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About this City Journal

My first CJ, This will cover the city-state of Henenval. A fictional independent City-state that exist within the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Entries in this City Journal


The main terminal of Henenval International Airport and parking areas


A broader view of the airport terminal structure


The station at the bottom of this picture is the terminus for the High-Speed rail link

Please note these photos are taken during building of the airport, hence it is not yet fully complete and the commercial areas are not zoned/developed.


Firstly replies:

Vivapanda - apologies about taking to so long to respond, thankyou for your postive feedback and yes that is Amsterdam CS :)

Towerdude - I agree the city does need more buildings (it also needs more people given that the current population is 0) but these screenshots are from the development stage (the current stage) of the city :P

Tigeria - Yep the photos are more to focus on the Mass transit and glad you like it :)

DC - Thanks your positive feedback, glad to see you like the GLR. Hope you like these ones as well

Now a map!



Blue = CAOV's Eastern Tram Line running between University and the City Zoo

Red = CAOV's Southern Tram line servicing the southern suburbs of Centraal and connecting University and West Interchange (where you can transfer to the Green Line)

Green = CAOV's Western Suburbs Line, running between West Interchange and Karl Platz this line has some of the highest ridership levels in the CAOV network

Yellow = CAOV's ring-line, mainly operating as a subway network the yellow line runs between the 2nd and 3rd ring roads occasionaly surfacing.

Grey (Both shades) are NS's inter-district services (High-speed North to South and Normal rail West to East)

Dark Purple = Connexxion's GLR Line 1. Designed to fill in the gap between CAOV's Yellow and Blue lines the Connexxion Line 1 serves a large area (however riders are required to pay a surchage for travelling on a private service)

The Turquoise (I think that's the colour) = Connexxion's GLR Line 2 Servicing the outer Western Suburbs and linking with the Connexxion Line 1 this line is perfect for those who live in the newer part of Centraal (again a surchage applies)


A Connexxion station located on Line 1, as mentioned in the previous entry Connexxion converted many of the original NS train stations to GLR


Ring 5 interchange station between the two Connexxion Lines.


The ring 3 interchange station between CAOV's Yellow and Red lines along with a Yellow line station, as you can see both lines sink underground after the interchange in an effort to save space (and to help pass under the canal network)


Lastly a look at Centraal station again, the elevated road is one of Centraal's dedicated busways that run the whole length of the city


CAOV, Connexxion and NS present

The Centraal Public Transport Network


Consisting of several tram lines, bus routes with specially dedicated bus-ways and a large subway network; Centraal's rapid-transit network is jointly operated by CAOV (Central Public Transit Authority) who manage the bus and subway networks (and some tram services) and Connexxion (a real-world Dutch company) who provide other tram services, the rapid transit system is the easiest and cheapest way to get around the district.

Inter-district train services are provided by NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen the Dutch national rail company) who operate regular services to the commercial centre and hi-speed services between the Port and Airport Districts.

History of Centraal's Mass-Transit

Originally starting off as a simple series of bus routes and ferry services along the Canals run by CAOV and a commuter rail service operated by NS the public transport system underwent a major overhall in 2035 with the huge influx of refugees. The canal network was ripped up and the ferry services removed, NS abonded their above ground rail network and sunk it underground, they now only provide inter-district services. 4 New CAOV tramlines were established to provide relief for the now congested road network, and a new company entered the stage. After sucessful enterprises running mass-transit in the commercial districts of Henenval, Connexxion decided to provide services in Centraal. Establishing two private lines and converting many of the NS above-ground stations to light rail the Connexxion GLR service is now a leading player in the Centraal Mass-Transit network.

Now Pics:


A basic map of CAOV's 4 tram lines. The Yellow Ring line, the Southern Red line, the Western Green Line and Eastern Blue line.

This was a hastily made basic overview a more detailed one will be added later (or in an alternative entry) there is actually an interchange missing between the yellow and red lines.


The tram interchange located near Henenval university sees large commuter levels, serving as the terminus of both the red and blue lines there is very little that can not be reached from this station.



On the opposite end of the Blue line is the City Zoo and Centraal's power station. The zoo enjoys large vistor levels thanks to the CAOV networks that connect to it (along with the Blue tram there is a bus route) and the hi-speed station located next door.


One of the busiest stations on the blue line (hence the parking garage located right next to it) as you can see the trams run in roads (and on top of streets) with stations buit directly into the road as well a clever space saving idea of the CAOV.

Lastly a picture of Centraal Station and the HSR station located nearby, Centraal Station is not serviced by any tram networks (neither CAOV nor Connexxion) but is the hub for all bus services within Centraal Henenval (you can see a CAOV bus in the picture)


That's all for now more pictures soon :)

Oh and if anyone could tell me where I could find an elevated bus-station to use with the NAM road puzzle pieces that would be greatly appriecated :P


Some replies:

Samerton - Thanks for the positive feedback :) this is my first CJ so I was a bit apprehensive of how it'd start off there's pics in this entry :P

Vivipanda - Bedankt en Natuurlijk I'm half-dutch so I wanted to create a Dutch-based CJ.

Welcome to Centraal Henenval!

The largest residential district of Henenval and the administrative capital of the city-state is Centraal Henenval (sometimes refered to as simply "Centraal") located in the centre of the Kingdom the majority of Henenval's 2.5 million citizens live here.

History of Centraal

Centraal was the second district of Henenval to be founded (in the year 2021) and quickly became a popular place to live for the locals. As the years went by Centraal grew larger, an expansive canal network was constructed in 2025 and rail traffic boomed. However in 2035, troubles on the old continents resulted in a huge influx of refugees pushing the city's population to it's current levels and putting strain on the now limited space. As a result of this many of the original canals were filled in and built over, leaving the current canal system as a shadow of it's former glory. The rail line was sunk, carparks began being built underground and a new rapid transit network was constructed to provide relief for the over-used roads.

Centraal Henenval Rapid Transit

More of the rapid transit system will be discussed in later entries.

Consisting of several tram lines, bus routes with specially dedicated bus-ways and a large subway network; Centraal's rapid-transit network is jointly operated by CAOV (Central Public Transit Authority) who manage the bus and subway networks (and some tram services) and Connexxion (a real-world Dutch company) who provide inter-district and tram services, the rapid transit system is the easiest and cheapest way to get around the district.

That's all for the update here are some pictures of Centraal Henenval is it's devolopment stage.



As you can see the city is still in the process of being built, population figures are not present figures rather those that I hope to achieve.


Introduction to Henenval

HenenvalWelcome.jpgWelcome to Henenval!

Henenval is a semi-autonomous city-state located on the coast of the Oegensfeld Sea. Its offical name is "The Kingdom of Henenval" and its motto is "For the People, of the People"

Founded in the year 2020 on the new continent, Henenval started out as a small community of Dutch settlers before expanding to it's current size and being granted autononony in 2040. It is now the largest city in the Dutch colonies with roughly one-and-a-half million people living in it's Central district with another one million in the outer-suburbs. As a consequence of this commercial and industrial business boomed and the Kingdom is a major hub for all sorts.

Henenval is divided into 16 districts as shown below



Ind = Industrial

Comm = Commercial

Goensford Island is a mixture of an Industrial and Residential area (the Residential zones are on the island, Industrial on the mainland)

Well that's the basics of Henenval, further entries will focus on each of the districts (starting with the Central District)


The Following Mods/Addons will be used extensively in this region:

NAM - Network Addon Mod

NVM - Network Widening Mod

RHW - Real Highway Mod

HSRP - High Speed Rail Project

BSC Canals - Self explainatory

BSC Parks - Self explainatory

BSC Raised Parks - Self explainatory

Radical Ordinance Mod - Increased demands, removes pollution, decreased crime, increases health and education. This is NOT a natural growth region!

PEG CDK - Custom Seaports and Harbour fronts.

Simolean Mod - Not sure which one but increases starting simoleans.

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