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Bergerland Election Series Part 2: Party Manifestos Released!

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PLEASE NOTE: None of the following contain all or many of my political views, especially that of the FICTIONAL party Bergerland First. These are not what I think. I must make this clear! Oh and I apologise for the spelling mistakes, photoshop doesn't spell check text xD

All of the six major Bergerland political parties have now released their manifestos. They are as follows:

Please give all the parties consideration and vote for who you think should lead Bergerland. The vote will be cast on the 9th of November 2011 on Simtropolis.com Please note that the last poll was only an opinion poll and not the actual vote.







Development Notes: I am really happy with the way that the manifestos manifested themselves into something quite beautiful. I hope you all enjoyed reading them and I hope you all stay tuned in the election series.

In order to make this as realistic as possible, I created some that look great and some that look awful. This is an immitation of real life, as in the last election here in Scotland, there was one party who's manifesto looked terrible when it came through the door. I hope you will be able to look past the quality of the manifesto and chose the best party. Don't just chose the one with the nicest manifesto! The crap BPN manifesto is not down to my lack of skill, but there for realistic purpouses. I also put a lot of effort into trying to put contrasts between them and I think that will make the TV debate dialogue a lot more interesting. I hope you come back to have a look at it.

Please give me some feedback! It is reallt apreciated.

This City Journal is being discontinued. Sorry 'bout that!


Samerton, ee99, merv.lis, ludde09, Towerdude, Schulmanator, JBDT, Evandad, BEK1: Thank you all for your encouraging support! 9.gif

yarahi: I'm pleased that you like it! I'm looking to make it even more Norridc! 2.gif

Bunzie_16: It's all in your head 2.gif ko xD

heitomat: Haha, I have more of a soft spot for SV in Norway xD

Simolemon: I hope you enjoy the manifestos, make sure to check back in the next update for the Live TV debate dialogue! 9.gif

TekindusT: Hey thanks, I'd really like to see your logos 9.gif

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Dude, sweet newspaper, ever think of joining the Times of Troix, we're recruiting, just contact 111222333444, and tell him that I sent you, I hope to see you there! :thumb:

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Here is what I think about each party:

[b]Green Party:[/b] I think it's great that you are switching to renewable energy. I also like that you are planning to make universities and colleges fee-free! I would definitely enjoy those sorts of policies, especially in my country...

[b]Labor Party:[/b] The one thing that grabbed my attention was your focus on ridding those filthy sex offenders of comforts (longer visiting times, TVs, video game consoles, Internet access, etc.)!

[b]Bergerland First:[/b] The policies that you fascists are planning to introduce are absolutely disgraceful, especially for a country as swell as it is. My country would give you the deathly needle if you are known to even have connections to the fascists who are begging to oppress Bergerland! No votes for you fascists! >:(

[b]BPN Party:[/b] The idea of instilling completely free health care with no strings attached is simply marvelous!

[b]Red Party:[/b] Confiscating land from the rich and giving it to the public? Umm... :???:

[b]Conservative Party:[/b] While it is obvious that expanding the airport using money from the transportation budget leaves none for road maintenance as it is now, the idea of giving the airport to the private sector and letting [i]them[/i] do it from there is a definite money-saver (it won't be eating up the transportation budget)!

My vote is for the Conservatives! :thumb: As always, I wish every party good luck in the upcoming election.

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Wow, thank you for that brilliant reply! This is the sort of thing I was waiting for! :D I hope you enjoy the TV debates which I am about to start writing :D

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Love the manifestos, they are really realistic! OK here's my opinion about each one:

[b]Green Party:[/b] Great ideas. It's hard to believe that there are still countries without free college education, so it's good to see there's a party that cares about universal access to education and health + great logo! Olav Askerdahl's foreword is quite uninspired, though.

[b]Labor Party:[/b] It seems they've run out of ideas, the sex offender's prison comforts are just not as important as to be mentioned in the manifesto. The tendentious graphs that make the progress look bigger than it actually is, are specially realistic in party manifestos.

[b]Bergerland First:[/b] I'll just say it's sad that this kind of parties are being increasingly voted across Europe.

[b]BPN Party:[/b] Although it has some good ideas, it looks inconsistent and without much ideological background. Also, "however" must be followed by a comma ;)

[b]Red Party:[/b] First of all, don't like the picture of Marx XD. Having said that, the content's not that bad. Total equality may seem rather unreachable but it's ethical.

[b]Conservative Party:[/b] Quite a known speech! I could never understand conservatives' obsession with tax cutting!

Anyway, my vote votes for the greens :D

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I like how much work you put into this!

However, I am a little disappointed with your communisty party manifesto. You know, far left wing parties DO have proper manifestos, not just rhetorics. But that's another discussion. I don't know if it's just me or if you put less work into this, which to me seems kinda biased. Then of course, I am biased myself. There were a few things on their manifesto that did not make sense to me - such as cap on immigration, that's not a "red party" claim at all, more for the conservatives. Because cap means you set a limit for how many immigrants a country takes in, right? Which does not fit with their ideology. I think you should've focused more on actual demands in their manifesto and the financial crisis/lack of jobs because of it, which naturally would be one thing they would care about.

Bergerland First scares me. Death penalty for rapist? Banning mosques? I sure, for your city's sake, hope they don't win. :P (Not that I believe they will, most people on this site seem kinda sane.)

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I'm sorry about the commies manifesto xD I wanted your opinion but I couldn't get hold of you xD I don't know a lot about communism. I was just going to put any errors down to the party trying to score brownie points xD Maybe you can review the TV debate which is almost finished now.

Oh, and yes, it's quite scary that 5 people have voted for them so far. I hope it's because they are stupid and only voted because the logo is nice :L

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I would love to review the debate. But now you have to base the debate off the manifesto anyways, I suppose :P

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Given the information provided in your party manifestos, there appears to be no ideological party "home" for me -- just like in real life! I'd like to know more about their specific economic policies. But it's a relief to consider real issues, however pretend they may be, instead of the noise that passes for politics sometimes in the good ol' USA -- e.g. whether Rick Perry had a few drinks before giving a speech in New Hampshire or where Barack Obama was born. Ugh.

ANYWAY... for whatever it's worth, I cast my vote for the center-right party.

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