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Hong Kong 1.0

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My BAT's (sort of)

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I am doing work on Kowloon. And I am Happy to say that everything is happening well. 10.gif

My Hong Kong BAT's

I am no HKBAT member but in order to have a good remake of the city, I will have to BAT myself 2.gif

I am part of the Neo-sketchup movement. And I know that Sketchup is much less powerful than GMAX and no were near 3dmax.

But I have done some considerable models on it.

Models I have already done are fictionnal.


Zhang Fei Court



Lu Gong Pencil Tower (Very Bad State) Inspired from the Kowloon Walled city


Wang Yun Tower



Tell me what they are worth 4.gif. (Please don't be too nasty this is not Bixel&Simfox quality) And tell me if they are worth Rendering

How am I going to render them?

Using FBX Converter. ( I hope it works, I will try it later D4.gif

For the rest I hope all off this works fine 12.gif


What do I plan to do?? (If it works)


And many other buildings in Hong kong See you next time 19.gif

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Recommended Comments

One by one...

Zhang Fei Court: There aren't many BATs with this layout, I guess the lot is going to be the real protagonist of this BAT, because you're going to need to fill in a lot of space.
Lu Gong Pencil Tower: In a personal opinion, I wouldn't have problems on downloading it, I love this kind of BATs and it could work for my CJ. 
Wang Yun Tower: The details on the lower part are really nice, but you won't need them as when you render the building with the BAT they won't show properly. I have a very little idea about BATting, but I've always read you need to exaggerate the details (not too much, though) to make them show in-game.

As for the texturing, it is quite correct but a little bit repetitive. Always, in my opinion; I'm sure the BAT masters will be able to answer much better your questions.

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Amazing work. I can't even do a building in gmax. somehow confused with how things work. I applaud for what you've done so far. :D and if u do complete the model of the last picture, i think it'll be an absolute hit with all simcity4 players. :D Anyway how did you learn to do this? I so wanna do BAT of buildings of my countries, but i can't even grab the basics, needless to say do something more. -.-

Now for the comments.
  • Zhang Fei Court looks great. The roof might need more textures though. If the nightlighting is well done, i think it'll be beautiful.
  • Lu Gong pencil tower has that dirty, old and "should be torn down" look, which is your aim isn't it? Otherwise i don't see much of a problem with this one.
  • Wang Yun tower looks amazing. Very detailed and looks realistic with those neon boards. I agree with TekindusT that you might face a problem having them seen in-game
i'm a BAT idiot actually and for someone to do something of this quality, i think he's really capable. I don't think it's too far from bixel's ones. I bet if u ever get him to see this, he can be of great help, given his quality works. :D Simtropolis needs contents like yours!

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Wow Tigeria thank you. And I am doing everything for this to work. thank you for the compliments.If this works i will pm you on some stuff about sketchup BATing . I still have to get the nightlights on

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They look very good. I'd love to see them in my city  Ivealways had trouble with GMAX, but I know sketchup very well. If you know anything out on how to get sketchup modles in game, please, I'd love to know. Could you possibly PM me links to any topics on it?

As for the buildings,

Zhang Fei Court:
I realy love how this building looks. Although I cant realy imagin how it would look, the perspective it is taken at makes it distorted a abit. Neverless it looks great. The patterns you made with the blue are creative and look awsome. As for in-game, I think it would do best to make it into an overhang lot. As "Tekindus" said, it would be a very large lot due to its strange shape, If it were an overhang, it would not be growable though. You would have to have a full-size lot for it. (I dont know if you plan on making landmark/ploppable lots, im just giving some thoughts.)

Lu Gong Pencil Tower:
This building overall looks amazing. The textures are great and are not repetitive. It has a very grimey feeling to it. I would say theres not much wrong with it.

Wang Yun Tower: This building looks great. The detail near the street is great, my only complaint however is that the textures look a little bit repetitive. Other than that this building looks great. And I love the colors you chose for it.


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Those buildings are great, a welcome edition to my cities if you upload them for sure! I know nothing about batting so I feel I can't give you much advice but I think they look great!

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