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About this City Journal

Welcome to the Sim City 4 Hong Kong recreation. For many years the HKABT have been creating near perfect BAT's I thought giving a try at building this magical city!

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Aldrich Bay



9988 - Yes, i forgot to make it monochrome....

Damastius - LOL!

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Cobra_nVidia - Thanks, i'll try to keep it up

Skyscraper241 - here it is http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=21134

Andrey km : Thanks a lot, I hope you like this update

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heitomat : Thanks a lot!!!

Aldrich Bay

Aldrich Bay was formerly a bay in the north shore on the Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. It is now reclaimed and is a housing area outside the area of Shau Kei Wan, neighbouring A Kung Ngam and Lei King Wan. Outside Aldrich Bay, it is the Shau Kei Wan Typhoon Shelter. It is not a small community. It contains Oi Tung Estate, Tung Yuk Court, Aldrich Garden and other private housings, with several primary school and secondary school. It is administratively part of the Eastern District.

The Chinese name for Aldrich Bay roughly translates to "The Bay that Loves Discipline"




Region View

Here is a region view, and you can see that a lot is done, but a lot remains to be done.


Cya soon


Lai Chi Kok Harbour



Samerton : Thanks a lot!!!

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Lai Chi Kok Harbour

Hong Kong, known as the fragrant harbour, has been an entrepot for Southern China for many years. Endowed with a superb deep-water harbour offering a safe haven for ships in close proximity to the Pearl River Delta Region, Hong Kong has gradually developed over the years into a world-class container port.


Hong Kong has been a container port for almost four decades. In 2009, Hong Kong once again proved itself to be one of the world's most efficient container ports by handling 21.0 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). The port of Hong Kong is a major hub port in the global supply chain with about 400 container liner services per week to over 500 destinations worldwide.


The port is the key factor in the prosperity and economic growth of Hong Kong, handling 89% of Hong Kong's total cargo throughput. The container port is vital, not only for Hong Kong, but also for Southern China - one of the fastest industrialising areas in the world, as about 70% of container traffic handled in Hong Kong is related to Southern China. More than 60% of the containerised cargoes to and from Southern China are carried by river feeders, and the rest by container trucks.


Hong Kong is one of the few major international ports in the world where port facilities are financed, owned and operated by the private sector. The role of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government is to undertake long-term strategic planning for port facilities and to provide the necessary supporting infrastructure.


In 2009, 205,510 ships, comprising both ocean-going vessels and river trade vessels for cargo and passenger traffic, visited the port of Hong Kong.





See you tommorow at Manhattan Hill!



New Year in Hong Kong


Presents and Replies

Sirron Kcuhc : Woohoo thanks a lot, one day you will manage :D ,You have won a night in te Pacific Place!

Tankmank :Thanks you won a HK to Shanghai travel

Samerton: Hehehe you too! you won a night in the Marriot Hotel!

Hotchocolate: always a  pleasure to see you here, you won 5000 HK$ to spend

reikhardt :you won the Oldie's delight you will go on the tram from on end of Victoria Island to the other with 4500 HK$ to spend

Zulu2065 Thanks a lot, you have won  5000 HK$

Blakeway: no 18.gif, you won a daytrip to Macau and 5000Y


You won aswell 10.000 HK$, Mayor name of HK Island and a satue plaza in Kowloon south end!!aswell as 3 weeks paid residency in HK

Welcome to 2011





????? Happy New Year enjoy this day and night!


Christmas Time in HK



Skimbo : Thank you! you won a trip on the ferry from Macau to HK and a dinner at the Madarin Oriental and 6000HK$!!

Reikhardt : You are right, you won a night in the Pacific Place

TekindusT : Yep, I didn't see that at first but after listening you are right 18.gif You won a Daytrip to Kowloon and vouchers of an equivalent of 5000 HK$

Alejandro: Thanks a lot, you won a tent adventurers trip to Lantau

Cobra_nVidia : Thanks 4.gif You have won a shoppers frenzi with 8000HK$ to spend


Yes! Even in Hong Kong there is christmas!







In the city





And to finnish us off some employes getting ready for a Christmas Party!





TekindusT - Hehe! thanks a lot!

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LgCyonUser - Thanks, I dindn't know, now i can say it in Korean ^^

Sun Hung Kai Tower

If there is a big building in HK, Sun Hung Kai must be in it, it' the biggest property devloppement company in HK

Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited ("Sun Hung Kai Properties") was publicly listed in 1972 and is now one of the largest property companies in

Hong Kong. It specializes in premium-quality residential and commercial projects for sale and investment. The Group:

  • Employs about 32,000 people.
  • Has in-house expertise in land acquisition, architecture, construction, engineering and property management that allow it to adhere to the highest standards of quality.

Our Businesses

The Group's core business is the development of property for sale and investment. The Group also has complementary operations in the following property related fields:

  • Hotels
  • Financial services
  • Insurance
  • Property management
The Group also has investments in:
  • Telecommunications
  • Information technology
  • Transportation, infrastructure and logistics

These are low risk investments, which provide growing recurrent income over the long term.



Land Bank & Property Portfolio

The Group is one of Hong Kong's largest landowners, with a land bank of 44.2 million square feet as at 30 June 2010, including:

  • 16.6 million square feet under development,
  • 27.6 million square feet of completed investment properties,
  • About 26 million square feet of agricultural land in the New Territories, most of which is in the process of land use conversion, principally for residential development.
This well-diversified investment property portfolio generated gross rental income of HK$11,082 million in the 2009/10 financial year.

Group Finance

The Group is committed to conservative financial policies, maintaining high liquidity and low leverage. The overwhelming majority of the Group's financing is in Hong Kong dollars, and hence carries very little foreign exchange risk. The Group's financial strength is reflected in its foreign currency ratings:

  • 'A' from Standard & Poor's
  • 'A1' from Moody's

Customer Service

The Group firmly believes that customers come first and it always listens to customers to find out their needs and deliver just the right service in all aspects of its operations.

  • The SHKP Club was established to enhance customer service. It is dedicated to two-way communication and currently has over 300,000 members.
  • Award-winning property management subsidiaries offer high-quality after-sales service.


Yongfu House

Yong Fu Int'l Trading Co established in 1999, is a professional enterprise specializing in producing and dealing in PVC wood-grain decorative sheet. The company has an annual output of over 10 million square meters with more than one hundred designs and colors. It also provides technical service for processing plastic and rubber products.


"To improve the quality of our PVC wood grain decorative sheet, our company specially engages technical talents from Korea to conduct our production. Meanwhile, we have established brand-new environmentally-friendly factory buildings and introduced advanced manufacturing equipment to produce new and high-quality products to meet the customer's needs.



Elizabeth House



Photo Time!!!

I recently fell on this thread on Skyscraper city, here are some of the pics on it, they are quite epic!













Hope you enjoyed this update! cya soon!


Video Time!



Samerton : Thanks a lot, as always :P

Skimbo : Yhanks your CJ has been an inspiration for me (i can't remember if I said it already)

Paulobergonce : WHAT THE HELL!! mmhh hopfully you can see this ;)

EyeOfModius : You are right but i don't know how to fix it

Video Time



Wanchai Coast



Samerton : me too

jakehh : happy you enjoyed it

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Wanchai Coast

Continuing through the Re-recreation of Victoria Island, We visit the Wanchai District







That's it for now see ya soon (maybe even tonight)



TekindusT : Well here is one hell of a pic!!

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A 24000x4800 Pixel Hong Kong Pictures,

This isn't mine but it is certainly worth having a look at!






Samerton : Ah! good

Heitomat : About time! heh 26.gif, haha just joking 18.gif Those are nice comments, and I hope you'll like this update!

Reikhardt : Thanks!

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Tankmank : I'm happy you liked it, I am very happy with the results myself aswell

Aemilius : Thanks! and cheers for the comment

International Finance Center

One and Two ifc in the heart of Hong Kong are highly prestigious business locations and home to many international financial institutions. Designed by the renowned architect Cesar Pelli, the towers project strength and integrity in the classic skyscraper tradition.


A city within a city with nearly 3 million square feet of prime office space, they accommodate thousands of people daily for both work and leisure. The towering Two ifc is Hong Kong island's pre-eminent landmark and an enduring symbol of the region's robust financial vigour.




And when illuminated, the building's triumphant finials transform into a shimmering beacon welcoming visitors to the city. With almost 3 million square feet of prime business district office space and unusually large floorplates, One and Two ifc are ideally suited to financial institutions who require spacious, open-plan trading floors.






Go here to see it in Full size (4000x1000 approx)

Hope you liked this, see you all soon for more HK madness  11.gif


Lippo center



Tepodon - Well here ya go!

Reikhardt - Well sptted :P

Samerton - hehe! here it is!

Tankmank : you will be able to evaluate

ImVhOzzi : Ha! hope you like it

chickenz : thanks, it's nice

Lippo Center

Hello, and this is a new victoria Island not the one from the first update, I really hope you like it!


Located in Admiralty, the Lippo Center, Hong Kong is a skyscraper. The lofty buildings are a pair of twin office towers. Once a property of Bond Corporation, it was known as the Bond Center. Later when the pair of buildings was taken over by the Lippo Group, it was renamed as Lippo Center, Hong Kong.

The taller of the two buildings of the Lippo Center, Hong Kong is hundred and eighty six meters tall. Designed by Paul Rudolph, an American architect, the buildings look like koalas clutching to a tree. Hence, this twin office towers is also known as "the Koala Tree" in Hong Kong. The construction of the Lippo Center, Hong Kong was completed in 1987. Due to its plaid history the local Chinese people believe that the building has a bad Feng Shui.



The Lippo Center, Hong Kong is ideally located to offer easy access to all parts of the city. The two lofty pair of buildings nestles in the center of the commercial district of the city. International banks, popular eateries, five star hotels and large shopping malls all line around the Lippo Center, Hong Kong


One of the most identified landmarks the Lippo Center, Hong Kong have two buildings. The shorter building has 44 floors and is one seventy two meter tall and the taller building with its 48 floors is one eighty six meters tall. The Lippo Center, Hong Kong houses a number of professional offices both national and international. A very modern building, the Lippo Center offers the latest gadgets as office technology.


Located at 89 Queensway in Hong Kong, the Lippo Center, Hong Kong is visited by a large crowd to witness its intriguing décor. Admiralty, which was once famous for housing the headquarters of British navy, is now famous for the skyscraper, Lippo Center, Hong Kong.


And it's a new morning in Hong Kong, a new relentless day!


I hope you enjoyed this update! see ya soon!! 10.gif


Tian Tan Buddha



TheMentalist : Thanks, i'm very happy you like it

Samerton : hehe10.gif

 Tian Tan Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha (????) is an enormous 34 meter statue, one of the five giant Buddha statues in China, situated in Ngong Ping, Lantau Island. The statue comprises of 202 bronze pieces and with a total weight in excess of 250 tonnes it is the world's tallest outdoor seated bronze Buddha. The construction of the giant statue took nearly ten years to complete and was unveiled in 1993, with an estimated total cost of $68 million.


The Buddha is named after Tian Tan which is the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, but is also known as Po Lin Buddha because it is an integral part of the Po Li Monastery. The monastery initially known as the Big Hut was founded in 1906 by Zen masters Da Yue, Dun Xiu and Yue Ming of the Jin Shan Monastery of Zhe Jiang Province. It is the major centre of Buddhism in Hong Kong and major tourist attraction, especially with the induction of the Buddha statue adjacent to the monastery.


Tian Tan Buddha, positioned on a lotus throne surrounded by eight smaller bronze statues resembling gods, oversees the monastery which is build on a plateau rising 2,330 feet above sea level. Buddha's expression appears majestic and tranquil, symbolising the congruent relationship between people, nature, and religion. Tian Tan Buddha is the only statue of its kind that gazes towards the North; all other Giant Buddha statues gaze towards the South. Due to its immense weight the statue is internally supported by a steel metal framework and the Buddha is positioned on a three-platform altar. The elevated position of the entire platform comprises of 268 steps.


In addition to the Buddha statue and the monastery, Ngong Ping village is a host of additional attractions including the Monkey's Tale Theatre and the Ngong Ping Tea House, so it is advisable to allow a full day for the trip to that small cultural village of Lantau Island. The Tung Chung station of the Mass-Transit Railway (MTR) or the ferry to Mui Wo (Silvermine Bay) from the Central Pier are the two available options for reaching the Island. Both Tung Chung and Mui Wo offer a bus service to Ngong Ping (services No.23 and No.2 respectively), but the best choice of transportation is the brand new Ngong Ping 360 (NP360) cable car from Tung Chung Town Centre. NP360 provides a 5.7km duplex link interconnecting Tung Chung and Ngong Ping, making it the ideal way of reaching Po Lin. The cable car offers two intermediate stations; one in Airport Island and one at Nei Lak Shan. Opening times for Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery are between 10:00am and 5:45pm and the admission fee is HK$60. The NP360 cable car service runs 10:00am to 6:00pm (Monday to Friday) and 10:00am to 6:30pm (Saturday and Sunday). More details, timetables, ticket prices and packages are available via the Ngong Ping 360 official website.

Text from http://www.hkatlas.com/hk/sightseeing/new-territories/tian-tan-buddha




If you remeber two months ago when this all started I started with the central district, now I would like to redo it, what do you think,

I think my City buildings skills are better now and i hope to :

-Have the real HK trams

-Have a Better placing scale

-Have Seawalls

-Extra BAT's

-More Life in general

Should I, or should I not? I would really like to hear what you think

HK Trams

My skills in modding are a bit 11.gif (VERY Bad)

Yet I have BATed 3 HK trams (texture variations), and by fidlind in LE I can find the Textures of the GLR and make something that looks good, saddly it's only Eye-Candy,

I am not the type of guy who requests anything, but if someone has the modding skills and would like to do it, then it's green to go, just comment here or PM me and i'll send you the Tram SC4.models or whatever it is you need

THANK YOU!! I am really happy we are almost at 15000 views & at 4.40/5 which i am very happy about, I would like to really thank all of you who have been reading & commenting



Kowloon South End



Samerton: Thank you 4.gif

Tankmank: Yes, thnak you, but you know it'll still take some time

Lesgaz : Merci Beaucoup 10.gif

Intercontinental and around



And the rain came



And then the night came




And in the morning the rain continued over the city



Join me tommorow when we go and see Buddha! 6.gif


Mong Kok Teaser



ImVhOzzi : Thanks a lot!

Tankmank: Thanks for dropping by, sometime maxis buildings do appear 15.gif

Samerton : Thanks!

Tigeria: ohh! you are a Connaisseur 10.gif

HongKong: Hey thanks, I hope you like it!

Mong Kok Teaser

If you want to go to the typical sights you see on postcards, you won't not be disappointed in Mongkok.

You should go in the evening after dark because then you can see the shop signs lit up in all kinds of Neon Lights in Chinese - just like what you see on postcards. It is in the heart of Kowloon and reachable by MTR.





See you next time for the full glam version of it!


Park Central



Timmystwin - lol :P

YorkshireLlama - Really :O that's nice

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Lesgaz - Non, je n'habite pas au Japon, mais juste a coté de la france!

jj88 - Thanks a lot

Samerton - thanks for dropping by

I said i'd be doing Mong Kok, and i studied the Google streetview and I saw that they're some building i'd need, so I'm currently BATing some Mong Kok blocks for the update day 29.gif

Park Central

Park Central at 9 Tong Tak Street in Tseung Kwan O is at the centre of the area's transportation network. The three-storey mall has 350,000 sq.ft. of total floor area and is next to the Tseung Kwan O MTR station. The mall contains a diverse mix of retailers and restaurants.











The Center



thepokemaniac : I already did it have a look in the earlier updates

Schulmanator : You6.gif →No Cats in HK 11.gif

Tigeria : Thank you 29.gif

Mastof : Yes quite a bit

the Duke : Thanks a lot

Tankmank : This not your update, it's up next

Capitalstar - It's the goal




This 80-storey commercial building, located at 99 Queen's Road Central, covers a site area of 8,816 sq m. The Center is largely devoted to office units with some retail at ground levels. The building has a splendid entrance hall on the sixth floor, while the 42nd floor is a skylobby which doubles as a viewing area. Other facilities include a day-nursery, public open spaces, landscaping areas and at least 350 parking spaces in the underground carpark.



The project used four 24 m caissons as the principal foundation. Each caisson was formed by 30 vertical slurry wall panels arranged in a circular section. Excavation was carried out in the middle, which transformed each caisson into a very big shaft. The slurry walls were excavated by a trench cutting machine known as the "hydrofraise", which uses bentonite slurry as the soil supporting agent as does normal diaphragm wall construction. The hydrofraise removes the excavated materials automatically from the trench and reuse the slurry afterward through the "desanding" process. The average depth of the 24 m diameter caissons was about 45 m. After excavation was completed to the required depth, a 4.5 m deep reinforced concrete raft resting on bedrock was constructed to take up the future loads of the building through a composite column cluster. Some of the parameter walls required for the basement excavation were constructed in the form of bore pile walls by rotary drilling method.



The basement and podium used reinforced concrete and composite columns, while the office tower used a structural steel frame; the best combination for the fast-track project - which originally had a 730-day contract period. The structural steel members for the tower came from Taiwan, the Philippines and Japan, and weighed about 32,000 tonnes altogether. It is also the first building of this size in Hong Kong constructed entirely in structural steel without any reinforced concrete inner core. In order to compensate for the loss in rigidity, the addition of complicated bracing members were required.



Due to the building's size and the congested urban environment, material delivery had been one of the major challenges in construction. As a result, a well-planned material delivery schedule prepared and updated under close coordination with the major suppliers and subcontractors had to be made from time to time. The project had also made use of four lifts, two material hoists, and four tower cranes, so that internal transportation can be maintained quickly and conveniently within the entire construction period.

Paul Y-ITC Construction & Engineering Co Ltd


Here is a last pic, and as promissed I will do Mong Kok very soon



Kowloon West Corridor



→ What is coming up next

lmVhOzzi - Thank you

Tigeria - here is an update for ya ;)

→ Eastern Corridor

Samerton : thanks a lot :D

74952474 : Thank you :)

lmVhOzzi- Ah nice of you!

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The Duke - 10.gif

tankmank, I'm happy you liked it! :D

Kowloon West Corridor

After the eastern Corridor it is one of the most used motorways in Hong Kong. It is also there were the famous junker ships are.

Junker ship yard





Harbour green





This is my region view now!


So thats it for today, but where will we go next→ YOU CHOOSE What you want to see ;)


What's coming up

Region view

This is my current region view over Kowloon and Victoria Island


So guess what!!!? → I'm in holyday, this mean i might not update that much, but i'll be building like hell 11.gif

I plan and hope to have Kowloon done quite soon, and be ready to do more updates ;)

And also also plan on uploading the region soon enough,

well i'd better start building ;)


Eastern Corridor



TekindusT : Wow! Thank you 43.gif

Reikhardt : Thanks a lot

Paulobergonci, Yes it is an Awesome building 21.gif

Tankmank : Thanks 29.gif

Tigeria : Thank you, the photoshopping was actully quik :P

DanniBee : I'll sned you a link ;)

Guibanz_ : Alway good to see you here :)

Here is some mighty info on it  hkie.cvd.annualconference.i-wanna.com/download/Session%204_Infrastructure%20Solutins%20for%20Tomorrow%20_revised__R10_AECOM_AC.pdf

Island Eastern Corridor Link


The Central-Wan Chai Bypass (CWB) and the Island Eastern Corridor Link (IECL) will connect the Rumsey Street Flyover Extension (Route 7) with the Island Eastern Corridor (Route 8) to form a continuous expressway along the new Central and Wan Chai Reclamation on the north shore of Hong Kong Island.

AECOM’s scope of work encompasses review, design, tender and construction phase services, including:

  • Civil geotechnical, drainage, sewerage, water, structural and electrical works;
  • Mechanical and instrumentation works including lighting, tunnel vehicles, ventilation, traffic signs

and traffic control and surveillance;








In the mountain there are the villas of the rich businessmen and land owners, It there that people lived in colonial times


That's it for today join me sonn for a trip to Kowloon


Tung Chung Part 2



Skimbo : Thank for the comment, does it mean you rated 5 first time around 10.gif??

TekindusT : I was there even before 18.gif

DCMetro34 :Thanks a lot ;)

Tankmank : Tank you :D

Guibanez_ : Happy you enjoyed it

Paulobergonci : Yes, and here too :D

Tung Chung Part 2

Before the massive estates and the huge airport around here, there was a little village with fishmongers and classic chinese architecture.

In 1994 when Hong Kong decided to build the new aiport this hole places was planed and built. It isn't finished yet, the current population is of 22000 habitants, the expected population is 25000.


Tung Chung Crescent


Here are some weird "things" inside the crescent



You can still see the rest of the old village of Tung Chung in the background



It quite often rains in Hong Kong, A typhoon soon, maybe ?.....








So that's it for Today's update :D, Tommorow we'll go back on Victoria Island.

Take care! 10.gif


I once addressed the possibility of making BAT's using sketchup in here. And yes I have found a way, so here it is

Sketchup to Gmax (100% free)


Hello everyone

This is a thread tutorial I don't know where it stands ? But I hope to tell you how to open a SU file in Gmax you will need some programms for that, but they are free

You will need

1-Sketchup → which you already might have if not → http://sketchup.google.com/download/


2-Kerkythea echo edition → http://www.kerkythea.net/joomla/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=43


3-SU2KT → http://www.kerkythea.net/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=35&Itemid=1

4-KT2OBj → http://www.nicetuna.com/kt2obj

5-Blender → http://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/


6-GMAX&SC4 Bat → just look in the omnibus 2.gif you know where to find it

7-Python 2,6 → http://python.org/download/

I-Installing everything


1-Kerkythea,Sketchup,Blender & GMAX – Simply install like any other programm on your PC


2-SU2KT- Download it and open the readme it wil tell you very well what to do


3-KT2OBJ- It comes as a zip, just unzip


4-GMAX &SC4 Bat look the omnibus


II- Let's go!


So the objetctif is to import this house sucsessfully into GMAX



---------------------------------------Step -1------------------------------------------

If everything worked out correctly you should get the exporter sandbox

Export by clicking there! ( in the red square)



Save it to your Desktop (or wherever) At this point when it finishes it says open in Kerkythea, say no.

It will save you to things

  • XML file

  • TX_name (texture file)


---------------------------------------Coffee Break-------------------

ppffeww after all this hard work you need a break open kerythea and open your XML in Kerkythea

The right green man starts the render

The left countryside picture shows you  your rendered image





--------------------------------------Step -2 -------------------------------------------

After this brief and very gratifying break it is time to get to work again



---------------------------------Step -3 Work in Blender-------------------------------------


Open up Blender and simply import the ,obj file






Now! Export as a 3ds. I tried DXF but the results were disapointing (No textures and the house is half done,) Export where Blender tells you to (most likely to work)



DXF – Autocad File

3ds - 3dmax file


--------------------------------Step 4 -------------------------



Simply locate and import your 3ds and there you a textured House!! ready for SC4MODEL export!


Just go okay on all it asks



So there you go ! now simply apply nightlights and export the SC4 model!

Look at the omnibus

I really hope it helped you

unique FAQ

why can't i just import the DAE in Blender??

google has encrypted the DAE file on the Free version of sketchup. making it impossible to import in Blender

PS- You have to be careful in Skechup, If you want some good in GMAX be sure your Sketchup model is awesome.

Stuff like textured cubes from the warehoude won't work well at all. And for the love of god do not upload warehouse model without permission

Any other concerns,trouble and comments ay be posted on the thread http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=37&threadid=118035&STARTPAGE=1

Redscope is also making a tutorial, however it is different. but they both work and give results.


Tung Chung Part 1



Samerton - thanks man!

Skimbo- i am happy you liked it there are more cars this time

Towerdude- Ehhh....

Guibanez_ : thank you for your kind comment :D

Reikhardt : LOL! They are comin' to get ya'

hotChocolate : wow Thank you

Tigeria : thanks a lot!!!


Tung Chung Part-1 meaning 'eastern stream', is an area situated on the north-western coast of Lantau Island in hong Kong. Tung Chung, currently one of the latest generation of New towns, was formerly a rural village around Tung Chung Wan, and along the delta and lower courses of Tung Chung River and Ma Wan Chung in the north-western coast of Lantau Island. The area was once a major defense stronghold against pirates and foreign military during Ming and Qing dynasties

Seaview crescent

This is still under construction in hong Kong, But it is certainly as far as Hong Kong mega estates can go....or is it!




Carribean coast



High-rise Towers

There are 13 high-rise towers in total. The towers of each phase are collectively named after a place in the caribbean. In deference to western and oriental superstitions there are no blocks 4, 13 or 14.

In Phase I during 2003 four towers were released; Monterey Cove 1, 2, 3, 5. Phase II released in 2004 had Albany Cove 6, 7, 8. In 2005, completion of four more towers including Carmel 9, 10, 11, 12 in Phase III. The name of Phase IV is omitted as taboo in Cantonese.

Phase V finished in 2007 conclude with the last two towers, Crystal Cove 15, 16.

All towers are about 170.0 m high and are 54 stories except for Monterey Cove 1 (which is only 164.0 m and hold 52 stories) and Albany Cover 6. Apartment sizes range from 636 to 1,295 sq ft (120.3 m2). Floor-to-floor height measures up to 9 ft 7 in (2.92 m) All units have balconies, except for those on 33rd floor and below in phase 1.


Garden Houses

According to the latest amendment plan, a total of 56 houses will be built. Each house is 4-storey high and size from 3,000 sq ft (280 m2) to 3,800 sq ft (350 m2) each, attached with private ground garden. The original plan was to build 10 low-rise buildings as be part of Phase VI.




The clubhouse features many facilities, including a putting range, gym, swimming pool, function rooms, a silent reading room, and a bowling alley. Lessons in hobbies such as dancing and cooking are also provided.


Caribbean Bazaar Shopping Arcade

Retail Floor Area : 4,996 m². Wet Market Floor Area: 508 m²

In 2005, the Lands Department issued a Waiver to allow the Wet Market to be combined as part of the supermarket.





Finally I leave you with a mosaic of the whole area



Bye for now, see ya soon 18.gif


 Hong Kong Is Watching YOU!!!

00gkioxpr9h.gifLarge Visitor Globe" play="true" loop="true" menu="true">


Hung Hom Peninsula



Tankman - Yes, so Is this update

TekinusT - Thank you very very much

Balliam 12 - Thank you

Guibanz_: I am happy you did!

Tigeria : Itz a secret 3.gif, Paulvmontford made a BAT of them here http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=22257

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Hung Hom Peninsula


Land lease was granted to First Star Development, a joint-venture of New World Development and Wai Kee Holdings, at a tender price of HK$583 million. The land plot was sited for the construction of "Hunghom Peninsula". This was in compliance with the HKSAR Government's "Private Sector Participation Scheme" (PSPS), allowing private developers to build Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) flats conforming to certain specifications stipulated by the Government.


The towers are 40 floors high

Some info from economists and project devloppers

The flat sale price of $38,000/m2 net ($3,021 psf gross) was arrived at by comparison with transactions in Royal Peninsula, a nearby development with Occupation Permit (OP) issued in December 2000 and Phases 4 & 9 of Whampoa Gardens, the closest phases of that

development to Hung Hom Peninsula, with OPs of December 1987 and December 1988.

Royal Peninsula is a high quality development with luxurious finishes. Despite OP having been issued in December 2000, the developers were still selling units in the latter part of 2003 and the prices averaged about $52,700/m2 ($3,890 psf gross). Flats in Whampoa

Gardens (15 storeys over one storey of lobbies/shops) were fetching an average of about $32,000/m2 net ($2,620 psf gross).

Even with upgrading, the Hung Hom Peninsula flats would be well below the standard of the Royal Peninsula and although new, the

design is akin to that of the older Whampoa Gardens. Accordingly, a rate of $38,000/m2 for Hung Hom Peninsula was considered appropriate.


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Pacific Place



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If malls had star ratings, Hong Kong Pacific Place shopping mall would be a five star. This is one of Hong Kong top 5 shoping mall .The Hong Kong Pacific Place mall is a dazzling selection of upmarket, international boutiques from Armani to Versace and just about everything in between. This is not the place for a bargain, nor is it the place to haggle, but if you’re looking for something fresh from the fashion shows of Paris and London this is the place to come. You’ll also find top notch hangbag and jewellery shops, although these also tend to be international rather than Chinese or Asian.

The all also has some equally impressive, and expensive, restaurants, including the excellent Zen, ideal for Dim Sum, and Thai Basil. The mall is also home to Hong Kong’s only Dan Ryan’s outlet, often packed with businessmen pouring over the Wall Street Journal or US expats holding reunions. You’ll also find a pair of five star hotels, the Island Shangri-La and JW Mariott and a cinema.


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Wanchai District part 1



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Wanchai District

ust east of the Central District and west of Causeway Bay Wanchai is an interesting area.

It can roughly be divided into three sections: the new northern section along theHarbor & the mid section, and the southern section at the foothill..

Central Plaza -18 Harbour Road



- 374 metres to the top of the spire, 78 storeys with 58 storeys office space


- Reinforced concrete


- 720 tonnes covering 40,060 square metres (area equivalent to 9 standard football



- 50,000 square metres (area equivalent to 11 standard football pitches)



- 39 computerized high-speed lifts


- Total working population in the building is about 6,000



Southorn Center - 130 Hennessy Road



Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts


Sun Hung Kai Center



Join me tommorow for the second part of the wanchai district, and a better look at the pacific place

Timelapse video 2

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Hong Kong Spy - Find yourself

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