the 30's. It is the highest point of the south part of the city.




5. The NB Transports Company Office.


6. Verizon Building, a telephon company.


7. The ExpressWay, it was built in the 70's, conecting to the northern espressway, you can go from north to south, and vice versa.






10. HSBC Building before the construction of the ExpressWay, with parks and trees.


11. And today.


That's all folks, please comment if you liked ;)




escilnavia: Wow, beautiful city, how long did it take you to build?

A: Well, i'm still working on this city, so that would be 6 months.

vivapanda: It is an amazing neighbourhood, especially the biking path is some great dutch work ;)

bu the timber framed house and the name/style of the church seems more German to me, being Dutch myself. But beside the name it is awesome!

A: Thanks, well, i think i made a mistake choosing those apartments then.

111222333444: Nice to see that :D

A: oh, thank you! :D

NMUSpidey: I think Maxis made some really nice buildings. I don't mind seeing them pop up, the only problem arises when there's too much repetition, which I honestly don't think is a problem in your cj. Another nice update, by the way.

A: Thank you very much for this positive comment!

Schulmanator: Looking good. Keep up the awesomeness!

A: thanks! I will :P

emperordaniel: Very beautiful! The third pic is the best imo :thumb:

A: Thanks! :)

Konieboy: I come from holland, and I have some comments to make:

The houses are indeed german, and the "first buildings constructed" are much more new yorkish, so you won't find any of this houses in a typical dutch town. When you search for "Amsterdam" in the STEX, you'll find much dutch houses which fit in your town very well.

The church is also very german. Again, if you search for "Dutch church", you'll find much. Besides, the dutch word for church is kerk.

Besides that, it looks pretty good!

Urkrelgrue: Roermond actually lies in Limburg very close to the German border so it isn't odd that it 'looks German'. I don't think you'll find many churches like the one u used in holland (i.e. the area around Amsterdam and Rotterdam) where most of the people who settled in the new world came from. It looks awesome but it doesn't look dutch; maybe a canal and canal houses would help.

A: I think i was not clear there, the corner buildings were suposed to be dutch, but someone said before, they are german, and that church i found as being a dutch churche, so it is not my fault.

wiecher: I see a lot of people having comments on the church, saying that they are Dutch and that the church looks German.

But apparently, they don't know their country that well, because that church in the picture is the Munsterkerk in Roermond.

I like your CJ and it looks perfectly realistic as a Dutch settlement in the new world.

A: Oh snap! and thank you very much XD

Whysomadyo: Lol, people never see anything with a gentle eye. Always searching for the most minimal errors to criticize. The church is actually Dutch, but the row houses are more new york, but still fit in so well i dont really care :P Really nice!

A: That is true. Again, i was not very specific about which houses i was talking about.


Gold is a neighborhood created in the 18th century for the rich people in the city. Well, it was, first, but then it became crowded and mixed, with poor and rich people.

This is the area. It is served for only 2 subway stations, Yellow Line.


2. An old school from the 18th century.


3. This is the area created for the construction of the mansions, they don't exist anymore.


4. Saint Bartholomew Church


5. The area around the church and the NB Cemetery.


6. Some apartments from the 19th century.


7. Some old houses made of wood.


8. Grand Central Station, the first station to be built.


9. There was a building where the rail is now, but they had to demolish it for the construction of the rail.


That was Gold, a very nice neighborhood.

Please comment ;)


New Holland


dabadon5: Looks really sweee, i love that density

A: Thanks! :D

kakado_to_save: Looks good!

A: Thank you :)

Towerdude: Esta la CJ dela perfection !I love the time comparison for the two blocks, it looks great

A: Thanks, i personaly like to compare old and new pictures XD

NMUSpidey: That's great for the low-wealth buildings: riverfront location! I sense some gentrification in their future, for better or worse ;) . Nice update!

A: Well, they are still there today, but who knows what can happen?

ThomasSimpson: Nice pictures, I like your work a lot. :)

A: And that makes me very happy :D

emperordaniel: Very nice! :thumb: And thanks for the link btw ;)

A: Thanks and you're welcome.

New Holland

Well, how the same says, its a dutch comunity in New Buckigham. The ducth arrive in the city in 1710 and they founded this small village, far from the rest of the city, but now it is surounded by buildings and makes part of NB.

1.An overview. New Holland is served by 3 subway stations, Blue Line.


2. An old picture




3.That's Kamel Kirke, a church built by the dutch people, their temple.


4.Some of the first buildings constructed.


5.A bike path in front of the church.


6.That's the first baseball field built in the city, around 1840.


7.Cheap homes at New Holland.


That's all for today, hope you like the neighborhood, there are apartments for rent ;)

Please, tell me your opinion.

AH, btw, i would like to say that i used a lot of Maxis buildings because the style of the city is from New York, so the buildings are perfect.




1000000000 - That seems a bit advanced for 1810, but whatevs :), Nice job on the region so far! I love the train station in the first picture. :thumb:

A: Yeah, i agree that it is a bit advanced. And thanks.

Towerdude - Paulo, esto es la plaza dela muerte es vida ??

A: I know what you did there :P, thanks for the tip!

escilnavia - nice city man, I like the harbor and the statue ;). I was also wondering what tree mod you had, thanks

A: Thanks. I use PEG Pine tree mod.

bluemoose - I like the formal park plan, and how the city developed around it.

A: Thanks. I like it too!

NMUSpidey - That's a very nice update. The last picture, is that a train station? If so, where's the rail? Anyways, that is a beautiful park, and it's laid out quite nicely. I wouldn't mind visiting it someday!

A: That is a subway station, the rails are underground. And thanks!

IL - So weird how a dirty polluted understrual area called "Jasmin" :O

& poor areas called "gold"

A: Well, it WAS a industrial district, now its a commercial area called Jasmin ;), and Gold because that area WAS a rich neighborhood.

Emperordaniel: Beautiful update! :thumb: If you don't mind me asking, where'd you download the statue of Christ?

A: Thanks! Sorry i only found this one http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/2869-brasil-corcovado/

OrdinarySim - Really like how the city has evolved.

A: Thanks once again :D

There is nothing much to show about Highland, there aren't many landmarks and monuments here. But let's begin.

This is the area. It is served by 4 subway stations, blue line. (The numbers are a reference to the pictures)


1.The white building is the New Buckingham Stock Exchange, founded in 1830. And the Golden Building is the first bank founded in the city, the US Bank.


2. This is an old and important hospital, the building made of brick was built first, and the hospital at the west side was built in 1970. You can stop at the subway station, blue line.


3.Those houses are called the golden block, an entire block filled with those houses.


4.Those are the first low health blocks built in the city.


And this is an old picture of them.


Hope you enjoy it, and thank you very much for all the comments!


Middle Park

Ah, the middle park, the gem of the south part of the city.

Middle Park is served by two subway stations, red line.


A view from 1850.


An overview on the region in 1810


This statue of Christ was a gift from the italian people.




Typical New Buckingham station


That's all folks.


Queen Elizabeth

This the neighborhood called Queen Elizabeth.


Location in the city.


The area, Queen Elizabeth has 2 subway stations.


The Old City Hall - You can see in the old pictures how some buildings are still there today, compare both pictures.



First Big Square



Triangle Square



The old reservoir, it was built to catch the rain water, there is two bridges over it, now they are closed to cars.


The highest commercial building in the neighborhood


The South American and European Embassies


These ways behind the buildings are very common in the city. Now they are used to people use drugs in some bad areas.


The Old Public Market, now moved to the north of the city



That's all folks! Stay tunned.


Ello, i'm gonna start to show New Buckingham area by area, each neighborhood.

Let's begin with Queen Elizabeth Village, where it all started.

Check it out the location at the map below.

Click here for zoom

This is the area.


Let's look some old pictures and how it looks like today.

Queen Elizabeth Church





You can note that the streets are the same.

Aquare Fort

Between 1670-1680




It changed a lot don't you think?

This is the NB Historic Centre, some of the fist houses built in the city, it's a protected area, it can not be changed.


The first seaport is also protected and conserved, so are the ships used in that age.


There a lot of old houses all over the city, as you can see here those Dutch Houses.


Old apartments in front of England Bridge's entrance.



The bridge helped the east side of the city to develop.


Thats the only subway station in QE Village, serving the Yellow and Red Lines.


That's all for today, stay tuned, and comment if you liked ;)


1800 - 1810



looks authentic ^^

Danke Schön :D


Nicely done... good work on the photos and the map

Thank you! Once again


How do you make the photos black and white, it looks really cool

Its really simple, any photo viewer can do this.

1800 - 1810

*This post is more about facts than pictures*

The city didn't grow much in the last 50 years. From 201.677 hab in 1752 to 212.707 in 1810. Now it has 260.000 in 1810.

The Black Death (thats what Google translated, idk IF its right) in Europe prevented that immigrants moved to New Buckingham and the Independency War of USA left tausends of women alone, so, you know, they couldn’t have child. But with the end of the war the population increased in 70.000 people LOL.

In 1801, Thomas Jefferson is declared the new president of The United States of America.

The cities got more modern, not just New Buckingham (NB), but in all North America. The trash is now send to sanitay landfills, every house has running water. But the pollution just increase.

NB is now divided in 10 neighborhoods, 2 of them are industrials, the Industrial Disctrict and Rivoli, the last one hás the biggest sanitary landfill, the other one is in Quarentine, but they are trying to clean it.


This is a quick map i made.

The highest building of the world is built, the “Top of the World”, with 15 floors, counting the roof. It is possible to see the entire city from there.


England Bridge start to be built and it is concluded still in the same decade, it took 9 years to be built and its the longest bridge in the world. 500 men worked in the bridge, but 30 of them died. The architect of the bridge was Marc Albert, the same that made the Top of the World Building.



NB won a gift from Italy, a giant statue of Christ, in gratitude of left the Italian people to live in USA. The statue was installed besides Highland, and the area got the name of Middle Park, the biggest park of the city, with 300m length. The top of the statue is the highest point of the region, with 55m high.


And the region view.



1700 - 1710


Ordinary Sim

Indeed it is fun!

Keep up this CJ at least until the industrial revolution, please!

Yes, i will :P


Esto es la CJ dela Photoshop ?

hehe! no it's really good and your cities are well built.

Danke Schön Herr Eduardo de las Torres :D


Gostei do photoshop velho =D

Obs: Escrever "Queen Elizabeth 1698" no paint não é tão facil quanto parece

É, como naquela época não tinha computador e impressora, escrevi a mão mesmo :P


Great work aging those pictures. Nicely done.

Thank you! :)


Wow!!! Such awesome picture editing and a realistic town, excellent work with the realism! Keep up these fantastic updates!

Thanks, is so good to hear (read) that!


Great work, Paulo!

Thank you Sam! :D

1700 - 1710

It’s founded the first public market, where the farmers and fishermen sell their products, like fruits, greeneries, fish, fleish, sauces, milk, cheese, salami and ham.


The Quarentine and Little Italia neighborhoods starts to grow. The actual population is 57.000 inhabitants.

The city is kind of going down, because of the violence and the dirt on the streets.

With the imigrants coming, thinking that they would get na easy job, they unfortunately got unemployed , and then started to steal. Quarentine is the dangerous neighborhood, the criminals go to Little Italia to steal, from time to time, someone could hide into a ship and go to Queen Elizabeth. But what was really terrifying the city was the murders.


The buildings are getting in a large number, housing a big number of people in a small space, in bad conditions. Those buildings doesn’t have bathrooms, or ventilation, that causes diseases and epidemics.





The yellow fever, that contagious Quarentine, its starting to spread for all the city, because the criminals are going to another neighborhoods.


Small clinic in Little Italia

The first cemetery of the town was constructed.


Saint Bartholomeu Church

The Mayor decided to change the name of the city to New Buckingham, as a referee to the Buckingham Palace, in England, symbol of power. Also, the city is now divided in more neighbourhoods. Now the English part of the city is divided in: Gold, High Land, Industrial District, Queen Elizabeth and Elizabeth Village.


Enjoy and please comment.


1690 - 1700



paulo is back with another great historical CJ !

Yes i am, thanks Brian!


Wow I just went through all previous entries of this journal and I'm so inspired by this!! Excellent work with everything, your photoshopping skills are fine tuned! And great work with the town in this entry, it is a great representation of the past and highly realistic of that time period! Keep it up!!

Thankssss! That makes me happy, and forces to keep with this CJ.


Esto es la CJ dela realistica historica ???

Why do you keep making me questions? XD


Very inspirational. Great update!

Thank you, good to hear that

1690 - 1700 (Now without cars!)

The population grew very fast in the last 10 years, the population in 1700 is 39.843 inhabitants.

People started to plant food, because London stoped to send it to Quenn Elizabeth, its like if they don’t care about the city anymore. The farms were built in the north part of the city.


Imigrants from another countries, especially Italy, are coming to the city. The mayor William Shartner created a law that says that all Italians must live in Little Italia, but they can work in Queen Elizabeth, because they don’t want to mix the races.




Dio Cristo church and Plaza Italiana

All the imigrants have to pass throught Gate Island, that has a Center where they must go. There, the illegal immigrants are send back to their countries. The ones that stay, have to make medical examination, the sick people go to Quarentine, a far neighbourhood north Little Italia, where they have to live and work there, they cant go to another neighborhoods.



The last decade of the 17th century was marked by two big fires, that hitted the industrial region of Queen Elizabeth, destroying 2 blocks of factories and killing 30 people.


With the population getting bigger, it was decided to build a City Hall, where the mayor Willian Shartner governs the city. The building has a tower with a clock, the only one in the city and reference for everyone.


Between 1690 and 1700, around 7 women were burned accused of being witches. They were burned in front of 10.000 people, like a show, in front of the City Hall.



This painting shows the drama of one of those women. (unknown artist)

Have fun! History is fun


1680 - 1690



I always like seeing historical updates. Nicely done

Thank you very much, i really apreciate your comment.


I think those apartments look too modern. I still like this post, though

Thank you, look the comment im gonna make down there, it explain why those buildings.


i agree with ordinary sim... but the city looks great very realistic..

Oh, thank you very much!


Great update, love the evolution of the roads.

Thanks, its so cool to see the city improving.


There are no cars in the year 1680 !!! The automobile has not yet invented until 1895. Also, These apartment buildings are some based in the 1930's. I think you went too fast on the years, decades and, centuries, like a time machine. I am not going to follow this anymore

I know there is no cars in that time, but unfortunately they come with the lots that have parking lots and i cant do nothing about it, what is sad. About the buildings, i searched about residences in the 17 century, and they dont look too modern, i think you guys tought weird that such a small city already have those "tall buildings", but like i said, the city is governed by London, so they bring all their tecnology to New Buckingham. Here some pictures of the residences.



Hope you change your mind and keep reading it.

1680 - 1690

The city grew significantly in this last decade, the population now is 16.525 inhabitants. Queen Elizabeth is growing to the north direction.


Now the city has a school, hospital, water system and industries.

King Elementary School is the first school built in the city. It teach the kids from 6 to 10 years. Children above 11 years old already are in work age.

General Hospital only has 4 doctors. That is way too less for the population, that suffer of several diseases caused by the dirt of the city.

The Englishes brought from England some business men to place their factories in the city, generating thousands of jobs, the industries pollutes the air.


First Big Square is a “big square” where the population goes to relax in their free time. It has a fountain in the middle with an angel.


Because of the big demand of water, and the river’s water is salty, it was needed to built a rain’s water reservoir to supply the city. All the residences have running water.


The city is growing vertically, buildings with 7 floors can be seen in the horizon, and they keep growing, housing more people in a small place.



Triangle Square is a square in the shape of a triangle with a statue of a mermaid, that protects the sailors.


Random Pictures


Did you remember the church? Look how it is now, 20 years later.

igreja1670.jpg 1670

newbuckinghammay1312129.jpg 1690

Thats all for today, hope you enjoy it


1670 - 1680



looks great :)

Thank you very much! ;)


I always have been a sucker for historical content.

Between 1500-1900 imperialism shaped the very nations that are now leading the world. Keep up the good work and you'll have a reader for a long time.

Its hard to find them! And hard to use them too, there some historical buildings with parking lot :| as you can see in Aquare Fort. Hope you keep reading it, it keeps geting better.


I really enjoy your emphasis on creative historical fiction. This really is interesting and accurate on life of the 16th and 17th centuries. Congratulations!

Thank you, keep reading it ;)


Remember me Age of Empires 3.

lol, so true!


Yep, life was VERY boring those days... anyway, great CJ and hoping for the industrial revolution.

Yeah, there is a industrial revolution in this city!

1670 - 1680

In 1680,the population of Queen Elizabeth was 6503 inhabitants.newbuckinghamaug2051299.jpg

The cityfounded its first school, The Elementay School, that attends children from 8 to12 years and teach them all about working in the farms. With 13 years they endthe school and go to work.


Most of theresidences are houses of 2 floors, but some buildings with 5 floors were built,the city is quite evolved in the constructions.




The AquareFort was built, in roman style, it has 4 observation towers, so the observerhas a privileged view of the region.


Around1678, the earth streets were replaced by rock streets, because the populationgrew and in the rainy days, 6500 people walking on them , turned the streetsinto mud rivers, getting the city and the interior of the buildings dirty. Thestones were collected from the rivers around the city.


Some of thefirst houses and the square were preserved in honor to the bravure of thepeople that scared the Spaniards away from the town, the houses keep strong,just like the population.


The PigHead Tavern is the first city bar. It is actually a disgrace to the city, themen abandon their families to drink with their friends, get drunk and fight.There was deaths already. Theres a legend that says a woman called Joan Birmigwas almost raped by two guys inside the bar, she killed both. What they didn’t knowis that she was a gunfighter from west USA.


Some industries were built in the city, owned bybritish men.newbuckinghamsep2406129.jpg




"esto es la CJ historica ? :drool: nice pics and good story :ohyes:"

Yes, esto es el CJ histórico :O and thanks, im glad you liked!


"Great! This CJ is brilliant already. The custom content looks amazing, and nice Photoshopping too! 1.gif"

Thanks a lot SAM :D, your comment is very well welcome.

Ordinary Sim

"Great CJ. Keep'em coming!"

Thanks for the comment, again. I hope it will come for a long time!

1670 - The Fire

In a nice summer afternoon, the village was surprised by two ships with the Spain coat of arms.They stoped and started to simply burn the houses.


“We came in the name of the King of Spain to revenge the theft of our lands, no one should live in it!” Screamed the capitan.




Fortunately, people who work in the farms runned away to the forest. There was some deaths.

Howthe habitants were in much more people, they managed to fend them off.

After that dayit was decided that a fort would be constructed to protect the island, and the houses should be made of stone and brick.

PS: i know this CJ is boring now, but it will be just untill 1860 XD, after im gonna use trains, cars, planes. skyscrapers, Hey, life was boring in those centuries :|


1660 - 1670



"Just to be picky, the Spanish coat of arms you used on the message is the democratic one, established in 1981 if I remember well. There have been several official ones since Philip V's "unification", before this king, all different kings used their own coat of arms (and some of them are quite cool, you can see them here [link]).But if you don't know this, it looks very nice!"

Yeah, it's more interesting if you know even a little about history. I didn't know about the coat of arms, i just picked the first one i saw :P, but thanks for the explanation, its very interesting, i liked them very much. I will pay more attention the next time.


"Esto es la CJ del la muerte del senor Eduardo de las Torres ?"

No no, este es el CJ del Señor PAULO de la muerte del inferno del diablo. :P


"Great effects on the picture. Well done. And don't worry about your English. It's not bad at all and far better than my Portuguese"

Thank you, its a special touch isn't it? My texts in portuguese sounds so beautiful and inteligent, and then i translate to english and sounds like a 6 years old boy talking about history XD


"pretty good, like Schulmanator said don't worry about your english it will be fine."

Thanks! I hope you guys understand my point, what i'm trying to explain D:


"I too like history in CJs, and I also think that you should not worry about your english, as everybody uses globish in ST.

Great old spanish! (¡Me ha encantado tu castellano antiguo!)"

Thank you, it makes me feel more comfortable. It is old castellano? LOL i did'nt know about that! :P

1660 - 1670

England sent settlers to the new land, farmers,lumberjacks, woodworkers, bricklayers and of course, their women and children.

First they built hovels to live, made of Wood and straw. In 5 years they had built a village, that they called Village Queen Elizabeth, in tribute to the Queen. The village has a square with flowers and trees, it’s a relaxing place after a long day ofwork.


The village in 1664, the square at the center.

They began to plant food like wheat and sugarcane, fruits and greenery.


In 1664,the little earth streets were extended to wider streets, but still made of earth.


In 1665 was built the seaport, because the trafic of ships got heavier. It made easier the coming of workers and immigrants, and food also.


In 1670 was built the first village’s church, Queen Elizabeth Church, with english style. It has a bell, that was used to signal the beginning and the end of the work period. The church is the biggest construction of the village. Every sunday morning there are cults, made by the priest.


The village has a square with flowers and trees, it’s a relaxing place after a long day ofwork.

The population in 1670 was 445 inhabitants.


First of all, this is a CJ for people who likes to read. I'm sorry for my english, it's not very good, so i asked some help to google translate (and noypi07 XD)

45.gif, it's all google's fault!


On a travelto Brazil, Juan Castro Nunes was surprised by a storm on the sea. He and hisfleet was in four ships coming from Spain with the objective of exchange goods inSalvador. The sea was in fury and it was not possible to control the ships anymore.


On the next day, Juan notes that they went in a kind of bay, the land was flatand not populated. Juan wondered if the king would be interested on thisland. How they didn’t know where they were, another ship would mark thepositions of the stars and would tell where this land could be, the ship wouldback later, bringing the king’s answer.


PS: i used google here again, sorry if this is wrong.

The letter says:

"King of Spain, I must say that i discovered new lands. It's probably an island, because its rounded by water. It has so much nature. I send you this news if you are interested. I'm gonna wait your answer."

Juan waitedfor two months until the ship back, meanwhile he went to recognize the place withthe help of a cartographer, who drew a map. The area looked like a long island,with a bay right in front of it, without mountains or hills.


The map, 1654.

The ship was returning, but Juan noticed that the ship contained the London’s flag. TheEnglishmen welcomed them and told him that the king of Spain had sold the landto the king of England and that Juan should back to his country because hewould be awarded with a medal for his discovery.

Juan wasvery pleased and returned to Spain.

To arrivein Spain, Juan went to see the king and asked him about the land, the king didn’tknow anything about any land. Later they reach the conclusion that the 4thship was intercepted and destroyed by the British, who read the letter andfollowed the direction right to the location saying that they bought the land.

The kingwants the land back, He wants revenge!

I really would like to know your opinion, please, leave a comment, it never killed anyone, until now 41.gif



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