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Victoria County

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Introduction - A letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Dear visitor.

Welcome to Victoria! As a government representative it is my pleasure to introduce you to this marvellous region. On the following pages, you will find pictures and information about the many things Victoria County has to offer. As you may already know, Victoria County is named after the region's largest city, which is also the capital of the country. Most of the region forms the Greater Victoria urban area.

The City of Victoria is a typical vibrant, modern, European capital. Still, it is warm and welcoming and the natural financial engine and administrative center of our country. The streets of the city are breathing history; parts of the street lay-out have been left unchanged ever since medieval times when the city was founded. Make sure to enjoy a picnic in one of the capital's many recreational areas as well. Take a stroll along the promenade, enjoy a scenic bus ride, or fight for your rights on the Victoria Underground. It is all up to you.

But Victoria County is so much more than just the capital. As you travel along, you will also be able to enjoy small villages and rural surroundings, local cuisine and traditions - all wrapped in genuine, Victorian hospitality. Below you will find an overview of our region. We are proud of our county and hope that your visit will leave an impression of why.

Enjoy your stay.


Justin Case

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Victoria County - An overview


Victoria County - Transportation map




I'm sorry to start with a letter from the government, but they insisted..

This map is made entirely from scratch. It's a fictional region in a fictional country in Europe. My aim is, and have always been, to build as realistic as possible. I tend to pay an extraordinary amount of time fixing details, which really makes time fly.

The vast majority of the buildings are grown. I don't use any "Super Demand mod" or such, and sometimes it takes ages before the "right" buildings appear. I also try to build my cities self sustainable; no money trees or cheat codes. I do, however, sometimes call cousin Vinnie..

The region, as you can see, is far from finished and still a work-in-progress. However, I've been randomly posting pictures from it in the "Show us.." threads, and finally thought I might as well try to put the pictures in a CJ. I'll probably post new regional maps as it develops.

Mods of special interest used:

Now, I believe you have a region to discover? Let's conclude this introduction with a few random pictures from Victoria County.

From City of Victoria - Victoria Central Station


From Suffox - Suffox Container Terminal


From Upper Gilette - The A-11


From Norwick - Farms


- Eivind

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Recommended Comments

This is a good start! It looks norwegian, but have you tried the SC4DOT Norwegian Sign Pack by mrtnrln?
I'm looking forward to see more of your railways, the teasers from the "Show us your..." threads looked great!

- Greetings from Denmark!

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This is really nice! I especially like the region views. Could ou tell me where you got the building in the 3rd picture where the rail passes under?

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Hope I haven't scared you to much ... 

... but I found it! 

The railway network could be more dense () but I like the region view. I am curious how you did your harbour - never liked mine but I grew up 700 km away from the next sea ...

Be careful with the non-transparent Ploppable water. If it shall not show a lake or a pond but a wide river it easily can become a bit boring. The rocks at the shore are also a bit too big for my taste.  

Other than that: Nice start.  

But be alerted that Papa Nardo will visit here from time to time!   

Take care my friend and don't forget to make backups! 



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  • ImVhOzzi: Thank you. I guess my nationality shines through..  I noticed Maarten's Norwegian sign pack, but at the time I had some quite heavy signage in my (previous) region. I didn't want to change them all. And the railways? They will be shown.
  • Plane-Crash12000: Thank you very much. The building is the Warsaw Main Railway Station by Ferox.
  • DCMetro34: Haha!  Thank you, my friend!
  • SmartbyLaw: Thank you very much.
  • sbh565: Thanks a lot.
  • TekindusT: That's great, my friend, and thank you for all the inspiration you've given me through your own CJs.
  • Nardo69: Thank you, Bernhard, and thank you for being such an inspiration. Your "Thoughts about the game" is great reading! I promise you a denser rail network as the region develops. I have a plan.  And do visit again; Papa Nardo is always welcome!
  • Zulu2065: Well, thank you. The region is certainly not flawless, but I choose my motives wisely.. 
  • Benedict: It feels great to finally make a CJ, but I have to admit I am a little nervous not to meet the expectations..
  • NeoPrankster: Thank you very much. Terraforming takes time..
  • Schulmanator: Thank you. I'd love seeing you in Victoria again. 
  • tim.12.game: Thanks a lot.
  • kj3400: Thank you so much The wait is over..! 

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@Con1982: Sorry that it took me this long to answer you, I simply didn't notice your comment until recently. If you're thinking of the embankments in the fifth picture, those are actually not embankment lots, but retaining walls. The slope of the road was built using a slope mod, and the walls were plopped next to the road. This leaves the impression of an embankment. I hope this was the answer to your question. If not, feel free to PM me. Thank you for commenting! 

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Great Cj, love your railways and those DB-trains. Thanks also for listing those mods, using some of them myself now :)

In the pic with the warsaw railway station, what transition pieces did you use for the rail? (rail to Sub/ rail to underground Rail)
I've searched on the STEX but, couldn't find any hillside-transitions like those.

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