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Corridors of Development | Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) | Part II

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Today is August 6, G.Y. 2

First of all, we apologize for the pause in more meetings, due to our regional chair went on a holiday to our new colony of Port Run (will be covered in future meetings or in a separate CJ). Anyhow, we shall progress with our previous topic, about the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW).

In our previous meeting, many counsellors APPROVED the idea of extending the QEW freeway by-pass. As such, extension construction is currently underway, and photos shall be shared in the near future. The freeway by-pass is projected to be opened by the end of G.Y. 2.

UPDATE: Portas do Circo is now developed with 11,000 residents. As suggested by Counsellor Samerton, new residential developments have been developed behind the rural highway behind the sound barrier. It is the first municipality in Watersauga to use this technique.

Without further due, let's continue our tour of the corridor.


Figure 1 - Overview of the Queen Elizabeth Corridor, boxed around with white lines. However, in this diagram, Portas do Circo and Trafalgar Village are not shown, but they are part of the corridor.

The RED line shows the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW). For its entire length, it is TWO-LANED (i.e. a road in SC4). It currently suffers from immense traffic delays and traffic jams. And therefore, an expressway alternative was created for the corridor, highlighted in BLUE. Some parts of the original two-laned road was directly upgraded to a highway. Where it is not possible, a BY-PASS is created.

The thin blue line shows the future proposed extension of the expressway. The portion between Angus Glen and Port Credit has been approved by counsellors and is currently under constructions.

City of Old Watersauga (Pop. 289,000)

City of Old Watersauga is the biggest city (in terms of population) of the region, and certainly the first one to be settled and developed. It is a big commercial hub. The city is the anchor of the two biggest development corridors of the region. See Meeting #3 for further details.qewtravellingthroughold.png

Figure 2 - The road shown in the centre of this image is Queen Elizabeth Way. As seen here, with the lower density houses (which are rare in Old Watersauga due to the ANTI-URBAN SPRAWL POLICY), was here ever since developments traced up the road. 


Figure 3 - Queen Elizabeth Way just immediately west of Downtown Watersauga. As seen here, QEW exist as a road, while suffering from MAJOR traffic delays. The locale is proposed to be REDEVELOPED, replaced by HIGH DENSITY COMMERCIAL, bringing more jobs to the city but more traffic to the already slow QEW. Is this a good idea? About 5,000 additional jobs would be brought here.

* Sorry for the graphical glitch.

** We will skip some photos of Downtown Watersauga. These are repetitive with some on Meeting #3.


Figure 4 - New commercial complexes on RECLAIMED LAND around the QEW to help QEW to develop to its MAXIMUM POTENTIAL.

We are currently planning to reclaim even more land just south of the current QEW shoreline alignment, to bring more jobs to the locale. This raises major environmental concern, but good for the city's overall economy. Should we proceed with this plan?


Figure 5 - Queen Elizabeth Way By-Pass Expressway (locally named Watersauga Valley Parkway) in Downtown Watersauga. Notice the surrounding commercial development. Also, take note in the OLD ALIGNMENT of QEW to the right of the image, existing as an avenue, popular to thru traffic.


Figure 6 - Another shot of the QEW and the QEW By-Pass alignment. QEW here exist as an avenue.


Figure 7 - Queen Elizabeth Way (old alignment) being completely upgraded to an expressway here in Uptown Watersauga.


Figure 8 - Queen Elizabeth Way (Expressway) through the outskirts of the city, in the industrial park, one of the oldest developed district in the region.


Figure 9 - Queen Elizabeth Way (Expressway) through the community of St. Dennis in Outskirt Watersauga. The area is currently being REDEVELOPED for high-rise residential, posing serious traffic threat to the QEW corridor.

Municipality of Land Link (Pop. 2,000)

A municipality spanning over several islands in the delta region of the Dawson River. Developments, though light-density oriented, are heavily influenced by QEW and its nextdoor neighbour, City of Watersauga.


Figure 10 - The Dawson River Viaducts, carrying the Watersauga - Rebecca Railine and the QEW across Dawson River, into the islands of Land Link.


Figure 11 - Town Centre of Land Link on Ile Grande (Grand Island) of the municipality. The town centre is located on the QEW Corridor.


Figure 12 -  One of the smaller communities on an island in the municipality. Notice that, even though the island does not offer an exit on the QEW corridor, but it is located on the coridor.

Municipality of Breakwater (Pop. 500)

Even though not accessible to the QEW corridor, the municipality is geographically proximated to the corridor, and is heavily influenced by the corridor. The municipality is made of Breakwater Island, an island just south of the Land Link chains of islands.

The island is accessible from the City of Watersauga through ferry.


Figure 13 - Overview of the Breakwater Island.


Figure 14 - Breakwater Island hiking trail, and the Peaktop Lookout.

United Town of Randolph and Rebecca (Pop. 29,000)

Randolph - Rebecca is a united town, ranking among one of the top ten cities in the region, and is an anchor of the Trafalgar Corridor and QEW. The QEW actual alignment does not enter the town centre, however, does traverse through the outskirt of the town.


Figure 15 - QEW alignment (upgraded to an expressway), through the Randolph - Rebecca Industrial Park. The Industrial Park is located at the junction of the QEW and the Randolph - Rebecca ringway (the expressway to access into town).


Figure 16 - The community of Ivory Coast, located within the municipal boundaries of the United Town of Randolph - Rebecca, though located very far from the town centre of Randolph - Rebecca. The community is the only community located on the QEW corridor of the united town.

Town of Trafalgar Village (Pop. 6,000)

Trafalgar Village is a town located on the QEW corridor, the easternmost inhabited and incorporated municipality on the QEW corridor. It is rapidly developing due to the QEW corridor, and also being a suburb of Randolph - Rebecca.

There are currently no pictures for this town. (Didn't take any since it changes really rapidly).


And that's all for the meeting! Sorry for keeping you long in the meeting room!

Please be on time for our next meeting. You can do that by SUBSCRIBING the journal.

I know I am jumping around between topics, but for your general idea of where are we going next:

NEXT UP: Things Fixed in Watersauga >>


The regional chair


We are now online! (Along with other regions of mine). Check out http://gravenhurst.wikia.com

Currently, Watersauga only has 2 articles out of the 144 articles. The other articles are about another region.

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Constructional comments AND answers to the PINK QUESTIONS are appreciated!

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Recommended Comments

Another great update! I think that for the first question the redevelopment would benefit the city as you can never really have to many jobs..!
If the traffic gets too bad, maybe invest in an underground subway system, or some other sort of space-saving rapid transit.
As for the second question, the development should be allowed, as there will be more income from taxes. Maybe we could invest in parks and areas with trees to help avoid too much environmental damage.

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 I agree with samerton. what if you could build a highspeed rail line throughout the corridor? Although it would take up some space, it would be very fast and easy to use...

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 i agree with samerton to a degree. a passenger rail system would benefit the area

however, i dont think that we should reclaim land from the ocean just for the commercial gain of a city. with the tremendous size of the commercial offices in that area, my guess would be that the land reclaimed by the earh won't be safe for long. in fact... it will be more prone to landslides and unfixable slow sinkage. the commercial office can always be expanded east-westerly instead of southernly ( towards the ocean). 

however, if you feel that you absolutely must expand south- then you need to set a giant set of breakwater islands, just incase a major flood happens. it will people downtown just enough time to evac properly. this can be done 1 of two ways :

1. a set of seawalls along the coast

2. "God moding" strips of raised land ( about 1-2- squares in width) about 600-100 feet ( 5-11 squares ) out away from the area of hazard. you can also run rail ( monorail) against these strips of land as long as they have been built to withstand the weight. this will also decrease traffic flow.

Remember this other advisors:

when Mother nature gets pissed, we all end up like NEW ORLEANS 

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Great update once again, this is one of the best interactive journals here or in SC4D.

For the first question i agree with samerton, the area should be redeveloped and also a subway or perhaps a cheaper and space-saving tram system should be build.

For the second question i think we shouldn't reclaim the land, as it could pose a serious threat for the animals and plants in the sea. 

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I agree with CIUU96 on the second question. Reclaiming the land would pose a huge threat to the local wildlife. Anyway, for the first question, a redevelopment would be nice since it adds more jobs to the ever growing city of Old Waterauga. Also, I agree with CIUU96 again with the tram system. Not only would it save space, but it would de-congest the QEW.

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