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About this City Journal

A near Natural Growth CJ showing the first beginnings of buildings in a region

Entries in this City Journal


** Closed **

I recently upgraded back to Win 7... I had 2 forms of backups for all my data... one was corrupted and the other didn't have the region on it... so this CJ is closed.  Not going to even try rebuilding it.

I'll start a new CJ when I get the chance.

I figured I would post one last image showing the recovery of CoveVille.


Follow my blog on CSGDescussions on the lead-up to my new CJ.



Clean Up


With most of the water mains cleared out attention was moved to getting the roads repaired and cleaning up all the rubble. Crews started to over extend themselves to get CoveVille up and running again.


Now CoveVille really was one large construction site.


With so much of CoveVille being rebuilt the transportation manager slipped the mayer a proposal to improve the road network





It only took a few hours of deliberation before it was settled on fixing the water mains in the city. Being able to shower in your own home instead of in portable military showers greatly adds to normalcy in life. The city council was very much interested in trying to get people back to their normal lives. Thus, military and civilian construction crews set out to work in digging up the ground in order to access the cities destroyed water mains.

Fortunately, either due to good planning or shear luck. The water main was built along-side Highway N-04 when it was only a two lane road. Now with the road at 4 lanes... once the water mains are fixed under N-04.. the earth will already be set to start getting the highway repaved.



With all the construction going on CoveVille was starting to look like one large construction site.



Its been a week since the horrible disaster that leveled the great city of CoveVille.  While the death toll was unclear  a few days ago, its fully clear today.  The Doth toll is 10,032 souls.  Searching the rubble for survivors has been a long and painful task.








With the Sim Nation National Guard having set up a type of refugee center for the sims in CoveVille, attention was turned towards reconstruction efforts.  The mayor knew that the SimNation Army Corp of Engineers were due in CoveVille in roughly two days.  A plan for reconstruction was needed.

A meeting of the cities council was put together in one of the army tents and discussions started.  

01 - The council for City Transportation argued that roads should be rebuilt first to better assist the movement of material for further reconstruction efforts.  

02 - The council for City Sanitation (Water & Trash) argued roads didn't need to be repaved... just gravel laid down so that material can still move and so that his garbage trucks can actually haul away all the rubble and clean up the city.  And for plumbing to be restored while the city is still in ruins so that reconstructed structures don't have to be resumed in order to get to the underground water works.. and to provide sims with much needed fresh water in their homes.

03 - The Council for power management argued that downed power lines need to be repaired and the power grid restored to avoid the rolling blackouts that could dampen reconstruction efforts.  

04 - The Council for the Labor Department argued that water mains and road networks to the industrial district needed to be restored first in order to get sims back to work and the industrial district back in working order before companies decided to shut down and move out.

The City Council argued about these four main proposals and it was quickly obvious that nobody was going to get anywhere so the meeting was closed for the night. 

Now, its up to the city legislature (You the reader) to voice on the CoveVille Clean up & Reconstruction.  What is first priority? 


Palu Shakes


In the summer of 1941 The Brisbin territory had reached 40,000 sims and the cities of CoveVille and Corner Bay were competing to see who would become the State Capitol if/when legislation passes.
People living in CoveVille were loving their city.  There was a lot of trash issues but it was managable so long as they kept up after themselves.  Most residence had consistant power and water supply.  There was a school complex that had k-12.   Talks even began about brining a university and some other big city elements to CoveVille.  Some residence balked at this as their small town was perfect as it was. 
One resident was a man by the name of James Sunderson.  He had moved to the Brisbin territory when CoveVille was a small town of only 2000 sims.  James had experianced and lived in large cities and felt a much smaller community was better suited for raising a family.  James owned a local car dealership in downtown CoveVille and was happily married with two kids.



In July of 1941 the peaceful world of CoveVille was turned upside down, nearly literally.  A massive 7.8 earthquake rocked the city of CoveVille leaving death and destruction in its wake. With the entire Palu nation with only a population of 2 million people and the Brisbin territory a sort of remote part of the country, The Palu Federal Goverment called on it's southern neighbor, SimNation for aid.  SimNation responded rapidly with their National Guard and disaster relief organizations.  With such a massive quake theres hope that there will also be private contractors following the National Guard.
Current estimates on the quake put the death toll at roughly 10,000 sims.  Four of those deaths were of the Sunderson Family, leaving James alone and broken.  The Sunderson Car lot was untouched but that didn't matter to James now. With so much of the aid coming from SimNation James decided to pack up his dealership and move across the southern border.  Perhaps one of the smaller communities outside CSGdesign's Boston will be well suited to the quiet lifestyle James has grown used to.  It didn't matter much to James that the life insurance his family had as well as the money he got from selling his dealership afforded James the ability to buy virtually any property he wanted.



First I must appologize for such a long absence.   Between dealing with frequent crashes, personal projects, and taking care of my 2 kids I don't have much time as it is.  Add into that I recently upgraded my Vid card and now have access to additional games... and I've purchased Star Trek Online... yea... doesn't help.  

Ironically enough this journal entry was actually writen like.. 2 weeks ago.  But I came down with a cold that lasted several days and manifested into a sinus infection... got my kids sick.  So yea.. it's been a heck of a couple of weeks for me.  Ha.

Anyways... Just an update on things in Brisbin Territory of Palu.

There is an extra town I forgot to get screens of... but it's only a minor hunting town of around 50 sims so not much to see.

First some sat images.  You'll see why I've been reluctant to post these... they don't look great.  lol





As you can see in the first sat image... CoveVille has been expanding.  Farms have started to spill over to neighboring city tiles.  The farms of course are following the highway.. not going far off from the highway as building their own roads would become too expensive.  

Of course... The farmers are moving slightly outside current city limits in order to avoid the ever raising land values thats causing their monthly morgages to go up.  Many farmers are setting up second farms outside the city hoping for a city land buyout on the old farm.  It has worked for a couple families so far.    Heres some screens of CoveVille.










In this image you can see whats left of the original wind power generators and the original construction site some 40 years ago.


About 1km outside CoveVille's city limits is the current construction site for the rail line seen in the sat images.  The rail line is being constructed by the Palu National Rail service.  Despite the name its a privately owned company.  Instead of the territorial legislature contracting PNR to have the rail line built, Brisbin sold the land along NH - 1 to PNR to do as they will.  It took a few years of reworking the rail route but PNR has managed to get the rail line half way to the lumber community of Jaged Mountain Coast in only two years time.


Here is the second largest city in the Brisbin territory, Corner Bay, As well as an image of Corner Bay's original starting location for it's section of the original highway project.CornerBay-Jul23211267029639.jpg


Here is Jaged Mountain Coast where the majority of Brisbin's logging has been going on.  As you can see below, a large portion of the forest is being cleared.  Some local protest groups have started up, however with Brisbin being only a territory... the protesters don't have the rights or law on their side.  Many of them have begun to petition for Brisbin's statehood.  With Brisbin having a population of roughly 40,000 sims... This may happen sooner rather than later.



I have another rather drastic entry coming up really soon (hopefully) so stay tuned.  I promise I haven't given up.. just haven't had the time.


Traffic Problems


By the end of 1922 with all the water works put in place, and the population in CoveVille was bursting at its seams.  The industrial district was placed slightly out of town in order to avoid the farmland, but this setup created communting problems.   People leaving along CliffSide Road to the east side of town had to navigate a maze of neighborhood streets in order to reach the highway.  This meant the industry jobs were simply too far of a drive for most of CliffSide residences.



The council had spent years worth of discussions and debatestrying to find a good solution to the problem.  One idea was to upgrade the neighborhood streets into higher speed roads, but residence balked at the idea as it would bring too much noise and traffic to an already busy section of the neighborhood.  Another idea was to put in an expensive and expansive bus transit system.  But residence weren't ready to pay the heafty price for public transit in a town small enough for most everybody knows most every person in town.

Ultimately it was decided a higher speed large traffic road was needed to completely bypass the neighborhood streets.  The road would go directly from the south end of CliffSide Road, cut through the middle of the neighborhood and farmland to terminate at Industrial Road.  This plan was chosen as an existing road would be upgraded from street to road and only a couple of properties would be resumed.  

First thing was to upgrade the gravel street.  Construction began in April of 1924


By December of 1924 most the street was fully upgraded and three homes needed to be resumed.  Notice was given to the residence before construction even began, so there was plenty of time for them to find a new place until the area is rezoned after construction.


During construction it was decided a 2nd street basically running along the busy road wasn't needed so work started on removing the street in favor of new residential property.


Proper planning wasn't taken into consideration with the homes along this portion of road, notice was given to the sims living along the road and construction was delayed for three months as the sims worked to relocate.


With all the homes in the area taken care of and the extra street resumed, workers began on reworking the land for new zoning.




With the road leading directly to a street connected to the highway further construction was placed on temporary hold to see how effective the new road was.  Many felt the road wasn't doing any good at all so instead of provoking riots and protests, it was easy to simply stop work for a couple of months.  In those couple of months however, traffic along the connecting street quickly increased well over the threashold of such a small street and sims along CliffSide suddenly found they were closer to work.  However there were still too many sims taking alternate farming roads and causing far too much congestion for the farmers. Work quickly began to continue work on extending the road out to industrial road.





The road was completed in March of 1926 and by July of 1926 the congestion along the dirt roads and the neighborhood streets died down.  Residence even praised the city council for the reduction of noise in their sleepy neighborhoods.


Water & Trash



Shortly after industry moved into the city saw rapid growth. With such rapid growth also came sanitation problems as well as demands for such items as education, fire stations, police stations, and of course.. in door plumbing.  Every other city in Palu has indoor plumbing.. why can't the Brisbin territory have any?

First things first was to prep the area of construction.


With the construction site cleared and ready, the cities water tower can be built.


It took more than two months to finalize the plans and build the tower.  But construction crews were far from finished.  With the tower built it was time to start laying the ground work for the main water pipe.  The first pipe crews started at the tower.   \


After spending roughly three weeks at the first pipe site, crews jumped down to Coast Highway (N-4) to start laying the main water line.


While the first crew got setup at their second site crews were setting up pipe laying sites all over the city.  The additional crews added to the cost of the main line but it meant that the main line would be put in place far faster allowing the city to start collecting water fees to pay off the loan it had taken out to pay for the construction.


Laying pipe under small residential streets was a rather simple task of digging under the road and placing road supports in place.  The busy highway on the other hand would have to actually be dug up in a couple of places.


The dirt roads going around the construction wouldn't last long with the heavy traffic the highway handles, so crews made sure to rush this section of pipe and were able to lay the pipe, level the ground, and repave the highway in roughly six weeks.


With the water main finished, the markings left by the construction obvious.


While all this work was going on the city council quietly had a small crew work on a some form of trash collection system.  Most residence would prefer to ship the trash outside the city limits but sadly the nearest neighbor is 8km away and such distances would make the costs just too high.  A quick look at the growing trash problem


First thing was to clear some forest and get a dirt road to the dump site made.



Once the road was made, the city didn't want  the dump site obvious so before clearing the dump site itself, the city quietly imported large red woods to be planted around the road from the nearby lumbering community, Jagged Mountain Coast.


With a small area just off the road cleared for dumping, the city thought it best to clear additional land for expansion and to fence off the area.



With work on the pipes and trash compost complete, the city found it had extra funds left over from its loan and decided to put it to good use.

The Cove Inlet bridge being the oldest section of Coast Road Highway, the old bridge was quickly aging under the strain of traffic that it was never designed to handle.   The highway was also a vital link for the government department of defense as well as for the residents of CoveVille, so the bridge couldn't be demolished and rebuilt.  Instead it was decided to build a separate higher capacity bridge along side of the old bridge.

In order to do this though some land on each side of the inlet had to be cleared and ready for construction.



The land on the far side of the inlet also had to be leveled out and reworked to better support the new bridge


With ground work finished, several different designs were proposed for the bridge.  One proposal was to use the same design but ultimately a metal stress bridge chosen.


Council briefly considered destruction of the old bridge, however the old bridge could still serve a purpose.  Besides... the funds from the loan ran out.



Last we saw the town of CoveVille it was the year 1907 and the city had a population of about 300 people.  Here we are 10 years later... several farms have since moved into the area and the population has swelled to a good 2000 people.  Some of them are out of work highway workers that were laid off after the completion of the main road, but most of the workers in the town are farmers.  Some even commute all the way to Jagged Mountain Coast 8km to work in the lumber mills.   With so many people here there is a large demand for local industrial jobs.  Even the lumber workers don't want to drive so far.


When city council first made public the plans to have a large industrial sector in the town, the plan was to have the dirty industry along the highway right behind the original neighborhood.  The large farming community immediately protested this idea.  Such a large industrial sector so close to all the farms would ruin all the crops.   The city then decided to move the industrial sector away from the highway on a small land outcove.   The first step was getting roads out to the area.  Construction on the road network started in Jan 1915 and quickly expanded to the coast by April of 1915


With the roads expanded as far from the farms as possible the city quickly zoned some land for industrial construction


By Jan of 1916 industry had officially come to CoveVille.


By April of 1916 most of the dirt roads in the industrial sector had been paved.


Its now 1917 and with the all the new industrial jobs the population has jumped to 2800 sims.


Lumber Harvesting


First let me appologize for such a small entry after a long wait.  My machine is working again.. and Ive had to move SC4 over to the new machine.    Doesn't help that I now have linux running.  I'm like a kid with a new toy.

On to the journal.

Roughly 15 years have past since the last journal when highway N-04 had to get an upgrade.  With all the housing thats going up, the demand for building supplies has sky rocketed. As a direct result a rather large lumber company has decided to move into the territory.


This section of N-04 is just west of Corner Bay and 8km east of CoveVille.  The logging company didn't want to spend too much money building a logging road and decided to simply start their operations right off the highway.   Cheap punks... This sort of thing would never be allowed anywhere else in Palu.   With Brisbin being only a territory, they don't have nearly as much local control or power as they really should.





By this point, with construction on the lumber facilities complete... the loggers and construction crews had been on site already going on almost 3 years.  Some of the workers had already been complaining about the long drive from either Corner Bay or

CoveVille... so it was finally decided to build local housing for everybody


After 5 years Jagged Mountain Coast was sitting at an amazing 200 people.  All of which were lumber workers.  Perhaps with the close proximity to Corner Bay and CoveVille some additional work may find its way in




Before I get to the bulk of this entry... yes I know the title and paper says N - 04 and the header says 05... I'm not that great at image work like this and didn't feel like fixing it.  lol

To get everybody up to speed since I didn't want 5 journal entries exactly like 02... 5 other small townships popped up just like CoveVille from highway construction teams.  Coastal Road / Highway N - 04 was finally competed in 1907... 2 years behind schedule.  And a real busy 2 years for the 6 small townships in northern Brisbin.


In the nearly 2 extra years it took for Highway N - 04 to be completed, CoveVille boomed from 500 sims to 1100 sims.  Most are farmers with a few small mom-&-pop shops to provide people with what they need.  With a lot of farming and the moving of goods, poor small Highway N - 04 quickly became too congested.  However there were far more important things being addressed than expanding the highway.  You can see the congestion below in 3 of the larger townships.




With N - 04 now considered the most dangerous roadway in the nation.. something had to bed done.  First the area to be improved.   

Township of Corner Bay


Township of CoveVille


While a section of highway in Pen Coast was shown as congested... it was decided to be upgraded at a later time.  First was the problem of upgrading the section of road leading up to Watson St.  First a side street was constructed to divert traffic away from the road work


Once work began it took a good 2 months battling the cold winter chill but work on this section of road was completed by Jan 15.


Fortunately this was the busiest section of road.. the other sections of highway went by much faster.



Once work was completed traffic flowed much better.... Far fewer accidents... and now big industry is starting to move into CoveVille, Corner Bay, and Pen Coast.  This quiet little territory is quickly growing up.



In 1880 the nation of Palu got swept up into a large war that threatened to wipe out the small nation.  Fortunately the war was short lived and left no signs of having ever occured.  However, like any war, the long lasting effects of the war effort will continue to leave a dark mark on politics.

One dark mark left by the war was Palu seeking to improve road networks for military transport.  During the war it became obvious that the road network that existed was very ineffective at moving materials around.  As a direct result The National Defense Highway System bill was put forth to congress in 1890 and finally approved in 1895. 

The territory of Brisbin hadn't seen anything from the NDHS until 1900.  In 1900 Brisbin was finally given the details for the coastal highway that would go through the territory.   With Brisbin a completely unpopulated territory in the northern region of the nation, things had to be done a bit differently than they normally would be.  Three teams were planned to work on Coast Road.  One team from the west, a team from the east, and a team inserted into the middle of the territory by military transport ships.

In the Fall of 1901 the center team had finally arrived and quickly got to work



It had only taken a couple of weeks for the crew to establish a good mile of pavement.  Even military engineers were impressed by the speed of the civilian contractor.  What they didn't know was this contractor only worked on military projects.


With winter on its way and roughly a mile or road paved... It was time to start thinking about housing for the workers.  Winters can easily be real harsh and it wouldn't do to have so many die from the cold. While spending money to build houses was easy enough, pavement needed for the highway wasn't going to be used on the workers.  Got to cut costs somewhere right?


Protecting workers from the cold... easy.  Paving miles and miles of road.. easy but time consuming.  By the fall of 1902.. a full year after construction crews had arrived in the area, the first real problem came up.  How to cross a water inlet.


With so many odd cliffs and uneven terrain a simple bridge at the mouth of the small inlet was decided as the best option.  It took a good month of planning and 4 months to construct the bridge... 


With the Brisbin territory section of the highway expected to take 5 years, the Palu government decided it would be far easier and cheaper to have food supplies grown locally instead of inported and supported by the military.  The government wasted no time in setting up farming grants and the first farms 


What started as only a workers housing has quickly become a small township.  CoveVille now has a population of roughly 500 sims (most of which are highway workers).  However It took a good year for the Cove Road section of the Brisbin Coastal highway to be completed... 5 year project.. only a third done in 4 years?  If the government wants to finish this highway within the 5 year time frame more teams such as this one is likely needed.



 1.) First I would like to say I've been really inspired by CSGDesign's Natural Growth. I should say though that I don't agree with him 100%.  While historically speaking all cities were started, rather believed to be started, by farming... US History shows that many cities are founded out of necessity as well.  For example... Boise City in Idaho was started to help provide and support Fort Boise.   Charleston was founded as "Charles Town" as a major port of trade into the carolinas.  A much smaller and likely unknown city in Idaho called Middleton was founded mostly as a resting point for people traveling between Fort Boise and Boise Valley.  Also the source of the name.   So my natural growth will different a little from CSGDesign's

2.) Mods Used:


CSG' Chainlink Fence

CSG's Cleared Earth

Variable Route Buses

Maxouben's Avenue Dividers

Down Town High School

1x1 Underground Parking Garage

PEG CDKN Navy Peir 1

Security Fence Addon

SWFC Construction Site

Improved Interstate Signs


Note: If I'm missing your mod or have it incorrectly linked and you see it in any screen grabs.. Let me know.  

I'm going to be keeping this updated as I go along adding more links to my mods list and some region screens if/when I can get Region Census working.

I haven't actually started the region yet but the first real update will be on its way soon

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